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Mata-Nui Weekly, Take 2

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG Oct 20 2014 · 858 views
BZPRPG, MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly, RPG
Return of the Mata Nui Weekly?

Hello fellow players of the BZPRPG. For some time now you've been without the Mata Nui Weekly (or MNW as it's commonly called), and in recent weeks I have seen a growing desire for the OOC news source to return. As busy as I am, I would be happy to bring the MNW back if there is enough player involvement. Please feel free to volunteer for reporting positions in the comments section below, as well as leave your overall opinions and comments regarding how the new MNW could improve or better serve the BZPRPG community. The Weekly is a periodical by the players for the players: do not be shy in offering to help!

Read on to see some of the ideas and changes being implemented for the new MNW.

Staff At The Weekly
I am still the chief editor of the MNW, but I would strongly encourage any of the reporters for the MNW before it collapsed to re-apply or confirm the region they wish to keep monitoring. GearDirector will retain his seat as co-editor unless he otherwise wishes to move on. The current list of available positions at the MNW are:
  • Weekly Reporter, Kentoku: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Kini-Nui: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Po-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Onu-Wahi:reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Ko-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Ta-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Ga-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Weekly Reporter, Le-Wahi: reads and writes weekly OOC reports on their assigned topic.
  • Character Reporter: Browses the Character Profile topic for a featured PC each week
  • Game Involvement Reporter: Follows News and Discussion, topics, and compiles short weekly list for Character Interaction opportunities.
Locations, Reporters, & Deadlines: How It Works

For those interested in applying for a volunteer position with the MNW, your work load is rather minimal. Reporters are responsible for keeping tabs on a selected game region (for example the Weekly Reporter, Kentoku, would be exclusively monitoring the Dasaka Homeland for weekly news) and submitting a synopsis of events on a weekly basis. The length of each synposis is encouraged to be brief, but concrete. Please use past tense for your writing, as if it were a journalistic piece. The Character Reporter has the job of finding a character in the Profiles section to be shown in the Weekly each week, and is encouraged to write a brief to moderate length introduction examining or explaining why the character was chosen. The Game Involvement Reporter's responsibilities are more broad-based: they seek out potential ways for players to have Character Interaction and report to the community via weekly summaries similar to a regional reporter.

All synopses and articles are due in my PM inbox Sunday evenings, PST, for publication the following Monday.

Please leave a comment below regarding ideas for the evolution of the MNW, or to apply for one of the open positions. Thanks!


Mata-Nui Weekly, June 11th to 18th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG Jun 20 2014 · 754 views
MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly
Apologies for the lateness of this MNW. ~Kughii
  • Awaiting information from the reporter.
  • Karnakie tamed a kraata of chain lightning.
  • Ishi Polzin pretended to be Ahkmou.
  • Ryzen left for Ga-Wahi after a long nap in search of a job.
  • The Treasure Hunters fought the Giant Scorpion, now trying to get the stone out from under it.
  • The Infernavika crew boarded the larger pirate ship, quickly joined by Gray. The Fowadi bombarded the Pirate Vessels.
  • Leah attacked Reidak with the water pipes of Ta-Koro.
  • Rhea and Nero left the Nui-Jaga battle for Ga-Koro.
  • Vezok found the cellar door in the Lavapool, and quickly formed a plan to deal with the defenders waiting outside.
  • Inu attempted to save Oreius on his own accord.
  • Awaiting information from the reporter.
  • Dia, Asuno and Jrahann searched for the Reveler’s tournament.
  • Aparangi and Lekua arrived separately at the tournament site under their own power.
  • Kaihoro Mutungakore and his bodyguard arrived at the Suva Nui.
  • Vyartha Vena avenged her wounded pride before heading to the Suva Nui.
  • Komae and Beosach struggled across the jungle floor.
  • Utu and Praggos discussed how to open the temple in Xa-Koro.
  • Ashiem picked up the bracelet she ordered from Ferron.
  • Ferron left Tuli at the forge while he went to settle some personal business.
  • Almanacia was disturbed in her cell.
  • Xaron got philosophical about a wall.
  • Krios spoke with Iegasa at the MNRH.
  • Hari searched for clues of her parents' killer in the Sentinel archives.

  • Vail recovered from his injuries in time to help Voulge finish the fight.

  • Kaheri and Shomdud met.

There was no media this week.


