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Katuko's Blog


Things that irk me about the BZPRPG

Posted by Katuko , in BZP-RPG Jul 26 2012 · 2,267 views

Yep, things that irk me about the BZPRPG. It should probably be noted that right now the ILS is the only thing keeping me in the game, because it's simply too big of a deal to let die, and I still enjoy the RPG at its core despite all its shortcomings.

Still, here's a list of things that annoy me.

1) Lack of description. People moving back and forth between villages in the span of three sentences, people writing IC without specifying which of their 30 characters they are using, people doing something important to the action at hand but not explaining exactly how, where, with what, when and to who.

2) Multiple actions in an extremely short time, when such actions would either overlap or trigger a response in-between. This includes stating two attacks in the same post without letting the first one take effect.

3) People making a bunch of characters and making them form the majority of a group. This game is about interaction, really, so making a lot of characters just to have them stick together in some special co-operation seems more fit for Short Stories to me.

4) Introducing new (story) elements specifically to counter another. Examples could be a character having their backstory amended to include knowledge of something that just popped up; OOC knowledge being used to equip a character specifically to face a threat they know will be coming; introducing characters so they can join the enemy of whomever is being fought by the player at the moment; etc.

5) Importing stuff directly from real life or other fiction works to the RPG. I've tried to tune myself to accepting more human physiology, more human science and terms, more human ways of culture... but to me it's just intrusions on the lore. Things like whiskey, potassium, suddenly human biology like skin or inner organs... even getting drunk in the first place I find questionable within the bounds of what we know of BIONICLE. While abolishing the gender restriction on genders is one thing that breaks canon, I'm perfectly fine with that. New custom Vortixx tech, and some new elements/powers, OK, because they are still made to fit into the established lore somehow. But porting stuff 1:1 over, like obviously human habits, clone characters and stuff? That just doesn't sit well with me given the MNOG-esque setting this game was supposed to have.

6) I'm also worried about the supposed romance in this game apparently having taken a bad turn lately. There is a good version of romance, I think, when it touches on character relationships and how they actually care for each other. But over the past few days I've noticed what I can only believe to be thinly veiled sex scenes interspersed here and there in Le-Wahi, in a certain bar. Fade-to-black or not, such scenes breaks the little immersion that is left in this game for me, because it seems at odds with the setting I've come to expect from BIONICLE. BIONICLE has been a breath of fresh air in the middle of a plethora of other fantasy and sci-fi stories because the main characters work so differently from us. But when it gets to the point where I can't tell if this is BIONICLE characters or just humans with magic powers, I'm a bit annoyed.

I've managed to ignore most of these things, though, and I will continue to play along with them given their existence in this game. That leaves me wondering why I just wrote all this, but a rant's a rant.


Bzp Rpg: The Ils Quest Board

Posted by Katuko , in BZP-RPG Feb 25 2012 · 3,475 views

Hello and welcome to the Quest Board for the Island Liberation Squad! For the squad itself, click here.

This is list of what tasks our stellar team has been given, and their current status. If you have a quest to give, either post it here or PM me with it. Now, why are we taking on quests, you may ask? Why, to gain publicity (and possibly rewards) of course! So if you find yourself in need of warriors to protect your caravan, or to clear out Rahi, or to escort someone to a village, or whatever, really... then look no further!

The Island Liberation Squad: Liberating the island and it's people, one step at a time.

Active quests:

<None in particular>

Completed quests:

Toppling the Hive

Objective: Destroy the Nui-Rama hive that has stood firm in Le-Wahi for many hundred years.

Details: It has been stated that the biggest symbol of Makuta's influence in Le-Wahi is the Rama hive, filled with infected insects. In order to make a definite statement, the ILS planned to destroy it. In order to do this, they gathered warriors from all across the island. After a long battle, the hive was breached and burnt to the ground.

Current status:

- The hive has been completely destroyed by fire, leaving only a large clearing covered in ash. In the middle of it stands an object the flames could not devour: a black rock bearing the inscription "HIDDEN LINES".
- The kidnapped Turaga were encountered at the hive, having Parakuka attached to their backs. After their berserker rage was subdued, their unconscious forms were brought back to Pala-Koro until the ILS could figure out what to do.

Ko-Koro in need!

Objective: Fend off attackers in Ko-Koro and aid the village in rebuilding, since the Turaga is gone and the local Guard has been crippled by the attack.

Details: An avalanche has hit Ko-Koro, along with one or more explosions caused by attackers. Killers and looters run loose in the village, and a single Toa made her way from there to Lake Pala in order to ask the ILS for help. With Ko-Koro thus becoming the natural new destination for the squad, we immediately set out.

