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Kitsune Den


Brickfair and Beyond

Posted by Kayru , Aug 03 2015 · 244 views
brickfair, brickfair 2015 and 1 more...
I didn't expect to be at BrickFair this year, but it happened. It ended up being really convenient for work, so they paid for my flight here (I'm still in DC meeting a client for a couple of days).

The convention itself was alright. The public attendance was pretty sad, and the only event I got to partake in was an adult swim event, which meant more of what we were already doing all the other nights... :b As always, there were many interesting MOCs to see and I brought mine, which ultimately ended up with winning my first BF award (Best Non-Humanoid). Everyone has been so nice about it, both in person and online, and it's been overwhelmingly amazing. :) Makes me want to MOC more often, heheh...
We also got to go to the Lego store, which of course led to buying every brand new Bionicle set (and another one besides that). I'm saving to build them til I get home, which means figuring out how to pack them should be interesting.

But the main reason I went, as always with conventions, was people. And wow, was it a good year.
I got surrounded by several other artists, all of whom are fantastically more talented than me and the fact that I actually got two collabs going just blows my mind. Completely.
I got to meet people I've been waiting to meet and people I never thought I would... and oh my goodness you are all such cinnamon rolls and I love you. Susanna, Vance, Christie, Corvin, Yanni, the list goes on and the only reason I don't name every single one of you is because I am so terrible with names, of which everyone basically has two to try remembering. XD
I also got to solidify friendships with people I'd already met before. Both this and the previous point are absolutely mind-blowing when I think about it. I get to know these people. I get to actually talk to these people, and they actually care to talk back. It's both humbling and wonderful and oh gosh stop it tears no you're not supposed to happen

*deep breath*

As with any gathering of a lot of people and the changing of things over time, there was a bit of drama. But the nice thing is, everyone involved is still great and I have high hopes for things to get better. And comparatively speaking, this one was quite low on drama and had the most recoveries that I've seen.
I do apologize for one thing... I said too much. Like, quite a few times. Especially when I didn't have my wits about me. And I'm sorry if it hurt anyone. But... that being said I still think this con began, ended, and almost entirely ran on a good note.

I don't know what else to say. I wish I could see many of you more often, and in a year or two maybe I will move and at least make that possible for a few people (I've had many open ideas on where to move, but now one or two have definitely moved to the top of my list). But I am so, so beyond-myself thankful that I even got to have this time with each of you. It was incredible.


BrickFair VA? Hmmm.

Posted by Kayru , Apr 07 2015 · 265 views

I wasn't going to go, but now I'm considering it.

The only way that's possible is if I can coordinate with someone on hotel and/or car, so if you're going and you are willing to collaborate on either or both of those, please let me know.

Posted Image


BricksCascade is coming up fast

Posted by Kayru , Mar 06 2015 · 148 views
brickscascade, convention
...And I'm so excited, but SO unprepared. There's a last-minute MOC that I REALLY want to do, but I have no time to do it... A commission to finish, work and overtime, an extremely sociable almost-three-year-old... My car is in the shop and I am reeeeeeally hoping it gets back to me before I go.

I want to say what I want to build, but I looked it up this afternoon and found that this particular popular video game character has NEVER been done in Lego. I don't want someone to beat me to it. XD

I also was going to leave my Angry Unikitty cosplay at home, but I'm wondering if I should bring it....



Realization about BZP Staff

Posted by Kayru , Nov 22 2014 · 317 views
BZPower, BZP Staff
Meeting you first and getting a face to the BZP name isn't so weird.

But... then going to the Staff page and seeing you in old photos is weird. So very, very weird.

Posted Image


BioArtist Guild

Posted by Kayru , Nov 19 2014 · 273 views

If you know what BAG is... I'm trying to get members back. Please give it a visit.

If you don't... uh, move along I guess?

Posted Image


Sad, sad post count.

