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Akano's Blog


New Packermen

Posted by Akano , in Pokémon Jun 30 2016 · 505 views
Tapu Koko, New Electric types!
Posted Image

Well, I know whom I'm raising. (Dat color scheme, tho!) Kuwaganon looks pretty sweet, too.

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The dispute will finally be settled

Posted by Akano , in Pokémon Feb 05 2015 · 879 views
Scientific, Logic, Indisputable and 1 more...
With the rebirth of BIONICLE, a great debate has arisen, and I am now able to put all of our qualms to rest. In my recent entry about making mountains into molehills, the comments brought up a serious issue: the color of the element of electricity. Specifically, I am a proponent of its color being yellow because I don't buy into the popularity of the color blue, and that Pokémon represents the element with the color yellow. I had many (read: a couple) people disagree with me on that sentiment, so I decided to use my math and science skills to better humanity to prove my point.

I used the resource known as Bulbapedia to acquire the complete list of electric type Pokémon (pure and dual-type) and entered in their official Pokédex color. Using the advanced mathematical concept of "counting" to total up how many electric types are of each color, I obtained the following results:
  • Yellow: 18
  • Blue: 8
  • White: 4
  • Black: 3
  • Gray: 3
  • Red: 3
  • Brown: 1
  • Pink: 1
Ergo, my scientific findings have brought me to the conclusion that electricity is yellow by a landslide. Have a good day, everyone. :P

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I Caught Some Shinies!

Posted by Akano , in Pokémon Dec 01 2013 · 530 views

Over the past week I caught a shiny Remoraid (evolved it and gave it to Tekulo), shiny Octillery, and shiny Clauncher (traded from Tekulo's X version).

I have become a consecutive fishing master! I want to get a shiny Corsola next.

Also, I had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving with my family and our friends. Tomorrow I head back to my apartment, and then Monday is school as usual.

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Pokémon Y: Adventures on the GTS

Posted by Akano , in Video Games, Pokémon Nov 18 2013 · 433 views
Trades, Shinies
So, I've been doing various things in the world of Pokémon recently. I obtained a Squirtle on Wonder Trade (that was awesome), a Froakie from Spain, various forms of Vivillon, a Riolu from Japan (リオル), and a Rotom (8D) from Japan (ロトム). I'm hoping to try the Masuda method to get a shiny Riolu, because shiny Lucario is awesome (and yellow).

Also, I caught a shiny Ditto in Pokémon Village. Luckiest chain ever (I definitely did not get a chain of 40...).

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Pokédex 3D Pro

Posted by Akano , in Pokémon Nov 30 2012 · 670 views

You look really cool, and I'm sure I'd enjoy your features and such, but you're $15. For a Pokédex.

If you had 3D battling capabilities/games that would work in tandem with BW/B2W2, I'd probably get you, but you don't. Sorry.

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Not copying Squish at all...

Posted by Akano , in Pokémon, Life Nov 05 2012 · 529 views



Normal - Togekiss
Fighting - Lucario
Water - Milotic
Grass - Breloom
Fire - Chandelure/Volcarona
Electric - Rotom
Poison - Haunter
Ghost - Shedinja
Psychic - Lugia
Bug - Galvantula
Flying - Zapdos
Dragon - Zekrom
Rock - Tyranitar
Ground - Steelix
Ice - Lapras
Steel - Magnezone
Dark - Zoroark

Gen I: 3 Gen II: 3 Gen III: 3 Gen IV: 4 Gen V: 4/5 (if you count both Chandelure and Volcarona)

I couldn't decide between Chandelure and Volcarona, because they be beastly. I almost put Giratina with Zekrom, but Zekrom has the electric factor going for him, which, if you couldn't tell, I like. :D

Also, my favorites are very spread among gens. Akano does not play favorites with his generations of Pokémon.

(Gen II all the way! :P)

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Oak Log Bans

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