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Akano's Blog


You all asked for this.

Posted by Akano , in Life May 14 2017 · 291 views

I changed my username.

Come at me with the puns/jokes. I'm ready.

(Also, I graduated yesterday, so it's actually official now. :P)

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Thesis Submitted

Posted by Akano , in Life Apr 11 2017 · 217 views
Six years, four papers, and 179 pages later, I have submitted my Ph.D. thesis.

Now I have to defend it. But first, STRESS RELIEF VIA VIDEO GAMES!

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Specter of Torment

Posted by Akano , in Life, Video Games Apr 08 2017 · 119 views
Torment intensifies and 3 more...

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Seriously, this game is awesome. I can't wait for it to come out on Wii U/3DS so I can play it with a for reals controller rather than a keyboard.

Also I submit my thesis on Monday. That's cool.

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My birthday was all right

Posted by Akano , in Life Mar 01 2017 · 154 views

So, a week ago was my birfday. Usually I make an entry, but last week I came down with a head cold that left me a little out of it. Thanks to everyone who replied to the birthday topic that Tekulo posted in the wrong forum; it was very kind. ^_^

Now I'm feeling much better (though my throat is still a little phlegm-y). I'm also SUPER stoked for the release of Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, which cannot come out soon enough on non-Switch consoles. One of the developers called it the Majora's Mask to Shovel Knight's Ocarina of Time. *hype intensifies*


That moment when you realize

Posted by Akano , in Life Feb 17 2017 · 204 views
Coincidence?!, Yes and 1 more...
...that your two blog entries on pentagrams are six days short of being exactly one year apart from one another.


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Me playing Pokémon Moon

Posted by Akano , in Video Games, Life Dec 02 2016 · 394 views

Me: "Hau just handed me a person named Max Potion. I think that's human trafficking."

KK: *bursts into laughter*

Me: *joins in laughter because he didn't expect that joke to land*

Another typical Friday evening.

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Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight

Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 09 2016 · 225 views

You've gotta kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight.

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Exercise those rights

Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 08 2016 · 323 views
Yes We Stan, Vote, Be heard
Go vote.

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My past three weeks

Posted by Akano , in Life Jun 10 2016 · 172 views

I had a whirlwind of a time these last few weeks. I'll try to break it down simply.

Week of May 23: Attended the DAMOP conference in Providence, RI to present my research in poster form. It was all right, but probably my least favorite DAMOP thus far. (Last year it was in Columbus, OH, which meant I got to see friends during the week, and the year before it was in Madison, WI, which was an absolute joy because Madison is a rarity in that it's a city I actually kinda like.) My roommate and I left the conference on Thursday to attend a wedding, which happened Thursday evening. The ceremony was one of my favorites I've attended thus far.

The following day I left on a plane to go to Columbus to attend the bachelor party, rehearsal, and subsequent wedding of a friend I've known and kept in touch with since 6th grade. It was wonderful. :)

Week of May 30: Went back to my childhood home and had a Memorial Day dinner with family and friends, played the role of babysitter with Tekulo (we earned major brownie points, both with the kids and their mothers). The next day I chilled at home and spent time with my family, with the evening punctuated by an awesome bonfire that was probably against local fire codes. Saw my next door neighbor unexpectedly and got a chance to catch up. Wednesday featured more catching up with some college friends who live about 40 minutes away from my parents' place. We played some Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit and watched YouTube videos.

Thursday was the beginning of a roadtrip from Ohio to Wisconsin, with the ultimate goal to meet up with KK and hang out for a few days. Among the people we saw along the way were two of my fellow grad students who were working in Chicago, my roommate's (Friend: Toa of Friendship) cousin, KK, and friends of Friend: Toa of Friendship's girlfriend (did you keep track of that? :P). It was awesome, but rather short, and we'll definitely have to do something again.

I got back to my apartment Wednesday night and am now enjoying time off relaxing before I go back to the lab on Monday to start up summer research mode! Huzzah!

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January update

Posted by Akano , in Life Jan 15 2016 · 403 views

Haldo, BZPorples,

I hope everyone had some awesome holiday funtimes! Mine were packed with traveling, visiting friends, gift giving and receiving, and all the food. All of it.

I also saw The Force Awakens twice while I was home. It was pretty fantastic. The part where we find out that Chewbacca is Rey's father was quite the twist![/trololololol]

Now I am back at school. Though classes don't start until next week, I'm in my lab typing this and sorta doing work. (I've been at a loss to find a certain physical quantity for the past week and have been trying to cope with this by watching various videos. Right now I'm watching Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. When Knowledge Conquered Fear = WIN!)

Otherwise, things are going the way they've always been going.

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Oak Log Bans

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Name: Akano
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