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Akano's Blog


Monthly update

Posted by Akano , in Life May 14 2015 · 122 views

Haldo, everypeoples!

I just wanted to check in (as I haven't posted in well over a month). The semester is wrapping up pretty well. I've started writing a paper to published this summer (!) and have been deep in spectrum assignment land. I also have some friends getting married at the end of the month and will be playing trumpet for their wedding with two of my friends. ^_^ After that happens, I'm going to a conference to give a talk on my research (a first!).

So, yeah, a lot of exciting stuff coming up. Basically, pretty busy up until mid-June.

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My morning

Posted by Akano , in Life Mar 23 2015 · 175 views

I'd like to describe to you all the most memorable scene from my morning walk into school.

I emerged from the tunnel under the train tracks and headed towards the last intersection on my walk on my way to school. In the bare bushes of one of the office buildings on the street twittered a bunch of small sparrows, not a care in the world. I watched them as they chattered, when all of a sudden a brown blur appeared in my periphery. A hawk (I believe a broad-winged hawk) was in a dive, ready to snatch up a meal from the group of sparrows. It swooped, then crashed into the bare branches of the bushes. I could tell immediately after it crashed that it was unsuccessful in its quest, and as it looked around during its shocked stupor, I could see in its face the expression of "Well, this is just great." The poor thing sat there for a moment and eventually freed itself, its ego more bruised than its body, as it flew atop the building and reconsidered what its next move was.

All in all, it was really cool, and I'm glad I got to witness it. :)

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Awesome Cartoons

Posted by Akano , in Life Feb 16 2015 · 206 views
OverTheGardenWall, Cartoons rule and 1 more...
As brothers tend to do, KK and I spent our Saturday evening watching a cartoon about brothers navigating an unfamiliar world simply trying to get home. Over the Garden Wall is a brilliant miniseries, and if you haven't seen it, you should. The story is captivating, mysterious, and makes you ask all sorts of questions to the very end. The animation is beautiful (similar but different to Gravity Falls), the characters are incredibly fun and interesting, and the plot doesn't necessarily progress the way you think it will, but at the same time has many familiar story elements. Also, the celebrity voice acting is done really well, which isn't always the case when you have big names in your cartoon credits.

Go watch it. It's a great ride.

Also, slightly related, new Gravity Falls tonight! 8D

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It's a super special day that comes around every year...

Posted by Akano , in Life Feb 14 2015 · 118 views

It's Tekulo's birthday! I made him a thing. Go wish him well over there, if you like. *poke* *prod*

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Leave your oak logs at home

Posted by Akano , in Life Feb 12 2015 · 172 views
New blag name, What is its and 1 more...
Maple, pine, elm, and birch are totally cool, but no oak logs, please.

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*Sweeps up the snow*

Posted by Akano , in Life Jan 29 2015 · 112 views

Hello, BZPeople! I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I'm quite alive and well and have had a wonderful holiday season. I thought I'd give you all a quick rundown of my last month or so after I vanished without a trace. :P
  • Went home and celebrated Christmas with my folks. Got AN AWESOME INSECT COLLECTION from Tekulo; a custom lightsaber, a LEGO coffee mug, and a Knights minifigure set from KK; a portable charger thing from my mom; an Elvis mug/cocoa mix from my aunt; and a gift box from my dad which had a Bazinga shirt and socks, TARDIS/Dalek ice tray (!!), and other miscellaneous nerdy things.
  • Spent New Year's with some friends from college, one of whom is having a baby in the extremely near future. (I will soon be an uncle, which is kind of awesome.)
  • Went to Walt Disney World for a week with my mom and Tekulo. Magic Kingdom is still my favorite park, Haunted Mansion is still my favorite ride, Space Mountain is still my favorite thrill ride, and Tower of Terror is still awesome. I didn't really enjoy Epcot all that much (though I had fun riding Spaceship Earth after virtually zero wait), and Universal Studios was fine except for the head-jostling the Rockin' Roller Coaster gave me. (I remember it being much more avoidable as a kid...)
Now I'm back at school doing research. Also, thanks to all who supported Tekulo in his recent blog entry where he came out. It makes me very happy to see that here. Keep being awesome.

