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Breakfast at Tiffany's


Q: Who Would Win: Mario V. S. Sonic

Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Dec 26 2011 · 452 views

Figured I'd do one of these before my last (or next to last, depends) blog entry, just to see what the popularity is between the two characters.

I'd take Mario, because Sonic I just dislike intensely. His attitude is just unbearable for me. >_<

(plus: obligatory advertising for my holiday special in the Comedies forum, 'Twelve Days of Christmas' parodied into Bionicle terms)


Smb3 Is Addictive

Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Dec 24 2011 · 273 views

Yeah, I figured I'd just check out BZP, lol. But anyway, I'm finding that Super Mario Brothers 3 is highly addictive, busy playing it at the moment on the Wii. I never got to play this on the original SNES, so I figured I'd play it on the Wii. ^_^


Q: Who's Better: Peach Or Daisy?

Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Dec 14 2011 · 322 views

Another one of my video game character choice questions. This is just for entertainment purposes - I'm dying to see what you guys will say. :P


Q: Who's Better: Link Or Mario?

Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Dec 14 2011 · 318 views

So seriously, guys. Who's better? They've been such classics over the years, with such great moments with wonderful childhood memories and good games. All of it have made these characters gaming icons since the late 80's and early 90's.

Just to see what you guys think I figured I'd post this.

...That and I'm bored. :P

(SCORE: Link: 9 Mario: 2)


Skyward Sword Is Out!

Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Nov 20 2011 · 164 views

And I probably won't be getting it, unless it's for Christmas or my birthday, which are both only a month apart. In exactly two months and one day, it'll be my birthday. In exactly a month and five days, it'll be Christmas.

Buuuut that's beside the point. The more important part is, it's $50. I haven't bought a bunch of other games I've wanted, such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, Portal 2, etc.. Hopefully I'll buy it, but it depends on when I buy it. =/

I waaaannnnt it. ;_;


New Xbox

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing, Video Games Nov 16 2011 · 135 views

Yes, I figured out you could trade in an old Xbox for a 360 Slim, but you have to have everything that originally came with it. However, what's even better is, you save money this way, and get a really quiet and probably much more reliable Xbox. Really loving how quiet it is, and how much smaller it is. For the meantime, I'll be playing Xbox and watching Taxi on my PC. :D

Also, that story should be up tomorrow on my blog, and if I get good comments, I'll probably put it in CoT, although it'll still be viewable here if it sinks to the bottom of the pages, lol.

(Also, yay, I'm making dinner. :happydance:)


Peta Against Raccoon Mario

Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Nov 16 2011 · 239 views

From what I've heard, the organization known as 'PETA' (I don't know much about it, and I'm going by only what I know) is against Raccoon Mario because 'it's wasting precious fur', so they're declaring Mario an animal killer because of this.

Wow. Just wow. o_o


Rants And More Rants

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP, Video Games Nov 09 2011 · 220 views

Yeah, this is yet another blog entry with just kind of everything in it, including my commentary on some decrease in discussion on BZP, me talking about Majora's Mask and how annoying Stone Tower is, and me complaining about the weather where I am. Isn't it lovely? :D

Well, let's first start out with BZP. I've seen a huuuuge drop of actual controversial discussion in some of the forums. I might be kind of wrong on this, but if you want a little bit of proof, go check out GD. It's become more of 'post it here' forum, so I've been wondering if anyone actually cares about the topics or not. Since Bionicle has gone, there's been a decrease in actual interesting discussion.

We used to wonder about what next year's sets will be like, what everybody's thoughts were on summer's line of Bionicle sets. Well, let's say that kind of died when Hero Factory came. Not that I'm bashing HF or anything, but there hasn't been much excitement about it. And, to be honest, I'm getting very exasperated with the countless 'Bring back Bionicle' petitions and clubs. Let's face it: It's not coming back.

Now that that's outta the way, let's move onto my current complaint. BZP's amount of diverse discussion is decreasing, slowly fading away into the background with the rest of the repeatedly posted topics. There mostly boost your post count topics more than anything, instead of actual interesting topics that people can state their minds in.

Anyway, I'm just disappointed with the fact people are almost mindlessly posting the same old topics. Not to offend anybody, but we really need to move on to different and more interesting threads instead of the same old boring things. =/


Okay, well that was about 1/3 of this, lol. Anyway, remember how I was talking about Majora's Mask? Buckle up, get ready for a bum-py ride. :P

So. I'm thanking Nintendo for slowing down time in MM, and am reeeeeally glad you have the Bunny Hood. I'm currently playing MM, just entering the Stone Tower for probably the fifth time in the history of me playing this game, and I'm really hating the Elegy of Emptiness. Oh, why must I use this over a hundred times? >.< And, random observation with this before I keep going: Why does the Link clone look like a girl? o_o

Nonetheless, this temple is just overall really weird, but is still awesome. So many confusing details involved in it. Plus, I am really lost in the temple now, so I have no clue where to go, lol. This is more like a maze than an actual temple. -.-


And, last but not least, the weather. It decides to be really grey and gloomy outside, which dupes me into believing there might actually be snow, although it's not cold enough. So, maybe flurries - then, it just turns to cold weather, with a good chance of rain, but that doesn't happen either. And tonight, it's really cold and chilly out, with no sight of a moon anywhere, and absolutely noooo chance of snow or rain. Can we have a little bit of something please? ;_;


OK, well that was just about all I wanted to rant and rave about. Today has seemed like a bit of a lousy day, but that might just be in my eyes. Only good thing for me was going outside and actually taking pictures for the fun of it, but probably no chance of them showing up here. Sorry. =(

Anyway, discuss my thoughts on BZP, MM, or even the strange weather nobody is actually experiencing. :P



Movies, Games, And Writing

Posted by Peach 00 , in Movies, Video Games, Writing Nov 09 2011 · 319 views

So, this is kind of an all-around blog entry, just about what I've been busy with in my recreational time.

Well, I watched Rear Window for about the ninth time, and it's still my favorite movie. =P Alfred Hitchcock is a genius, and I really recommend the movie to those who haven't seen it. And, if you enjoy it, go see some of his other films. He is truly the master of suspense.

And, for games, I've been playing Forza Motorsport 3, but not a lot of Majora's Mask lately. I might play it soon, I have no clue. But I'm loving the ability to drive a Ferrari FXX. =3

For writing, I've been slow. I might not be able to enter the SS 8# contest after all, but I might still write the story anyway. Either way, by Friday, all the chapters I've done of Danger Close should be up soon, and I'm actually quite clueless as to where the story might go. Or so I say... :P

Anyway, that's a short update for what I've been up to, besides school anyways. Now, I'm going to go listen to some Pink Floyd and do school, lol.



Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Nov 08 2011 · 174 views

I realized that it came out today only just now, lol. I probably won't get it, but it depends on the price/what it's like/etc.. But, seriously, I'm not ready for another Call of Duty game. :P

Annnnnd another chapter of Danger Close should be coming up in a few minutes, also new content blocks/different name. ^^


Majora's Mask

Posted by Peach 00 , in Video Games Oct 27 2011 · 221 views

I've been playing it lately, and I'm going through Stone Tower. MM = Confusing. >.> I swear, this is the hardest game in Zelda game history. Master Quest is a close second, but that was more like a harder add-on to Ocarina of Time, lol.

Still, I think I've been playing this game for three years straight, and only just getting into Stone Tower. That might be because I stopped playing it every few months, but oh well. =P


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