Current status: The Koro was mostly secured before the team arrived, but the group known as the Shadow Hapaka had kidnapped eleven Matoran and held them hostage for ransom. After a lengthy discussion, the Matoran were let free and a slightly smaller ransom paid.


Bzp Rpg: The Island Liberation Front

Posted by Katuko , in BZP-RPG Oct 25 2011 · 8,704 views
bzprpg, characters, group, ils and 1 more...
Posted Image

Active members:

Posted Image

Deceased members:

Posted Image

For more details and history, check the wiki page.

For the small village we have built at Lake Pala, see the map here.

For quests, see this blog post right here. Right now we don't have a courier service, so for role-playing reasons you should probably have your character ask for assistance in person as well.

If you want your character to appear on the list here, make sure to drop me a PM about it once your character has begun to join IC. :)


The Island Liberation Squad was formed to combat Makuta's presence on Mata Nui. The team has already marched into Le-Wahi and (after a few... minor setbacks) made their base by Lake Pala. It is a small camp consisting of one large HQ hut, a barracks with rooms for each member, and a blacksmith forge. The small, growing settlement is surrounded by walls made of stone and iron, courtesy of our local Toa of those elements. An electrified fence of sorts is also present. These small measures keep Rahi out, and makes Pala-Koro as safe for Matoran as other villages. If possible, "Pala-Koro" is meant to be expanded to accommodate more people and become a recognized village of its own.

The ILS's main goal is simple: Free the island. But in order to get there, we need supporters, and we must become a force to be reckoned with. The moment we grow large enough, Makuta will surely strike. Therefore, we must take slow steps, and not just concentrate our effort on one location. The ILS must gradually gain an influence across the entire island.

Therefore: The Quest Board. If someone needs help, we shall try and give it; no pay required as long as the mission is noble enough. Winning the people over with respect and gratitude - not might or fear - that is how the strongest alliances are formed. And then, we shall see where it goes...

How to join:

Applicants will just need to meet up with the group at its current location. Even if your character has never seen them before, just approach and ask (in character) what we are doing and we will most likely explain. That will give your character a plausible reason to ask to join.

If you don't want to join the team per se, you can still hang out at "Pala-Koro", no sweat. Get your character a hut to live in, or just trade items or buy stuff from our local blacksmith. Free for all. Do note: as good as all of us are warriors. You are advised not to cause trouble. This is a "friendly" project for everyone but those loyal to Makuta.

Note: If you want your character up here on this list, please send me a PM once you're in the process of joining. That makes it a lot easier for me in case I miss a post or there is uncertainty regarding the IC talk.

Current team:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

- Madrihk (Toa of Ice, group leader, player Katuko)
- Trakuda (Ko-Matoran, player Wotsiznaim) *DEAD* Stabbed and killed by a Rahkshi during the assault on the Nui-Rama hive.
- Vompran (Toa of Plant Life, player Elemental Ussal)
- Alfon (Toa of Electricity, player Mr. Wade)
- D, known as "Voriki" (Toa of Electricity, player BenLuke-116)
- Kethrye (Toa of Ice, player BenLuke-116)
- Ledzel (Toa of Stone, player Mef Man)
- Conteriam (Toa of Gravity, player Thomas Hunter) *Player inactive*
- Onyx (Toa of Gravity, player Mr. Wade)
- Solia (Toa of Water, player Wotsiznaim) *DEAD* Murdered somewhere in Onu-Wahi by an unknown assailant.
- Kirbati (Toa of Earth, player Rakata)
- Zand Giels (Vortixx, player Baron Stabbington)
- Ah'ackune'mthrun (Toa of Fire, player Frost Dragon)
- Destian (Skakdi of Plasma, player Kal Grochi)
- Mehlnai (Toa of Water, player Frost Dragon)
- Mevi (Ta-Matoran, player Katuko)
- Aryll Vudigg (Toa of Lightning, player Mr. House)
- Reordin (Ko-Matoran, player Tyler Durden)
- Kal (Toa of Stone, player Kal Grochi)
- Auron (Toa of Fire, player AuRon) *DEAD* Killed by Heuani near the Nui-Rama hive.
- Volin (Toa of Plasma, player Mr. Wade)
- JiMing (Ta-Matoran, player JiMing / Belonephobia)
- Amerikos (Toa of Iron, player General Rocka's Bane) *DEAD* Killed by Heuani's shadow blade near the Nui-Rama hive.
- Dendron (Toa of Plant Life, player Kal Grochi)
- Plagia (Toa of Lightning, player Emissary to the Void)
- Mussiki (Toa of Sonics, player Kal Grochi)
- Atox, known as "Bane" (Toa of Iron, player General Rocka's Bane)
- Dr. Verik (Le-Matoran, player The Mask)
- Lerongu (Le-Matoran, player Toa of Smooth Jazz)
- Kohu (Le-Matoran, player Wotsiznaim)
- Harakore (Po-Matoran, player Wotsiznaim)
- Kauma (Ta-Matoran, player Wotsiznaim)
- Tupo (Ga-Matoran, player Wotsiznaim)
- Pohau (Ko-Matoran, player Wotsiznaim)
- Laki (Le-Matoran, player Visaru)
- Zyke (Skakdi of Electricity, player Zyke the destroyer)
- Demetrius (Toa of Iron, player Arc)
- Byraher (Vortixx, player Cinnamon Grochi)
- Kodu (Ko-Matoran, player Toa of Smooth Jazz)
- Zaeron (Toa of Plant Life, player Constructman)
- Desilix (Toa of Sonics, player Toa of Virtues)
- Nawal (Ko-Matoran, player Toa of Virtues)
- Frii-Glokk (Skakdi of Iron, player Bulik)
- Jomar Kyrae (Toa of Air, player Constructman)
- Slate (Toa of Gravity, player Jl1223 X)