Posted by Kayru , Oct 27 2014 · 248 views

I get the feeling a lot of my posts were in places that didn't get included in post count, because I was way more active than that.

Oh well. Looking like a n00b forever.

Posted Image


It happened! (Also, completionism)

Posted by Kayru , Oct 23 2014 · 300 views
Sorting, Legos, kids
AHHH I didn't think my son would be ready for Legos for another year or two, but last night he sat down and joined in organizing System parts with me. (He's just barely 2 1/2)

Posted Image

See, it looks like I'm helping him with colors, shapes, and counting - but in reality I am training a sorting minion MUAHAHAHA--
Actually it works out well because he's nearly as obsessed with organization as I am. (See all that sorted Lego/Bionicle behind us? XD)

Posted Image

Look, he also made his first MOCs... a necklace each for me and him, and an airplane he was very happy with. I'll probably never take it apart, it was his absolute first MOC and I feel like I should preserve something so momentous.

Posted Image

On another note, I am so close and yet so far away from finishing my Bionicle collection. If you're willing to part with sets, please check out the topic here.

Posted Image


Bionicle art is in order.

Posted by Kayru , Sep 16 2014 · 280 views
art, drawing, bionicle 2015
Given the upcoming announcement... what bonkles should I draw?

Not sure if I'm adventurous enough to try the new ones, or if I should just whip up some nostalgic goodness.

Posted Image



Posted by Kayru , May 23 2014 · 306 views

I've been working at PNNL (Pacific NW National Laboratory) for two years now as an intern and a post-Bac, which are both temp positions... and now I've been hired permanently. Basically I'll be doing the same thing (web design/development), just with more security.
ALSO - wooooo cheap benefits and a significant raise!
I decided I'm going to celebrate by dyeing my hair.
BUT, I'm going to be dressed as Mad Unikitty at BrickFair VA, which is in just over two months... and the colors I'm looking to get won't go with her at all.
Should I see if I can do a temp dye over my permanent one for that weekend, or get a wig? Thoughts?
Posted Image


MOCs, Assassins, and Emerald City Comicon

Posted by Kayru , Apr 15 2014 · 317 views

So, Emerald City Comicon was AWESOME. I would've posted about it sooner, but I have been stupid busy with personal stuff lately. Also I was hoping to have some detail shots of what I'm about to show you, but meh. Can't wait forever.
SO! I decided to go as a steampunk assassin (a la Assassin's Creed). Given the time crunch, I didn't have time to do everything I was hoping to, but I'm at least happy with what I had.
You'll notice some Bionicle MOCs implemented, which is why I find this relevant to BZP... :b I was in a hurry to finish those parts of the outfit, and decided Bionicle/Technic was the easiest way to have more gears and wires implemented into the costume.
Posted Image
Those hidden blades were VERY hairtrigger, so I only wore them for one of the two days I dressed up. Oh well, that's what I get for making them in a half hour the night before leaving. XD
Everything was loads of fun! I enjoyed pretending to be an assassin, hehehe~
Posted Image
Met some awesome people with VERY cool cosplays, including a fairly well-known cosplayer I follow on dA, so that was awesome.
I also got LOADS OF STUFF. Including my Lego name bricks signed by Carlos D'Anda, and a signed print from Stuart Sayger.
And all this delicious goodness:
Heartless shirt, doge shirt, a LoZ shirt (angry chibi Link saying "call me Zelda ONE more time!"), a dice bag, an Edward Kenway figure, a LoL key ring (gift), a card game (gift), a Wacom stylus, a Lego dog and turtle, a Zora's Sapphire necklace, Portal socks, two Romantically Apocalyptic postcards, two signed Chasing Artwork prints, a dragon wool-felting kit, a Hyrule Historia book, a TARDIS card (gift), a signed book from The Oatmeal, and a Lego Hobbit set I already built.
(I have a picture of all of these, but I figured I've shared enough photos for one day... XD)
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