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It It Implied my Mundane Slenderman has a Golden Eye which Bblogs.


Wait what

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Jul 29 2013 · 333 views

I leave you people alone for a week, and the advertising policy finally gets improved.

...I need to leave more often.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Jun 30 2013 · 356 views

So I cracked and bought this game when a friend got it, so we could play together online. Here's roughly how my first visit to his village went:
Me: Okay, I have oranges. You have peaches. Gimme.
Friend: Hmm?
Me: This is a hostile fruit raid. Hand over your peaches or I will be forced to whack your villagers with my bug net.
Friend: Well okay, I was gonna give-
And then I burst out laughing at the concept of a country/regime/cult somewhere that uses bug-net whacking as a form of interrogation. I'm really enjoying this game, though! I can see a lot of hours being sunk into this...
PM me if you want my friend code...I promise I won't rob you blind of your fruit like my friend. :P


Today's Nightly Evening Thoughts to Conclude the Day: Been a While

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , May 24 2013 · 366 views

Been a while since I blogged here. Feel like my PMship should have run out by now, but I'll take what I get =P
I've been up to various remotely insane activities...I finished my sophomore year of high school, I've been practicing for cross-country next year, I've played a whole lot of video games (it escapes me how Minecraft isn't classified as a drug), I've plotted to take over the world...the usual stuff. =P
I slogged through about 8 hours of Driver's Ed today (and I have another 8 hours waiting for me tomorrow @_@). Did anyone else find themselves fearing driving significantly more when they took DE, or am I just (more) insane? 
also Pikmin 3 aaaaaaaaaah


WiiU Specific Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Jan 22 2013 · 752 views

Pleeeeeease be downloadable GC games on WiiU...PLEEEEEEEEASE be downloadable GC games on WiiU...

Or the ability to play VC games on the Gamepad, that'd rock too.


Pokemon X and Y

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Jan 08 2013 · 518 views

They look cool. At last, a 3DS Pokemon game! I grew up with Coliseum/XD, so I really appreciate the shift to 3D.
On a slightly related note, I found this online. It's the next step:
Posted Image


Happy First Year in Ages that Nobody will Bring up the Mayans

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Jan 01 2013 · 394 views

Seriously. The apocalypse thing was getting old. >___>
Happy New Year, everyone!


Christmas Plunder

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Dec 25 2012 · 370 views

ARRRRRRRGH oh wait felix did the pirate thing already


The majority of this I got a few days ago, but now I've gotten stuff from extended family, so lemme list it out here:

-HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2
-Some wireless mouse the name of which I can't be bothered to think of (a bit unresponsive at times; anyone know how to address this?)
-Platronics Gamecom 780 Gaming Headset(pretty nice)
-Paper Mario: Sticker Star
-Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
-Red 3DS XL (this one caught me off guard)
-Dilbert 2013 calender (as per tradition with me :P)
-2 Dilbert books the names of which also escape me)
-$25 Amazon Gift Card
-$25 iTunes Gift Card (which I then proceeded to use to complete my Essential Michael Jackson album)
-Money from a few people

Pretty good haul by my standards. I recently got an Amazon account and a debit card, and I'm afraid that if I start ordering things to my house, I'll go mad with power. :P Thinking about purchasing the Mega Man Zero Collection, does anyone (read: Blade) have anything to tell me about it?


Attention: People good at Algebra

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Dec 17 2012 · 536 views

Does anyone have advice for solving word problems where you know how much more money two people need to buy something, and know that their money together can buy one of an item, but don't know the cost of the item? These ones always get me...
Problem I'm dealing with at the moment:
Kristin and her sister Alison both want to buy the same bicycle. Kristin needs $73 more to afford the bike and Allison needs $65 more. If they combine their money, they will have just enough to buy one bicycle that they could share. What is the cost of the bicycle?
All help appreciated! ...for the record I'm pretty good at math, I just hate word problems :P


For crying out loud people

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Dec 11 2012 · 1,266 views
Metroid, controversy stuff
I leave for a day to play Metroid Fusion.
And I come back to find there's a sexism feud running through the blogs.


Considering the purchase of new headphones

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Nov 23 2012 · 372 views

My iPhone's default headphones are gonna go out pretty much any day now. Looking for a new set of non-Apple headphones, preferably under $40, no mic needed (asking for a dedicated gaming headset for Christmas).


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