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The Archivist


Writing Style Experiment

Posted by Kughii , May 14 2014 · 582 views
Writing, Games, Style
Hey BZPower!  As a writer, style is very dear to my heart.  Another thing dear to my heart is having fun.  While I was working on some basic sentence manipulation exercises this evening I had a thought: wouldn't it be cool to see how different people treat the same sentence?  Yes, yes it would! :D
Take the following sentence and modify it stylistically.  Yes, feel free to add a bit more detail, but the main focus of this little game is how you manipulate what's already here.  
"The shore was quiet and the water was still and a soft light glittered across the black surface."
GO!  What will you do?


Mata-Nui Weekly, April 1st-7th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG, Uncategorized Apr 08 2014 · 741 views
  • Desdemona speaks with her sister, Yumiwa, regarding the possibility of having Yumiwa accompany a vanguard to Mata-nui as a strategic political maneuver.
  • Vilda Mako reflects on his hard life as a male and the trials and tribulations he has had to endure and reflected on his emotion towards Soraph priviliged life.
  • Oshi, Enali and another perform introductions of each other. Enali feels that her two companions are far more friendly compared to her Toroshu.
  • Gaia the Healer reveals bit of her past to us. Her and Sheeta, the orphan girl who helps her tend her shop, get the morning started and have a healthy breakfast.
  • Hogo Kamari and Toroshu Noshima discuss the attempted assassination attempt and Noshima reveals 'measures have been undertaken to bolster security.' 
  • Eiyu Ankora gets comfortable as she gets ready to speak with Gotsoko while Eiyu Kwaiya listens into the conversation. Ankora brings up ancient texts.
  • Daikura Koga discusses how Paero is played and the rules.
  • Toroshu Kilanya discusses the purpose and inner workings of her clan to First son Kulrik who proceeds to ask several follow up questions.
  • Hatchi discusses with Samichyr about the price of three pocket eyepieces at which point Hatchi thinks the price is fairly high.
  • Syvra reflects on his past and how he would often keep himself entertained while waiting or stalking an opponent.
  • Zauk awaits the treasure hunters for rendezvous to being their quest.
  • Bounty hunters Zelvin and Elysi meet at the Drunken Murderess.
  • Kino and Angelus meet at her apartment.
  • DJ awakens at the Ta-Koro hospital.
  • Kohra is met by Echelon.
  • Stannis lectures Kehuri on Destiny.
  • Stannis, Oreius, and Korero Maru converge in the Onu-Koro Bazaar.
  • The Science Hunters are interrogated at Ussalry HQ.
  • Varan attempts to escape into the swamp.
  • Beosach and Komae finally reach shore.
  • Vrina Tivosi runs into Zelvin in the Bazaar.
  • Atea asks Alfon why he’s been acting strangely around her.
  • Skyra runs into her… mother?
  • Dehkaz recruits Naona to bring in criminals.
  • Ferron and Rhea continue their fight against Kuhrin.
  • Ko-Koro is no longer in lockdown.
  • The fire lit by an arsonist causes damage to a merchant's home.  Icha, a member of the guard, dives out of a window with one of the surviving servants.  
  • The fight at Nixie's Hut begins to wrap up.  Nixie was saved, but the mercenaries are on their last legs.  
  • Two toa Sarsi, Vail and Voulge, decide to use the break between team missions for a little criminal hunting.  
  • Korru suggests that Rakona join the Kikanalo Riders instead of the Aeronautical Corps. Rakona accepts.
  • Qyntar and Athiel discover an unnatural tunnel under the sands of Po-Wahi.
  • Vhohan sees a Toa looking for a job, and hires him as an errand boy. He then sends '88' to buy a house to store a printing press.
  • Xenin enters the Sentinel Headquarters and starts waiting in line behind Rakona and Korru.
  • At the Tech Expo, it is getting late. Servaas and Talina arrive, and look at Farzan's wares.
  • Torvoth deliberately elbows Ior, and grabs the attention of Ardoku upstairs.
  • Lux, after walking around outside and lamenting his Parakuka, finds Melna and Day.
  • A group of Sentinels are caught in the Dark Walk, sending three Dikapi messengers for aid.  Something has stirred.


