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Akano's Blog


Gen 2

Posted by Akano , in LEGO Jul 29 2016 · 345 views
Johto, Ethan, Lyra, Kris and 1 more...
Guys, Gold and Silver were released almost sixteen years ago, why are you all—

OH! You mean BIONICLE...


There was a gen 2?!

Posted Image


*Grabs Popcorn*

Posted by Akano , in LEGO Dec 10 2014 · 1,055 views
Come on, everyone, Have some and 1 more...
It's really amusing to me that everyone is freaking out about this canonization stuff, mainly because this is what happened to me several years ago.

As someone who ended up disagreeing with new canon information during BIONICLE's initial tenure, let me assure you: the new canon is meaningless. Even if Greg Farshtey says that Toa can transform into gigantic dinosaurs and feast on souls, it would mean absolute bupkis. Why? Because the fun of BIONICLE isn't what's officially created, but what we, the fans, create.

I have seen beautiful creations on this site in the forms of MOCs, comics, general artwork, movies, stories, and music posted on this site for the past 11 years, and it is far more impressive than just about anything that has come out of the official storyline (although, Time Trap is the best thing Greg ever contributed to the actual canon, and there's no way I can knock it). You want a story where Vo-Matoran, -Toa, and -Turaga are male? Or have no set gender? Go for it. There's a headcanon floating around about a transgender Tamaru, there were comics featuring the only male Ga-Matoran, and there were epics that featured Toa, Matoran, and Turaga of Muffins. Do you think Muffins would ever be canonized as a for reals element? Who cares?! It made for far more interesting plots and ideas than a Toa of the Green who has only ever been hinted at and never seen in action!

Part of the fun of writing my epics – How I Became Me and The Inventor of Metru Nui (which I hope to work on again at some point, I swears!) – was twisting one part of the canon while leaving the rest be. Trying to get my OC to fit into the BIONICLE universe was fun, and when it was announced that Vo-Matoran are female (and blue, what's with that? If you've played Pokémon, you know that electricity is yellow bar a few minor deviations :P), I didn't budge because I didn't have to.

So have fun making mountains out of molehills, BZbloggers. I'm going to sit over here, lean back, and enjoy my bowl of popcorn whilst I watch the fireworks. Because I'm just that nice a guy. 8D

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Finals Week and Philly BrickFest

Posted by Akano , in LEGO, Life May 06 2014 · 683 views

It's finals week at my grad school, but since I didn't take any classes this semester, I have no exams to study for (except my prelims, which are at the end of the summer :P). I am, however, holding office hours for my students before they take their exams, so I'm not without stuff to do.

I also went to Philly BrickFest two weekends ago, but I was only there for a couple hours since I had to leave for choir rehearsal. I did snap some pics, which will hopefully end up on my Brickshelf at some point. Maybe.

In other news, I'm still obsessed with quantum mechanics and have been playing around with various mathematical things associated with it, like deriving the ladder operators and matrix elements for the quantum harmonic oscillator, deriving formulas for coherent states, and trying to find out what a true Hufflepuff is, anyway deriving coordinate transformations to the center of mass frame of two particles. Fun fun. ^_^

(This is the part where you all look at me like I'm mad, and I reply with an expression like this: 8D)

So, not too much going on with me right now, but I can't complain.

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So, I just ordered Metal Beard's Sea Cow...

Posted by Akano , in LEGO Mar 06 2014 · 761 views
There goes my, life savings
Worth it!

My wallet may be in a bit of pain, though...

Posted Image


My BrickFair Loot

Posted by Akano , in LEGO Aug 26 2013 · 516 views
So, I know it's been a few weeks since the awesomeness that was BrickFair, VA, 2013, but I've finally gotten around to editing the pictures of the stuff I managed to get my hands on at that wonderful convention.

My loot includes
KopakaKurahk's loot includesI also got my mom a small Toy Story polybag set with the alien toy minifigure, since she loves those characters so much.

Soon I hope to upload some more pictures of our BrickFair adventure, so keep an eye out for that. :)

Posted Image


My BrickFair Experience Abridged

Posted by Akano , in LEGO, Life Aug 03 2013 · 900 views
KK and I had an awesome time. I'll have pics posted later, so for now I'll just use a few words to describe my experience:

