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Life is like a box of Grenades


If you thought the bubble popping was fun...

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Jan 06 2015 · 146 views



That new bonkle mobile game...

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Dec 31 2014 · 125 views

There's only so much of this I can bear to watch. From what I gather, the gameplay is literally just tapping circles and then tapping a button every ten seconds for a 'special move'. And all the while it has graphics that make the playstation 1 look good (not that you can make out anything, considering the resolution), AND being at 20 fps.

I'd find more gameplay out of this! (IRL MLG gameplay vid!)

kids these days...



Board games

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Dec 25 2014 · 102 views

I had three cards I could play at any time to stop the win from another player (2 buffs to the enemy that would individually rek 'em so hard, and a card that could be either a buff to the enemy or the player in question.) My rival and another player, who had ganged up against me in previous turns, had nothing they could do to delay their defeat. My nemesis was in 2nd place, and got really excited when I played down the card that could buff the enemy the 1st player was dealing with, so it would defeat her and thus prevent the game ending that turn.

But I used to to buff the player, who already had more than enough power to defeat the obstacle and win the game. This denied the rivals' chance for a victory, purposefully to add the full effect.


And then I just went


Are you ready?

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , in Uncategorized, Attempts at Jokes Dec 21 2014 · 107 views

Are you ready for FIFA 1916?


One question for you all...

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Oct 15 2014 · 220 views

On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your favorite color in the alphabet?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


For those confused on gear functions [THEORY]

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Oct 09 2014 · 182 views
For those who haven't figured it out already: Gears are back, and you may be wondering what they do.

So, here is the high quality image of Pohatu, taken directly from the teaser site (Or whatever you wanna call it)

You can clearly see the yellow gear popping out of his left shoulder, and can tell what it's for. Pohatu is one of the more lightly-clad whatever-the-#$@%-legos-calling-them-now, so he's easy to show this on. The gear appears to be oriented not at the center of the back, as one might first think, but slightly closer to that specific shoulder (You can see this on all of the promo images AFAIK). As you might guess, the gearbox connecting to the ball joint of the shoulder is there to make it swing around with all the swag of the '01 Mata. You might have also noticed the different colors of his arms; one is brown, the other is completely silver. No, this (probably) does not mean Pohatu is The Winter Soldier. I theorize (gettin' technical for an over-analyzation of a kid's toy's first official photo (Dun judge m8, u r on this website 2)) that this is to differentiate the swinging arm from the regular arm. You heard me right, I think that Lego is going back to the Hordika designs. At least for pohatu. Hopefully for the others too; but the angles they are posed in make it so you can't really confirm anything.

so yeah

i need sleep now so


callin' it before it happens

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Oct 09 2014 · 103 views

>inb4 tahu has 4 arms and pulls a grievous

I mean seriously, 4 swords is overkill.



Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Oct 09 2014 · 100 views

would've said this earlier, but was afraid this might violate the leaked stuff policy.

Posted Image

also as I've said to people off the site. GEARS ARE BACK IN STYLE BBYS.

while this is great news, it is kinda sad they ####ed up the story. ####, am I now like those guys who would deny the existence of the star wars prequels? I'm only 15 and I'm in the old people crowd. ;______;

let's see how this turns out tho

also why onya?




Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Oct 05 2014 · 80 views

Anyone else play it? Would be good to try playing with people who aren't complete strangers.


Casualty count

Posted by Mask of Ultimate Cliche , Jun 30 2014 · 115 views

We held our ground, but... at what cost...

In some strange roll of luck, our ability to only play linux ported games paid off - deals like the bioshock triple pack, or all of the assassin's creed games were able to pass right over us without any harm, only small misgivings. I had a master plan, relating to the "mystery" trading cards that were floating about before the sale, and to my surprise, they plummeted in prices, so much so that at one point all hope was lost. One of my friends bailed out, crafting his badge early instead of waiting to sell the cards when the prices rose. I managed to make a few bucks profit off of my investment in those cards...

But wait...

The half-life collection came at 75% off, and battered us down even though we had been expecting it for some time.

The first two witcher games came out and surprised us, lowering out wallet funds even more.

On the last day, I had managed to save some money, but I must give my yearly tithe to gaben.

of course, I had been eyeing system shock 2 for a while now.

and then friends recommended battleblock theatre, and at 75% off, hard to resist.

It has been a long journey, these past weeks.

Life is like a box of Grenades.

Posted Image

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