Mata-Nui Weekly, February 25th-March 4th

Posted by Kughii , Mar 04 2014 · 976 views

  • Conversations about fabric in the market.
  • Game of paero with the first sons seems to be starting soon.
  • The gray Phantom decides to take a shortcut through mangaia. She pays dearly for this as she is attacked by a rahkshi. While she manages to defeat it she becomes injured and meets with an unnamed toa of gravity who assists her.
  • Zomma and Exa walk into each other, sparking an argument
  • The Darksteel Duo returns to town after a successful mining trip
  • Lana is still being ignored (seriously, guys, give the newcomer some love already)
  • Motini and Modera’s conversation dissolves into napkin throwing
  • Mekana offers to sell Laqriel an iStone
  • Rungui and Dally meet at the cafeteria
  • Wokapu and Seria discuss weapons at the market
  • The Science Hunters continue to search Teede’s Lab while he rambles about higher beings. Xaron awesomely kicks Teede in the face. (THANK YOU; I’ve been forced to read every insane post with that wannabe Time Lord. Please keep doing it. Hugs and kisses shall be your reward ~GearDirector)
  • The tarakava attacking the Inika retreat, only to be replaced by a gigantic beast. After a few futile attempts to drive it off, Ignitus decides the best course of action is to attack it from the inside.
  • Surina, captured by Orderin, Tivanu, and Mar, is taken to Akiri Hahli.
  • Lohkar, Gunner and Floria continue their walk.
  • Kuhrin continues his escape, but his pursuers are hot on his heels (if one can be hot in Ko-wahi).
  • Stralix begins talking to Farzan at the tech expo - Farzan is shocked he is talking to the Stralix. Stralix helps out Farzan with a design.
  • Athiel and Qyntar meet up. They then encounter the duo of Torvoth and Ardoku. Torvoth nearly brings up a secret tunnel, but is stopped.
  • Melna wakes up the next morning, and awakens Day.Sirius took wakes up, and asks for the piano player. He has breakfast with Lux.
  • Ardoku and Torvoth leave Po-Koro. Ardoku begins to comment on how miserable he is.
  • Noka and Khervos leave the house of the grandfather. They begin to talk.
  • Prei and Korru, in typical police fashion, wait in line for donuts together.


Mata-Nu Weekly, February 4th-11th

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG, Uncategorized Feb 12 2014 · 776 views
Crew News: The MNW crew would like to welcome Cadias to the ranks of reporters.  He will be covering Ga-Wahi.  Also, the MNW is still looking for reporters willing to cover Ta-Wahi, Le-Wahi, and Kentoku Archipelago.  A temporary journalist for Onu-Wahi would also be appreciated until Gear Director returns. 
  • Yumiwa returns to Inioko.
  • Hanako and Desdemona have a conversation about the insecurities in the court.
  • Zaktan fought a rahkshi in Mangaia while trying to get to the Abettor. While succeeding he discovered that he would need another's help to get to the tunnel leading to the Abettor. From there he went to find an ally likely one of his fellow piraka
  • Transiz, the mega-rahkshi, travels mangaia to meet with the Abettor
  • Orieus and Vezok duel in a Ta-Koro alleyway.
  • Korero hiko-jumps Jaa to Ga-Wahi.  The ko-matoran scribe reveals his views on Matoro, Ambages, and Korzaa.  Matoro had been set on creating Ko-Koro as the center of the island, Ambages becoming Vizier was a political deal after the ILF scandal, and Korzaa sucks at politics.
  • Ishi Polzin finishes his conversation with Ambages with a job: find who was behind Matoro's assassination.  Returning to Rhanus' Inn he runs into his older brother Ryiu, who eventually convinces him to return to the Polzin Mansion in Ga-Koro.  The two leave Ko-Koro, using a note Ambages had given Ishi, and travel by tunnel to Ga-Wahi.
  • Zadron reveals to Echelon his job with The Company.  When asked, he tells Echelon he won't kill him.  
  • Ferron, Rhea, and Nero pursue Kuhrin through a snowstorm, stopping to take shelter in a rocky outcropping until the worst passes.
  • -
  • All the skilled inventors are gone.  Ferron's forge is closed while he seeks out revenge on Kuhrin with Rhea and Nero, the Akiru hunker in a dry dock in Ga-Koro building Rhea's steamship, and Natann does the same.  
  • Jin, Pae and Nika Draen arrive at Vera Polzin's manor.
  • Those aboard the Inika deal with the recent murder. The body of the murderer, Oriak, is thrown overboard, and the victim, Gravus, is given a more formal burial at sea.
  • Jaa and Toa Korero Maru arrive in Ga-Wahi via Korero's mask, the Hiko. They discuss Matoro's choice of administrator, Ambages, and return to Ko-Wahi.
  • The fight between Kadon, Drome, Barthel, Liano and Vail is resolved peacefully.
  • It is suggested that Zekev be sent to Ga-Koro as a spy.  Rakona states that Kriigata had a property there, and the Brotherhood decides to wait for her return.
  • Torvoth and Ardoku arrive in Po-Koro.
  • Khervos and Noka leave the inn they were speaking in, and they begin to discuss Kuhrin.
  • Telnee lets Vrina, Athiel and Qyntar out of jail. Vrina splits with the group, with the experience in jail having soured her experiences with the others.
  • The Kraata Ibiza snaps out of his hallucination, and watches a fight between Nui-Jaga. The winner of the fight is blinded in the process, and Ibiza decides to act as the insects eyes.
  • Sirius buys drinks for Lux, Melna and himself. Lux starts playing on the piano.
  • Tuara (Not Drigton) and Kaiaka shop in the market place.