There were so many AMAZING creations, from a 7 foot long Serenity to some awesome Egyptian temple structures to Erebor from The Hobbit, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of the tip of the iceberg. The BIONICLE creations were really neat, and I enjoyed stopping by those tables. Speaking of, I have now officially met the following BZPeople (yes, that's what I call us/you/whatever) IN PERSON:
  • Sumiki a.k.a. Cap'n Subnuki a.k.a. Hat Man
  • Black Six a.k.a. Andrew a.k.a. you all know who he is
  • The Architect a.k.a. Blog Lurker :P
  • Xaeraz a.k.a. Xaeraz
  • Aanchir a.k.a. He who draws Andrew Francis characters
BZPeople whom I saw but did not actually meet (sorry, I'll try harder next time not to be overwhelmed with ALL THE AWESOME and stop to talk to people more).
  • Makaru
  • Avohkah Tamer
  • Bionicle Raptor (related: I also forgot to buy a BZPower shirt. :unsure: )
  • Possibly others whose appearances I don't know and thus would not recognize them.
All in all, it was an awesome afternoon well spent. I'll have some pictures up some time later this week, including my haul (not too substantial, but pretty cool).

Posted Image



Posted by Akano , in LEGO, Life Aug 02 2013 · 679 views

I will be there tomorrow. So will KK.

I am bringing a hat.


Posted Image


My First BrickFair

Posted by Akano , in LEGO, Life Jul 17 2013 · 655 views
So, it looks like both KK and I will be going to BrickFair (so long as we have friends willing to give us rides). So, if you want to meet us, BE THERE! 8D

KK has said Tekulo's rather jealous about our adventure to the fair of bricks. Don't worry, Tekky, I'll be sure to take pictures and hopefully grab some good bricks.

In other news, I've caught up completely with the 900 comics of Order of the Stick, and it's a fantastic series. If anyone out there has a few days to kill, it's a blast to read, check it out.

As for my comics, I should make some new ones, huh? >>;

Posted Image


Set Review: 79003 An Unexpected Gathering

Posted by Akano , in Set Review, LEGO Feb 23 2013 · 451 views
Bag End, Bilbo, Gandalf, Dwarves and 1 more...
I've posted another set review! This time it's Bag End, so head on over here and check out some thoughts on and pictures of this wonderful LEGO set. :)

Posted Image


Set Review: Ewar's Acro Fighter

Posted by Akano , in Set Review, LEGO Feb 10 2013 · 788 views

I've decided to post this review here, as I'm not sure this fulfills the requirements to actually post this in the LEGO Sets forum.

From the design of the box to the instruction manual, these are the first things you see before building the set.


Posted Image Posted Image]

It's a polybag. The front features the set's picture and a picture letting you know that the eagle character you get is Ewar. The back is full of legalese, as per usual, and has a cutout option for a free child ticket to LEGOLAND.

Half the fun is had building the set. How fun is it to build and how easy or challenging is it?

Posted Image

At only 33 pieces, this set does not take long to build.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Set Design
Now that the set is complete, we can critique how it looks from every angle. New or interesting pieces can also be examined here.


Posted Image Posted Image

I would first like to point out that this set came with about 10 extra trans-light-blue round tile pieces, which I thought was ridiculous, but I'm not complaining. The vessel is pretty simple in design, but still rather cool in my opinion. It's like someone combined a snowmobile and a jet ski...and made it fly. The really cool thing about this set, though, is Ewar.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

First off, Ewar is an anthropomorphic eagle, which ranks up there in awesomeness with anthropomorphic echidnas. He also has a really simple but clever wing-mount that reminds me of the armor of the old Hydronaut figures. This also allows his wings (and those of the other wingèd Chima races) to be poseable, unlike the winged mummy figures from Pharaoh's Quest. I like Ewar's flip face as well; one side has goggles and the other is just his bare face, which has nice detail on it. The design on his torso reminds me a lot of ancient Egypt, and his helmet (head piece?) is really cool as well.

The other half of the fun is in playing with the set. How well does the set function and is it enjoyable to play with?


Posted Image
Woohoo! Cowabunga, dude!

While it is a small set and, thus, is kinda limited on playability by itself, I'm sure that it makes a nice addition to any larger set if you're building some kind of Chima army or need a new high-tech hover vehicle for your utopian LEGO world. Ewar himself is a cool minifig that also allows for some fun play time.

Posted Image
Hey, Einstein, I'm on your side!

Final Thoughts
Once it's all said and done, how does the set stack up? Should I get it?


Posted Image
Alas, jetski-snowmobile, you are the only one who listens to me.

This set was originally released as a free promotional with a $75 set order from LEGO S@H. It's now on BrickLink for about $5 USD. I don't know if I would personally spend that much money just to get him, but I'm glad I was able to get him through LEGO's promotional. If you're a fan of Chima, go for it.

What's to like?
  • Ewar is cool
  • Lots of extra pieces
  • Jetski-snowmobile
What's not to like?
  • Small
It's a cute little set. If you want to see the gallery, go here when public.

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Oak Log Bans

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