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Going home for turkey

Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 25 2014 · 187 views
Greyhound, Saluki, Whippet and 1 more...
This evening, KK and I will embark on an epic quest to return home via Greyhound bus. Neither of us has ever partaken in such an adventure, so it will probably be full of intrigue, drool, and snorts due to the fact that we leave after midnight. 'Twill be interesting indeed.

In other news, scattering theory is still something that eludes me. This is funny, because one of my research projects sort of uses scattering theory as an approximation technique. I get it there, but not when it comes to General Relativity.

Also, dat Detective's Office set. 8L

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Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 18 2014 · 187 views
Hnghno!, Ech!, JonTron
This is now my new favorite reaction clip.

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I've met with a terrible fate...

Posted by Akano , in Life, Video Games Nov 06 2014 · 210 views
MM3D, Zelda, blech
KK got me sick. Jerk.


I'm pretty psyched about this development and am throwing my money at the screen to make it be mine now. It's not working.

Now, please excuse me while I hack up my left lung.

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On Vacation

Posted by Akano , in Life Oct 29 2014 · 116 views
Hilton Head Island, Vacation and 2 more...
Nearly two weeks ago, my brothers, parents, roommate (whom Tekulo has taken to call Friend: Toa of Friendship, so I will refer to him as such), and two family friends took a relaxing trip down to Hilton Head Island, SC. Our first day in the condo wasn't terribly eventful; we all went to the beach and enjoyed the sun and sea. Tekulo built a rockin' sand castle, with a moat, staircases, and other hidden gems, and our dad got pooed on by a crow/raven/corvid. Twice. Also, KK decided to take advantage of my skin condition and scratch "Hi" on my back, which wasn't too bad due to the cool ocean keeping the itchiness at bay.

Day 2 was fairly laid back. The youngins (my brothers, Friend, and I) stayed at the condo for the most part and partook in various stay-in type activities whilst the older folks (parents and family friends) went out and did adult things. Those who weren't allergic to shellfish had a dinner of shrimp, scallops, and the like; the two of us who were allergic (including me) had steak, because that's ocean food. :P

Day 3 we ended up eating dinner at a restaurant known for its awesome seafood, and while you would think that limited my choices (it did), I was able to have sashimi tuna with avocado and peanut sauce. It was by far the best meal I had there, and it still haunts me.

On Day 4, the elders went to Savannah, GA to tour the city and see the sights, while we youngins did awesome stuff. Our morning featured parasailing thanks to Tekulo's reservation-making skills. Friend: Toa of Friendship went up with KK, while Tekulo and I paired up for our flight. It was a real thrill and surprisingly quiet when you get a few hundred feet above the boat. The motor was a faint hum in the distance, and the view of the bay was fantastic. I would definitely recommend it to those who have never done it before, even if you have a fear of heights (like me). After returning to shore, we found out the same company offered kayaking to a wildlife preserve marsh nearby, so we reserved that for the afternoon while checking out Harbour Town in the meantime. We climbed up the lighthouse, grabbed a bite to eat, and then met up for a kayaking adventure into marshland. It was a fun little tour, filled with the floating excretions of a manatee (I may have glimpsed its nostrils!), herons and egrets, hermit crabs, and dogs barking at us from nearby villas. The park was very quiet and serene, and it was nice to be near nature. Once summer rolls around in the north I'd like to do some more kayaking/canoeing activities. After we returned from our marshland adventure (in fairly windy, rocky waters), we had dinner at a local pub, then went on to play 18 holes of minigolf. Friend: Toa of Friendship won with just two over par, and I claimed second place with Tekulo and KK trailing behind us. :P

Day 5 was the youngins' return to Ohio in which Tekulo read The Promise, KK played Fire Emblem, and my 3DS's battery died from playing A Link Between Worlds.

All in all, the trip was lots of fun, but it was nice to finally get back home after two weekends of constant traveling.


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