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Breakfast at Tiffany's


100Th Entry And Twelve Days Of Christmas Spoof

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Dec 20 2011 · 167 views

Celebrating my hundreth entry, and just posted my holiday special, linked here. Although I know it won't be a major hit, I'm hoping it will get some laughs and comments. I really enjoyed writing it, to be honest. ^^


Still Have ' You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' ' In My Head

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing, Music, BZP Dec 20 2011 · 487 views

Yup, still have it stuck in my head. I definitely haven't lost that lovin' feelin' for this song. :P

But besides that, I'm counting down to Christmas (Currently 4 days, 5 hours and 0 minutes) and trying to come up with fillers for Danger Close's final chapters. I know the ending, I just need to find the action for before the ending. =/ And really sorry to those who needed the reviews from SYC, I'm not going to be able to review them. Maybe as a Christmas present for you guys I'll review them. =)


I Got An Honorable Mention!

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing, BZP Dec 18 2011 · 354 views

Although that might be a complete copy of Inferna's blog entry title, what else would I be saying? :P

Still, I got an honorable mention, as did Inferna. I'm happy with the results - so happy, I'm motivated to write again! =D

Congrats to all the winners, especially to Legolover, Aderia, and Grant-Sud. You guys deserved the places you finished in. :D


Holiday Special

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Dec 14 2011 · 158 views

So, like every year, writers like myself attempt creating holiday specials, so instead of doing a long drawn out story (Well, actually it's not confirmed if I'll write one at this point, I have a story in the works that will be for Valentine's Day next year that I'm writing), I decided I'd do a spoof of a classic Christmas song, written in Bionicle style. Going to post it on Christmas Eve, while if I have time still, I'll write a holiday story. Not as long as last year's, though, if some of you remember Mistletoe. =P

But I'm going to attempt to make a holiday story, depends on what the specifics of it will be, though. :/ Any ideas?



Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP, Writing Dec 11 2011 · 503 views

I'm feeling slightly ignored lately - I don't know what it is, I really don't. Not that I'm begging to be in the spotlight 24/7, but I'd just like to be notice. I've felt this way about a lot of things lately. My writing, discussion - it seems like I'm just being ignored, invisible to everybody else. My writing gets absolutely no recognition nowadays, and when I post valid, controversial points in some topics, people completely ignore what I say. I can post page-length posts and nobody even cares to read them.

And with my stories? I can spend weeks, months, years - nobody cares. I've been writing Danger Close for two years now. Repeat, two. I used to have plenty of recognition for writing it, solid reviews and comments. Ever since the forums came back online, I've been completely unnoticed. And when I entered the SSC8 contest, two people reviewed the story. Two. I appreciate the comments, but I'm just angry that nobody really cared to look, to venture into something new and maybe enjoy it.

And then when the polls come out...when they come out, I'm not there. Sure, there was a 1 in 43 chance, but it was a story I had been working on since the contest started. I put my nose to the grindstone to write the best story I could, and it doesn't get any notice of even existing.

So tell me, BZP: What does it take to get noticed? Put some flashy title in a blog entry or story? Make it something to do with zombies, blood, skulls, and maybe even My Little Pony? I seriously don't get what I have to do to actually be noted. After the polls came out, I've really been questioning my writing ability and if I'm all that good. Just being ignored hasn't at all motivated me to write, and I can't come up with anything original or creative. When nobody reads my writing, why should I write?

And before everybody starts saying that I should just get over it about the polls, I've been stressed out about this contest from the start. I've worked hard, and I think people should actually take note of the trouble it takes me and others just to write something others might enjoy. I write for people - I would never write if I didn't have the ability to share it with others.

...Still, guys, just tell me what it is that I'm doing wrong, and whether or not I should consider even writing anymore. ._.


I'm Writing Again!

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Dec 10 2011 · 209 views

I finally got the motivation to put a few fingers on the keyboard for a change. :D So, I've got a WIP that's basically a dark romance right now, entitled What We Create. Only got a page in it, but I plan on it being about ten to fifteen pages. Despite the length, it'll still be good - the few characters in it are my villains in Danger Close, specifically Uzian, Fuzan, Colorn, and Tikiani. Silio won't be making an appearance in it, but only because he's had his day in the sun in Rebirth. But still, I won't reveal the plot, but I promise it'll be pretty good. ;D

Also I might post a songfic I did through the duration of the downtime, but only in my blog. If there are good comments on it here, there's a chance I might post it in the SS forum. Supposed to be a Nikila and Lesovikk romance, entitled Angel. The song of course is Angel by Sarah McLachlan - I was considering using Witness instead, but the other song seemed more suited to Lesovikk. And I've got plenty of other stories that I'm planning right now, all of them interesting. Plus, just about all of them tie into Danger Close with the exception of one probably.

Ah, what Call of Duty Black Ops, Animal Crossing, and Pink Floyd can do to inspire me. :P



Posted by Peach 00 , in Review(s), Writing Dec 03 2011 · 304 views

I need some for Danger Close. The review topic has basically died on the second page, and it has six replies in it, three of them if I'm not mistaken my replies to the measely three reviews in the topic. Guys, I know that I shouldn't force people to read the story, but it'd be nice if people did. I've worked a year on that one story, put in almost over 30,000 words, and 74 pages in it, not to forget eighteen chapters. I've worked hard and long on it, and I'm not about to give it up just because people aren't interested in reading stories on here anymore.

