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Somewhere Far Beyond



Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Jan 31 2014 · 530 views
minecraft, lava, death, skeletons and 1 more...
So today I took my shiny new diamond pickaxe down into a cavern to mine some obsidian (and maybe more diamonds, because hey, I'm an optimist like that).
Instead, a group of skeletons decided it was high time for me to take a good long time-out in a column of lava, beginning today's adventures in messy death.
Next, I went back into the cave, recovered what I could (which did not include the diamond pick, because of course it didn't) and set out to mine some more - this ended with me using water to pillar up to a lava source and get shot into it by a skeleton. Dead again.
So I set off on another rescue mission, climbed near where I died, lagged out, and logged back in. Dead again.
So I dropped back into the cavern with no tools at all, ran past a bomb-shop quartet, and finished climbing to where I died and lost the rest of everything.
I recovered nothing but 19 redstone, a stick, and a bucket.
So, at this point, I'm sitting in a cave with 21 melon slices, and I'm pretty angry. I'd just used most of my iron reserve trying to save my own precious behind, and I had exactly nothing to show for it.
So I start dismantling the planks of the mineshaft I'm in, and I make a wooden sword and a wooden pickaxe, and I declare to the server at large my intention to maul every living thing underground.
An hour and a half later I bob to the surface of a river, hauling 3 stacks of rails, 2 stacks of iron, a stack of coal, 16-ish gold, a bit of redstone, some lapis, and various other odds and ends.


Well Someone Can't Limbo

Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Jan 10 2014 · 393 views
wither skeletons, cheating and 2 more...
Turns out - and I am ashamed for not figuring this out earlier - narrow hallways are the perfect place to fight Wither Skeletons. You just string three blocks along at their head height, stand back, and hit them until they die. The only way it could be simpler is if someone had already placed the blocks for me.


Well Then

Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Jan 05 2014 · 438 views
Black Mesa, Not a Mesa, Dont Dead and 2 more...
Decided to try my luck at finding a mesa in another world, just for giggles.
Given the known incident with the 'indianajones' seed (spawned the player in a jungle, I thought maybe, just maybe, blackmesa would spawn me in, you know, a mesa.
Nope, zombie dungeon.
Posted Image


Somebody Down There Likes Me

Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Jan 03 2014 · 515 views
Ia! Ia!, Cthulhu fhtagn and 3 more...
In an effort to get some more productive work done than wandering and dying in search of a mesa biome, I elected to hunker down by my river and fish.
This was, on the whole, an excellent idea, considering the fishing rod I dredged up - Unbreaking III, Lure II, Luck of the Sea II.
Clearly, great Cthulhu would like a favor in return for his generosity. Perhaps a temple is in order.


The [Wrong] Land of Hope and Glory

Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Jan 02 2014 · 573 views
minecraft, ice spikes, mesa and 1 more...
So, my search for a mesa biome continues, as I have covered more than ten kilometers searching for that magical land of disco clay and pretty sand.
Today, the search has hit a milestone - the first time I've found an entirely different ultra-rare biome while looking for mesas.
Posted Image
On the one hand, this is really cool.
On the other, I really wanted a mesa.
It doesn't really help that I have nothing with Silk Touch.


Gotta be Honest...

Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Jan 01 2014 · 391 views
seriously, wow, minecraft
Found myself in a Deep Ocean biome for the first time, and it's honestly kind of scary, swimming at the surface, looking down, and not being able to see the bottom.
They need to add ocean-going hostile mobs now, just so you can get the experience of having a great white shark come rushing out of the depths, or even just see a faint hint of movement down there, and start fearing for your life.
And once they add hostile ocean-going mobs, they need to give you an update or two to wait and be afraid of the water..
...and then they need to add a bigger boat.
Anyway, great whites, giant squid, and maybe a couple of other nasties would really make the oceans more fun.


