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Kohnoh's Forest


My comics are finally back. And other stuff.

Posted by Ganto , Jul 20 2015 · 330 views

My comics are finally back. And other stuff. My current projects are all related to BZP, the comics forums, and bringing back the old stuff.

Of course my comics are also back. A lot of people haven't really been on the comic forums much lately, so it hasn't had many response comments. Although I'm hoping for some more recognition after summer is over.

Speaking of after summer, if you guys don't know, I'm actually going to go to Utah for the entire school year. So when I return to Virginia, I'll be a senior in High School. But this won't effect my comics in any way, I hope. I'll be bringing my files over from this computer over to theirs (The people I'm staying with).

On another note, I might enter the BZPower Youtube contest, and if my friend and I don't get in, we're probably going to start a Youtube channel of our own.

And lastly, I am working on making a Chimoru R version of the BZ-Guard armor and I may revamp their weapons. That must be a blast from the past, huh? BZ-Nui will finally have it's military, police, and armored guards back.

Anyway, until next time.


day 2

Posted by Ganto , Aug 18 2013 · 548 views

Eh, not all that exciting. I woke up. ate ravioli for b-fast. watched MLP. watched some bionicle autopsy... (which blew my perspective of bionicle completely.)
went to church, came back, ate canned beef stew, went on BZP, ate ravioli again... went on a different non-lego-pony-related forum... went back to bzp. that's about it.



Posted by Ganto , Aug 16 2013 · 584 views

DAWN OF ME So dawns the first day of Loganto's life as a premier. Ok. now to think of pros....
I get a blog.
shorter name waiting period.
is that all? hrm. a little help?


Life of a pony-lover

Posted by Ganto , Jul 20 2013 · 943 views

you start watching in secret and say its dumb...
but then...
you find a friend that likes MLP too...
you get somewhat used to talking about it.
you start watching it on Netflix, looking at pics like this:
Posted Image
and then it bursts out and you become the coolest person EVAR.

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