Writers like myself love the criticism, the praise, the simplistic comments - we love it because it reminds us that people really like what we write. It gives us the pleasure of knowing that what we are writing, the emotions we put down in words are read. Even if it's a few words, we know people read our stories.

I don't understand why people don't enjoy looking at the stories the writers put out. The only people reviewing our stories our fellow authors, which is always comforting at most because they can point out the small flaws we have and tell us how to improve on those imperfect portions. But others reviewing tells us other people besides the other authors read our writing.

But I really don't understand this: Why do people care to sit in one topic for over hours, posting the same thing over and over? Now I'm referring to the games in CoT. How is that interesting? Maybe it's a different in interest. Maybe it's because people aren't always interested in writing. But try something new! It can always be a refreshing change.

Maybe this is just me, but I haven't really been motivated considering the constant lack of view on my stories. I write because I enjoy it, and I write so others can have the pleasure of enjoying it, too. When nobody reads it...it disappoints me. It makes things a little more bleak for me, a little less motivating. When nobody reads, why should I write?

Well, maybe this is just my version of a rant about writing. I don't think it's ever been writer's block stopping me at this point, but I think it's just the lack of my stories being viewed.


Entertain Me

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Dec 01 2011 · 374 views

Give me something random to write about and I'll write a one-page to three-page story about it.


My Ssc#8 Entry

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Nov 30 2011 · 167 views


I never thought I'd be entering this, but as I said in the topic, I'm glad I did. I really hope some people review - I'm going to be gone until tomorrow, so let's hope there's some reviewers in that period of time. Who ever does review it, thank you. =]


Syc And Writing

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP, Review(s), Writing Nov 28 2011 · 183 views

Yeah, just wanted to let you guys know that all the SYC (Submit Your Creations) stories that were in the slots we'll have to wait for reviewing. I'll get to them eventually, but I'll be busy on December 1st, and I'm trying to get what I hope will be my entry for the SS contest posted before the 2nd.

That, and I feel I'm pressed for time on the new Danger Close chapter, which I feel hasn't gotten a lot of posts in the review topic. I'd really appreciate even a single-sentenced comment in the review topic, just as long as I get something. It's basically dying through all the Epics pages, and I would really appreciate anybody who's willing to review it and check it out. Even if you read only the first few chapters, I'd still be in debt.

Anyway, sorry for the delay in SYC reviews, I'm just busy with writing and school. I really need to get everything for writing done. ;_;


Underground By Men At Work

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing, Music Nov 25 2011 · 160 views

I've been listening to this song all day. I figured out that playing Call of Duty while listening to it at the same time is an awesome combination. :D

Also, besides just that, I really need motivation for Danger Close. I have no clue where I should go with it, even though I want to induce the action needed in it. I just need motivation to keep writing and not to stop - I can't let this story just fade and die in the background like a lot of my other ideas. I need to write more of it - I want to write more of it.



Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Nov 23 2011 · 356 views


Seriously? This is an amazing story. If you read it, you really won't regret it. If you haven't read Inferna Firesword's previous epics, then you might want to check the story guide she has in the review topic so you understand the characters, or either read one of her previous epics. Nonetheless, this story hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, and truly is an awesome story - seriously, go read it. You won't regret it. ; )



Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Nov 22 2011 · 67 views

Yeah, I wrote this a long time ago when it was getting close to winter time. I couldn't resist posting it here. =P



Summer’s leaves


Turned to orange and yellow

Found beneath the silver trees

The colors in a swirl

The brown and green

Coursing with the yellow

All in an autumn whirl

The sky still holds

The pearly clouds above

The sun still shines

On the faded green pines

Colder weather

O, don’t we love?

The breezes flow

Past the trees above

The leaves begin to fall

Representing the beginning

Of the beautiful season—



Well, there you go. I went in and out of rhyming, so that's why the last stanza didn't rhyme. Anyway, enjoy. =]


New Xbox

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing, Video Games Nov 16 2011 · 135 views

Yes, I figured out you could trade in an old Xbox for a 360 Slim, but you have to have everything that originally came with it. However, what's even better is, you save money this way, and get a really quiet and probably much more reliable Xbox. Really loving how quiet it is, and how much smaller it is. For the meantime, I'll be playing Xbox and watching Taxi on my PC. :D

Also, that story should be up tomorrow on my blog, and if I get good comments, I'll probably put it in CoT, although it'll still be viewable here if it sinks to the bottom of the pages, lol.

(Also, yay, I'm making dinner. :happydance:)


Tornado Watches/warnings

Posted by Peach 00 , in Uncategorized, Writing Nov 16 2011 · 105 views

Yeah, if you people have seen the weather channel recently, I've been experiencing some tornado watches and warnings. There was a watch, then it turned into a tornado warning with it getting dark and the wind and rain picking up a little bit. It finally stopped, so after sitting in the basement, I went back upstairs and to watching the weather outside. Still currently doing that, and I'm glad its brighter out and not as much wind or rain. :'D

But for the meantime, I have a story I might be posting in my blog in about another two hours or so, depends on what may happen. Not sure what the length will be, but it's non-Bionicle related. It was once a composition I had to write for school, which I still wrote, but I just revised it into a full-fledged story. Who knows, I might create it with chapters and everything. :D


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