Near-Fatal Good Luck

Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Dec 31 2013 · 319 views
five temples, count them and 3 more...
My luck in Minecraft has an interesting flavour to it lately - I set out from my home on a savanna plateau, hoping to find a mesa from which to get hardened clay for use in the construction of my house.
I did not find a mesa biome.
Instead, I found three villages and five desert temples, leading to quite the collection of enchanted books, horse armor, diamonds and other goodies... and a rather low food supply by the time I turn back - or think that is what I am doing.
This results in me getting desperate enough for food to drop some planks and craft a fishing rod.
This results, not in food for the first few casts, but a Punch II, Power IV bow, 4 puffer fish, and a few random useless trinkets. After getting enough salmon and unnamed fish to stop starving to death, I continue south, confident that I will see my hilltop tower any second now...
...Except I'm now two kilometers south of the origin point, and did not walk that far in setting up my base.
Good thing I found a horse right after making this realization, really. Diamond horse armor and a convenient saddle undoubtedly saved my life tonight.


Minecraft Diaries #1

Posted by Rache , in Minecraft Diaries Jan 16 2012 · 460 views
minecraft, journal, diary, fun and 2 more...
As of today, I'm starting a little diary detailing odd moments in my Minecrafting experience, from my character's point of view. The first of these will come in a batch, while the rest are likely to come one at a time.

---Entry 1, January 16th

It is now a week since I became sick of the sight of snow, and, in a fit either of brilliance or madness, abandoned the mainland in my small wooden boat - a boat I had not built, much less used, until about an hour before I pushed off from the shore. Fortunately for me, I appear to be a reasonably good shipbuilder, as I have yet to sink beneath the waves and meet my demise in the no-doubt-sincerely-sympathetic embrace of one of the many squid that seem to infest these waters.

I sailed three days before I came across anything remarkable - an island! Sailing towards the little spit of rock protruding from the waves, I very nearly wrecked my precious boat upon the shore of what turned out, in fact, to be a wholly unremarkable island, but when I came upon it, the fact that it wasn't either snow, ice, water or lava had me jumping for joy.

The night after I landed upon this little rock, I realized that I was in need of somewhere other than that rock upon which to sleep. Taking advantage of what is either a hole in the concept of sanity or the fact that I am apparently a wizzard, I eschewed the idea of building a house upon that miserable rock in favor of building a series of ice domes beneath the waves, and making my home there. It is from my house in the smallest of these domes that I write this diary now, though I am thinking that I may soon depart to further explore my world.

---Entry 2, January 21st

Given the difficulty of locating my home beneath the waves by the light of the single candle that, at the moment, isn't even lit, I have shaped the island that first led me to this place into a pair of perfect triangles, the smaller of which points directly to my home. On the opposite side of my sunken villa is another of these island signposts, built up from the seafloor using either crazy-powers or wizzardry, as I have yet to decide which is responsible for the apparent viability of ice as a submarine building material. With these signposts in place, I am now prepared to sail into the east, sailing after adventure, the sun, and maybe something that isn't either a bloody barren rock or a river of fire carving its way through a snowy valley.

P.S. - Why did I decide on ice, of all things? Glass is transparent too. I suspect shenanigans. Whether it is wizzardry or crazy that drives these shenanigans, only time and perhaps an errant luck-dragon will tell.

---Entry 3, January 25th

I am now a few days out from my home, and no significant landmasses have been sighted, though various miserable spires of rock have greeted me. Very nearly wrecked the boat on the head of one of those blasted friendly squid. Nearly ready to call an end to this whole adventure thing.

On the second day after leaving my home, I began to worry that I may not find it again. To this end, I have, using whatever breach in the laws of something or other (leaning towards wizzardry today), constructed two obelisks since then - one of obsidian, because I thought it would look cool, the other from the Glowstone I gathered the last time I got ideas of "adventure" into my head, because I'm relatively certain that a glowing pillar of rock would be hard to miss.

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