Something To Write

Posted by Kughii , in Uncategorized, Life Jan 10 2014 · 297 views
I've just tuned into the Oblivion Soundtrack with a new pair of Bose headphones, and for some weird reason I have this burning urge to write a blog post.  Not a "I shall take over the world with comments and spam" post, but an actual, heart to heart blog post.  I'll admit I don't really have any idea what I plan to write about.  Honestly, I think that's a bit like life: we open up the window and start typing on a blank form.  Of course, the web-page has been provided by someone else, but the actual content we create by our own sense of intuition and learning.  Maybe I'm over analyzing?  
What makes me reach for connection?  Why do I turn my face to a book when on a public bus and remain lonely when I spend my days wishing, dreaming, even begging, friends to come over and visit the sick guy who can barely walk down the stairwell to his kitchen each morning.  Two cups of coffee and a kvetch later I've usually figured out how to get back to bed and move on with life. Some days, though, the heart just craves connection.  I have my family, of course.  It's never been a very large family (but with a last name like mine it's not hard to imagine why), and last year my little group of three dwindled back into a duet of one parent and one son.  With my dog's passing, who had been as much a brother for the past eleven years of my life as I could have wanted, I felt the whole in my heart for family and connection.  Now it's just us, my mom and I, sitting around the breakfast table and planning how to take on the world.  Taking on the world these days is a full-time job, especially when my world consists of a chronic illness and a government denying my access to help.
Where was I?  Human connection.  Friendships.  Why I hide from the world, shuttering my heard in a locked box when the public appears.  Maybe I just hate the idea of being seen for who I am: a young man tackling the world with a very poor hand of cards dealt to him.  I don't really cry, mainly because I feel I have to show I'm strong and capable of facing all my problems without collapsing.  The truth is, of course, I collapse all the time.  Instead of relying on friendships to bolster my courage I tend to shun intimacy with others, mainly because when I finally do open up people freak out and cut off connection.  Us humans are strange creatures.  Friends always seem to say, "tell me what's going on," or "I'll be there for you, promise," but when the truth comes out and the darkness of Pandora's Box is revealed everyone tends to back off and let someone else go first. 
OKAY, enough of the wallowing in self-regret and despair.  Wow.  Big, cheery parade covered in a thunderstorm I'm being right now.  
I have a small bedroom.  It's about 7x8, so that's a decent sized room in a Tokyo apartment, but it's still a little smaller than a good old rokujo.  Some people would complain about having a room that size, but I love it.  It's small, cozy, makes me consider if something is really worth putting in my bedroom, and has two fabulous windows.  When I'm having a poor day with my health I can lay in bed and look out at the deciduous forest, watch the trees sway in the wind much like how I sway in the current of life, and feel the sun arcing into the sky as it beats down on me from either window.  There's a tall pine across the way, in a meadow.  Someone was stupid and built a house next to it.  I mean literally next to this tree.  I think their porch actually goes around its trunk.  When the wind and the rain pick up I can't help but watch as the tree sways against the odds, never faltering and cracking.  Despite its height it's very thin: a string bean of a pine.  I feel like it's trying to tell me something.  
"Watch how I stand," I feel it says.  "Watch and learn how to bend in the wind."
As I sit in my little room and look at the pine from my window, I can't help but feel a tear.  I want to bend in the wind.  I want to stand tall and stride through life with confidence, not having to worry if I need to bring a wheelchair with me to eat at a restaurant, or where I could possibly go to college without having ludicrous tuition fees (online I think might be best for now).  I want to enjoy swaying the wind.  It's the swaying part I'm working on.

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