Mata-Nui Weekly, June 4th to 10th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG Jun 20 2014 · 614 views
MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly
The MNW apologies for the lateness in this issue being published. Enjoy the game!
  • The party continued, dominating events.
  • Korae Inokio's Toroshu scolded him on his continued bachelorhood, but he succeeded in silencing her.
  • Plangori Morie requested that her daughter Shuuan be admitted into the military, in order to improve her discipline.
  • Desdemona was frustrated with Yumiwa's inebriation.
  • Conversations continued on a range of topics, including Toroshu Noshima's unusual speech patterns.
  • Jiyu confided his claim to be Toroshu to Hanako, who supported her brother, but was troubled by the ramifications.
  • Jasik, First Son of the Dastana, approached the Chojo and began to speak with her. Not having sobered up, Yumiwa was not particularly subtle.
  • Dastana Arsix exchanged verbal barbs with Plangori Shuuan.
  • Echelon sent J'con and Syvra to find the location of the Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an. After bickering between the two toa they left for Ga-wahi.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
  • Aeolus and Arden were stuck in the same body.
  • Liara and Tillian reunited.
  • Dekaton was captured during an attempted mugging.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
-Akree found a poster and questioned Jokara, who put it up.

-Ryjak, Kriigata and Jaaku sparred in Blackrock Canyon.

-Wokodin brought his guests to his home for refreshments. Later, he asked them to make a delivery in Ga-Koro.

-Kaheri, after stumbling through the wastes of Po-Wahi, reached the gate of Po-Koro.

-Elotsa the Lesterin wandered through the Tech Expo, inspecting various pieces of machinery.

-Shomdud, a Turaga, after arriving in Ostia, hitched a ride to Po-Koro.

-Vail was taken out in the warehouse, and Voulge burst in to protect his ally.

-Rannin ran into Elotsa and peddled knives to the Lesterin.

There was no media this week.


