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Life is a scam


Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 ...

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Aug 01 2013 · 579 views
test entry
Am I a tsundere, BZP?


What Major Arcana Represents Me?

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Nov 01 2012 · 576 views
arcana, mysticism and 1 more...
So, I decided to do a random test to determine what Major Arcana fits me, because I was bored and yay tarot cards.

I got the Sun Arcana, with close connection to the Death Arcana as well.

Then I decided to find my Birth Arcana.

It was the Sun.


I am totally a supernova now.



Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Sep 17 2012 · 390 views
breakfast, food, mornings
I really have a screwed up sense of breakfast.

Like, on school days, I wake up, get dressed and brush teeth and all that jazz, and quickly take two pieces of bread and eat it on the car.

On holidays, I wake up at 12 pm and eat breakfast.

What is wrong with me?


My Singing: It Even Scares Onarax!

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Aug 03 2012 · 585 views
Singing, Podcast, Theme Song

[8:37:09 PM] Onarax: Should we stick some Japanese song as the Podcast's Theme?
[8:37:15 PM] Hubertus: No.
[8:37:17 PM] Hubertus: Copyright.
[8:37:23 PM] Hubertus: No wait, using Touhou songs can be okay.
[8:37:23 PM] Onarax: Dangnabbit.
[8:37:26 PM] Hubertus: Maybe.
[8:37:29 PM] Onarax: Sweet.
[8:37:42 PM] Hubertus: But let's try something.
[8:37:43 PM] Hubertus: Me.
[8:37:44 PM] Hubertus: Singing.
[8:37:45 PM] Hubertus: In.
[8:37:48 PM] Hubertus: AUTO-TUNE
[8:37:52 PM] Onarax: GAHHHHHH!

As you can see, even Onarax is scared of my singing.


You Are Dead To Me ...

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Jul 21 2012 · 450 views
mad libs catchphras, pop culture and 2 more...

Friend: I never really liked Sailor Moon.
Me: ... You are dead to me.
Friend: Hubert, you've said that like a million times.
Me: *Turns to other friend* [Insert Name Here], please help me organise [Friend #1''s Name]'s funeral.
Friend #2: Sure.


Posted Image

Name: Hubertus
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Nationality: Australian
Birth Date: 9th of October, 1998
Gender: Male
Current Location: Unknown
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia

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