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It It Implied my Mundane Slenderman has a Golden Eye which Bblogs.


-Spoilaz- Some Thoughts On The Bosses Of Skyward Sword

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , in Zelda Dec 19 2011 · 200 views
etc, Zelda, Skyward Sword
Well, one more day with a blog, so I might as well write this. :P Since I put that spoiler warning in the title, there will be NO HOLDS BARRED. No spoilers tags, no whited-out names. You asked for it.


So overall, I think this game has the best bosses in the series. I really can only think of one particular fight in the game which disappointed me. If you've played the game, you can probably think of which one it is. What I liked about the fights in this game is that, for the most part, they aren't the 100-foot-tall towering monster with two arms it flings at you repeatedly. Well, there are a few 100-foot-tall towering monsters in the game, but these are done creatively.


Actually there is one fight with a 100-foot-tall squid who flings its arms at you. xD But it's unique. Anyway, I'll be covering all of the bosses that show up in Boss Rush Mode, but bear in mind, there are still more fights than these:


Pretty simplistic fight, but still leagues harder than most other first-boss fights I can think of in the series. I actually had a lot more trouble with this fight then I was, uh, supposed to. :P Definitely signals to you that this game ain't your standard Zelda.


Not my favorite fight in the game, but definitely gets points for creativity. Some people think this fight is a reference to King Dodongo from Ocarina of Time...I can see where they're coming from, what with the platform and the throwing bombs into its mouth...actually, I think I agree. xP Probably the easiest boss in the game though.


It's parasitic arachnid Gohma! I mean, uh, Moldarach. :P This was the fight that disappointed me. It's incredibly simplistic, as it's made obvious exactly what you need to do to kill it. Furthermore, they recycle the boss later in the game, not even for a dungeon (well, it's sort of a dungeon, but not really...)

The Imprisoned: First Time:

Hoo boy. Here's the towering Zelda boss we're used to-*kills easily* WHAT THE HEEEEEEEEEECK

=P This first fight against him is pretty easy; it gets a lot more miserable later in the game though. I honestly was a little disappointed how quickly he went down, though.


Okay, this right here is my favorite fight in the game. Hands-down. First you rip its arms off...Then you rip its arms off again...then you WHACK IT WITH ITS OWN OVERSIZED SWORD...Coming off of my favorite dungeon in the game, too. This fight is vintage Zelda.


Um, okay. So it's a giant squid. He uses his arms to break holes in the ship beneath you. Which magically go away. Now, the only way to make the arms go away is to use the bow. Hmm.

Then he flings his arms at you. Cool! But you have to use a Skyward Strike to sever them. Less cool. Then you shoot his eye out, Christmas Story-style, and whack his eye repeatedly.

Then his....hair? Let's go with hair. Anyway, his hair turns out to be living snakes which he attacks you with. Which you can only keep away by waggling. Erm...

I have no idea where Nintendo was going with this fight, and I have no idea if I love it or hate it. xD

Ghirahim Round 2:

I see a lot of complaints about this fight, but I thought it was cool. It's a really good sword-fighting match, and Ghirahim is a lot more intimidating than before. Once again, not my favorite fight in the game, but this fight is oddly underrated in my opinion.

Imprisoned Round 2:

Pfft, this guy was a pushover last time...whoa, wait, when did he grow arms? O_o This fight still isn't THAT difficult, but it's still not a cakewalk either. I don't understand how this is the weaker form of the final boss when this guy is so big, though...

Imprisoned Round 3:

Wait, this guy again? I just fought him WHOA HE FLIES WHEN DID HE START DOING THAT
I really hate this fight because it has destroyed 3 or 4 Boss Rush Challenges right before I was going to get the Hylian Shield. It's probably the quickest of the three Imprisoned fights, though...

Ghirahim Round 3:

Second favorite fight in the game right here. Finally you get to see the full power of Ghirahim, and there's an interesting bit of storyline advancement right here. It definitely reminds me of the Ganondorf fight in Ocarina of Time. The last part of this fight could have been, err, more complex, though.


Best final boss in the Zelda series, and not even the best fight in the game.

That is all.


It's Almost Time

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , in Zelda Nov 19 2011 · 210 views
I have been waiting since E3 2009 for this game.

For years, I've longingly imagined a video game with one to one sword controls. And a Zelda game that does this? Far out.

So my question to you, dear reader..







are you?

Oh, by the way, I'll be updating blog with my thoughts on the game as I play it. Don't worry, I'll mark the entries as spoilers.


I Need Somebody To Hold Me Down

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , in Zelda, life Nov 15 2011 · 206 views
Skyward, Sword
My anticipation levels for Skyward Sword are over nine thooooousaaaaaaand right now. O__O

I've been eagerly waiting for this since E3 2009....WANTWANTWANTWANTWANT. ^_^

So yeah, somebody restrain me, because I'm going totally nuts right now.

In unrelated news, finally got a good amount of work done on Asylum Prime 3. For my readers who also read my comics. :P

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