Mata-Nui Weekly, May 20th-27th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG May 27 2014 · 779 views
BZPRPG, MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly
"OMG WE NEED JOURNALISTS.  Please, if you're a regular player and want to help keep up the game's largest form of OOC news take up a topic listed HERE and help.  Thanks!  Now, as for other things and my personal feelings about the week...  Post the creation of a Feedback topic for the BZPRPG, which seems to have really improved overall game interaction speed, The MNW decided to highlight in blue down in the News section any major events such as staff plot updates or story arcs of importance.  These are things to jump on if you want interaction, and I hope this edit makes your lives easier.  If not, please leave a comment below so I won't spend more time color-coding things than I should.  The week has really picked up in tempo, and the Dasaka party just exploded with interaction and politics.  As busy as things are getting over here with the Weekly, I'm very happy at the crazy whirlwind of awesome activity that's been going on.  On a personal note, Ishi Polzin has 24 hours to get healed.  Unless you wanna' see him die, please help."  ~Kughii
"This week has seen another great step forward in player activity, and some neat new secrets have been revealed. We also got to see some pretty big plot developments. All in all it's been a splendid week." ~Gears
Need Interaction?
Looking for a place to jump in and GAME ON?  Check this new section each week for major arcs to follow or join!
  • Yumiwa's party in the Kentoku Archipelago.  If you have a toroshu, first son, or other super-noble this is the place to be.
  • The Staff Plot in Kentoku has moved forward in a post about a new abettor.  However, it would be very hard not to meta-game interaction with the machine.
  • Po-Koro is getting in gear for a kohlii tournament!  Yep, you heard that right.  If you have an athletic matoran or other character this is the place to be.
  • The Lavapool Bombing is still going full force.  Jump in now for a chance at getting the snot beaten out of your character by six ugly mugs.
  • Before the party a slew of individuals visited Plangoria Soraya and dumped many orders for clothes onto her.  Such individuals included, but were not limited to, Yumiwa, Soraph, Mako, Akone, and Nihi.
  • Korae Inokio and Daikura Koga finish sparring with their mind and Koga is offered a place in the royal honour guard for Yumiwa's visit to Mata-Nui.  Afterwards the two first sons go their separate ways in preparation for the masquerade.  
  • Staff Plot Update!  A new riddle with its own abettor appeared on Mt. Koshiki, high above the acid lakes where nothing could live.  LINK.
  • The masquerade began!  Yumiwa danced with Hanako until Herupa Jiyu requested to speak with his sister.  Most of the guests arrived either on time or fashionably late and quickly began to mingle.  The flock gathered around Yumiwa consisted of Vilda Mako and Umbraline Xenia.  Inokio spoke with Toroshu Celis.  Commodore Ayiwah and her first mate Tazera engaged in a drinking game with Kulrik.  Toroshu Ihi suggested to her guest that Koga's costume should be less radiant, the first son having dressed like the Sun.
  • After speaking with Relisai, Yumiwa decides to offer a seat on the trip to Mata-Nui to Vilda Soraph to act as a naturalist for the voyage.
  • The drinking game degenerated into a possible sparring session, but was broken up by a fierce word from Princess Desdemona.
  • Echelon and Co. listened to Syvra describe his view on the intricacies of the B.O.A's Zombies.
  • At the same time Ishi Polzin met with the Abettor, and after a series of questions and a brief lunch managed to annoy the Abettor, resulting in a prompt fall from the ceiling.
  • Echelon and several of his company investigated the sound of Ishi's body hitting the ground only to end up in a fight with a 'clockwork' toa of earth
  • Lavapool Bombing Arc! The Alleyway group was bolstered by the Toa Maru and the Guard, among others, and Korero tried to flush Vezok and Avak out by filling the Lavapool ruins with smoke.
  • ​​Reidak and Thok were engaged by Leah and Sulov
  • Oreius stepped in during a dire moment for Leah.
  • Mekana and Ophiam enjoyed Death and Cake.
  • Asuno and Jrahann arrived from Le-Wahi looking for Asuno's supply cache.
  • Wokiya recorded her observations of the Lavapool Bombing.
  • Kino and Angelus get to sharing their respective histories
  • The Treasure Hunters engaged a giant scorpion and knocked a special stone off its back, only to find it fall under it instead
  • Pirate banter, Yarr!
  • Liara was visited by Tillian.
  • Trieze and her companions visited Akiri Hahli.
  • Aboard the Inika Kiron and JL raised the stakes of their sparring, adding elemental powers and kanohi to their acceptable forms of fighting.
  • Kriigata looked for Jaaku in the barracks of Blackrock castle, hoping to speak to him. In the process, she awakened Zekev. Jaaku joined the conversation.
  • Akree, a new member of the Sentinels, began patrolling Po-Koro. One of Jokaro's fliers floated by him, and the Skakdi began to talk to Jokaro.
  • Farzan worked at his booth.
  • Wokapu, Seria and Socugu met with Wokodin, who invited them all to his hut.
  • Antedil and Hewkii planned a tourism pitch for Po-Wahi, starting with a kohlii game.
  • Krios and Ishi stopped by the Wise Man’s Archive for Ishi’s preparations for meeting with the Abettor.
  • Votaka left for Ta-Koro, leaving a perplexed Ashiem behind.
  • Krios brought the injured Cetis to a doctor.
  • Ishi asked Caerus about the truth behind Matoro’s assassination, ultimately learning Matoro’s death came by the Spider’s order.
  • Naona got laser eyes. Take Cover!
  • Dehkaz and Naona arrived at the criminals’ recruitment drive and are attacked almost immediately.
  • Utu learned the purpose of the expedition was an attempt at restoring his memory.
  • Ior joined the Pala-Koro reconstruction effort and took up lodging in one of the huts. He later tore the door of said hut right off its hinges.
  • Kunitu yelled for attention at the gates to Pala-Koro.
  • Colx and Vrina swapped career stories.
  • Characters were ambushed and kidnapped en masse by people with big sticks. Step up for your turn.
  • Merror and Sisk caught up on old times.
  • Ferron vs. Kuhrin climaxed with a terrible snow battle in The Drifts of Ko-Wahi.  Desuka was killed by Tuli with Noka's sword.  At the end Kuhrin cried over the dead corpse of his brother Krell, Tuli wept in Khervos' arms, and Ferron stood stoic in the background, unsure of what the future would bring.


