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Akano's Blog


A True, True Friend

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Feb 21 2013 · 703 views
Ponies, Season 3 Finale
Confound these ponies!

They drive me to sing.

I liked the finale, but I kinda wish it were a two-parter. It felt slightly rushed as one episode.


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Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix)

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Feb 02 2013 · 667 views
Discord, Brony music
Why did it take so long for me to find this? I can't stop listening to it.

It captures our favorite draconequus so beautifully. And it's so darned catchy

The lyrics are pretty awesome, too.

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A note on the life of a graduate student

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony, Math/Physics, Life Jan 27 2013 · 476 views

I hate deadlines.

There's a conference that my adviser wants my lab group to go to in June. Understandable. What's not understandable is that the deadline for abstracts to present at said conference is tomorrow (it was originally Friday, but got bumped back over the weekend). This means, of course, that I have to have enough data to write an amazingly short paragraph about what I'd be presenting at the conference by tomorrow. At 5 p.m.

Now, I'm not one for stress. As my brothers and roommate can easily tell you, I take it rather easy and do not like to be rushed. This past week has been the exact opposite for me.

So, I'm slightly burned out, but I have some data that will hopefully be enough to make an abstract with. Huzzah...

On a more pleasant note, yesterday's Spike episode was good. I love Gummy. And Tank.

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Sleepless in Ponyville

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Dec 08 2012 · 453 views
Scootaloo, Luna
Heartwarming and cute. ^_^


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Magic Duel

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Dec 02 2012 · 553 views
I was pleasantly surprised.

I loved when Fluttershy found the book with the amulet in it. Adorable. ^_^

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Babs Seed

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Nov 29 2012 · 636 views


Also, the CMC were very adorable in that episode.

(I watched it the other day, but just listened to the song for about the fifth time.)

EDIT: Also, apparently typing in darkgoldenrod as your font color doesn't work anymore. :unsure:

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Ponies Premiere

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Nov 10 2012 · 584 views
Season 3, Crystal Ponies
These villains are getting less and less backstory development as we go, huh? In terms of development:

Sombra < Chrysalis < Discord / Nightmare Moon

That said, though, I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. The songs were okay, but I've only listened to them once, really. However, it was nice for Spike to get a role as Twilight's supporting vocals. Cathy Weseluck amazes me.

I did think Rainbow Dash was a bit over the top, but I enjoyed everyone else.

También, sombra = shadow en español, por tu información. :P

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This Day

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Apr 23 2012 · 925 views
Cadance, ponies
I've decided that This Day Aria is my favorite song from A Canterlot Wedding. Its juxtaposition of Cadance singing about her love for Shining Armor with Chrysalis singing about her callous indifference and plot to use him is amazing.

Also, it's (at least partially) a villain song, and those tend to be awesome.

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Royal Wedding

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Apr 22 2012 · 518 views
MLP, Cadance, changelings and 2 more...
Royal Wedding finale is best finale. Seriously, I was wowed throughout the episode. The songs were okay, but the plot was very interesting. Celestia actually fought someone! And Cadance is adorable.

Also, Jaller is best Captain of the Guard, be he pony or Matoran. :P

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Welcome To The Herd!

Posted by Akano , in My Little Pony Dec 15 2011 · 549 views
brony, My Little Pony
I am now officially a brony thanks to KK and Tekulo. Lauren Faust can really make a cartoon series that multiple groups can enjoy while still being targeted at girls.

The fact that Timmy Turner's voice is in the series doesn't hurt either.

My favorite is Fluttershy. :P

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