Member occupation:

Supreme leader: Madrihk
Deputy leaders: Vompran, Alfon, Kethrye, Ledzel
Blacksmith: Ackune
Doctor/medic: Verik

Current team belongings:

- A nice boat, carries up to 10 people. (Currently sealed in rock by the shore of Le-Wahi to prevent theft.)
- Two canoes, each for three persons. (Also sealed.)
- A large hut at Lake Pala, barracks for sleeping, a blacksmith's forge and a few other huts.
- The six Turaga, held in a hut for comfort and safety.
- A village with a smithy, some simple stone huts and big stone/iron walls with anti-elemental projectors within.

Current location:

- HQ: Lake Pala. (Island map here.)
- Village map. (Note: Somewhat outdated!)

Latest events:

- The ILS and all its allies have destroyed Le-Wahi's Nui-Rama hive in a large-scale battle. As good as every insect has been killed, and the hive itself has been burnt to the ground, leaving only a mysterious black stone in the center of the hive's former location.
- The missing Turaga, now altered by Makuta to have "Parakuka" attached to their backs, are currently being guarded in a stone hut in Pala-Koro. They woke up not too long ago, and appear to be doing fine.
- A Toa of Fire, Nemesis, impersonated one of the ILS's allies - Optimus - and set fire to the village. He was quickly incapacitated, however, and was subsequently killed. Several of the people performing the execution stepped out of line, however, and the resulting torturous display left a bad impression on several team members. Madrihk has officially stated that such a scene will not be repeated.
- Half the team left for Ko-Koro after a prompt from the Toa Aurel, in order to aid in rebuilding it. Once there, they saw a message from the Shadow Hapaka, which had taken several Ko-Matoran hostage. They are currently locked in negotiations by the Place of Shadow on the Ta-Wahi border. Vompran and Ledzel are left in Pala-Koro as deputy leaders.
- Pala-Koro was attacked by the Vortixx Vorasku's small group of warriors, but they never got past the walls before the remaining ILS members - along with some new allies and Toa Desilix, who had infiltrated the group - beat them down. Onyx hauled off a Parakuka-user to Doc Verik for examination.
- The village has been rebuilt with new and stronger defenses. Wooden huts have been replaced with stone, the outer wall has been padded. Anti-elemental devices have been installed in the wall, making elemental energy useless in a radius of 500 meters outside the village walls.

Current agenda:

- Strengthen defenses!
- Find out how to safely remove the Parakuka from the Turaga.
- Stake out Xa-Koro and expand the team in that direction.
- Investigate the black obelisk in the ruins of the Nui-Rama hive.


- The ILS and its allies are working together to free the island of Makuta's influence. As such they are at friendly terms with most other Makuta-opposed groups, and vice versa with the ones that support him.
- D is a murderer hunted by several people that may cause trouble for the rest of the team. Some of these hunters have already come and gone: Miraul and Divan are two, and they ended up at odds with the ILS at the time. Him, and eventually other amoral members of the ILS, are still accepted because they are now more than just criminals. They are making themselves useful in assisting the island at large.
- Madrihk has similar issues due to his past, though he is mostly known to Ko-Koronans. Zaveno, another Toa of Ice, looks very much like Madrihk and is out for revenge after Madrihk tried to frame him. After the successful assault on the Nui-Rama hive and the terrorist attacks on Ko-Koro, Madrihk hopes that any bad memory of them both are gone.
- Onyx, Alfon and Volin are brothers.
- Heuani is a Toa of Shadow and opposes the entire team by virtue of being Makuta's servant. He killed several warriors during the Hive Assault, and a lot of ILS members therefore harbors a personal grudge against him. Lately he showed up in person at Lake Pala to casually murder someone that was looking for him, cementing the need to increase defenses and hasten the progress of the ILS at large.