Mata-Nui Weekly, May 13th to 20th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG May 20 2014 · 622 views
"This week saw a good dose of player activity across the board. A special mention goes to Tyler & Co. for the Xa-Koro expedition, and also to EW's continued awesomeness with Yumiwa.  And of course, there's also the recent happenings in Pala-Koro to take note off. Things are happening again, let's make the most of it." ~ Geardirector
"The past week was a little rocky in some cases, full of one-liners, but also stuffed with details and plot.   Things are moving forward, and forward is always a good sign.  Summer keeps creeping closer and with it the post count rises."  ~Kughii
  • Hogo toroshu Noshima extended an invitation for her clanswoman Akone to join her at the masquerade.  They began working on attire to wear for the party, starting with a trip to Soraya's practice.
  • Vilda roroshu Relisai altered the memory of a messenger dashi after a furious outburst of her true self.  
  • Vilda Soraph asked Mako about his earlier service as a guard.  Had he protected a toroshu, she wondered.  His answer was that he had not protected any of the current toroshu.
  • Herupa first son Jiyu met with Chōjo Yumiwa in the great temple on Sado.  He spoke of the Herupa toroshu's passing, as well as the suicide of his aunt.  Later, Yumiwa visisted Inokio, first son of clan Korae, and spoke with him about finding a collection of menti for her bodyguard during the Mata-Nui voyage.  Once she left he hastily wrote a letter using an alias he rarely touched.
  • Amakusa first son Seiryu was let loose by a retainer at the temple and he said his prayers of forgiveness for his family.
  • Daikura first son Koga visited Korae first son Inokio shortly after Yumiwa departed.  He asked to be trained in a third menti discipline and after a short conversation Inokio relented.  As a test of his new pupil's skill he asked to see the strength of Koga's willhammer technique.  The two began a furious battle of the mind.
  • Herupa Hanako, handmaiden to the Chōjo, received the letters notifying her of her mother and aunt's passing.  Yumiwa arrived after the letters to console the young woman.
  • Syvra's and Griesk's fight ended prematurely by the arrival of Echelon and Co. 
  • Echelon revealed his new shadowy version of magnetism to those within the tunnel while Agrona got to work on sealing Toro's, aka Griesk's, mouth shut.
  • The rest of the group stood by and watched, occasionally commenting
  • The Alley Team were joined by Votaka.
  • Mekana was rescued from the Lavapool ruins and taken to safety.
  • In the commotion, Thok passed himself off as a “concerned citizen” to the guard. He was eventually found out by Leah and attacked by Sulov.
  • Zaktan reflected on why the Piraka work even when they never should.
  • Avak and Vezok embedded Loren into the wall of the Lavapool when he tried to engage them.
  • The Treasure Hunters ran into a giant Nui-Jaga, Zauk realized they needed the stone on its back.
  • Examus brooded over the deaths of the Turaga whilst flipping through case files. Seeing the possibility for answers in Pala-Koro he headed there.
  • Aurum and Stronin discussed economics.
  • Braen offered Zadron a room in his home and the promise of further employment opportunities.
  • Ferron met with Khervos and Tuli in Ko-Koro, and the two matoran introduced him to Noka, the once-love of Kuhrin.  After speaking for a time they decided on a plan of action: use Noka to lure Kuhrin into the open.
  • Iegasa returned to his shrine in The Drifts.
  • Avier and Mar continued to talk outside the Great Takea.
  • Barthel and Liano comment post-fight about the others' tactics.
  • Aoleus and Arden, two consciousnesses in one body,  are open for interaction.
  • Ishi Polzin slipped away from his brother and disappeared into the jungle.  There he met Krios and the two traveled to Le-Koro.
  • Trieze talked with Beynii, a sailor in her crew.  Apparently they lost their to-do list.  After meeting up with Arden they decided to speak with Akiri Hahli.
  • Kehuwa began to talk to a matoran after following them throughout the day.
  • Ignitus woke up on board his ship and began speaking with Kiron about the weather.  JL joined them.
  • Asuno led Jrahann to one of his supply caches in Ta-Koro.
  • Krios and Ishi banded together on a trip to Onu-Koro.
  • Esao, Ackune and Kythera began a reconstruction effort in Pala-Koro
  • Ior’s quest for donuts led him to Pala-Koro.
  • Kunitu flew off on a Gukko, intent on getting away from the hustle and bustle.  Eventually she reached Pala-Koro.
  • Votaka noticed Kunitu flying off before he left through a tunnel to Onu-Wahi.
  • Naona and Dehkaz made plans for infiltrating a criminal hideout.
  • Examus arrived at the gates of Pala-Koro
  • Cael & Co. hit a snag when Utu attempted to run off. Dorian caught him, but he and Praggos were given a thorough flogging by Tuara regarding their behavior.
  • Kehuri told Naru of his meeting with Stannis.
  • Krios and Ishi stopped by the Wise Man’s Archive, where the Hapaka made preparations for his meeting with the Abettor.
  • Votaka asked Ashiem where a good place to find a job would be, but later decided to leave for Ta-Koro.
  • Jokaro entered the Tech Expo and talked to Farzan.
  • Fotioks checked out the train station.
  • Voulge and Vail reached their destination: a warehouse. After preparing for the inevitable fight they entered.
  • Dryken and Thentyle talked to the newly returned Kriigata about her mission.
  • 88 installed a printing press in his house.
  • Jokaro posted mysterious posters all over Po-Koro and then talked to Rannin.

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