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Merry Christmas! - The Haul

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games, Collecting Dec 25 2013 · 151 views
Christmas, Holidays, Xbox One and 2 more...
Merry Christmas, all! I hope those of you who celebrate had plenty of fun today. :)

So here's some of the pic-worthy stuff:

Posted Image

Aaaand a full list:
  • Xbox One. :3
  • Charge & Play Kit
  • $40 in cards for Microsoft (no longer Points now so not sure what to refer to them haha)
    • Bought Halo: Spartan Assault
  • Star Wars books:
    • Mercy Kill
    • The Crystal Star
    • Scoundrels
    • The New Rebellion
  • Darth Vader shirt
  • Turtle Beach X12
  • $195
I'm liking the Xbox One so far, though haven't gotten to use it too much. And the voice commands are way more useful than I expected them to be and am actually enjoying it. Probably going to buy Lego Marvel Super Heroes as my first hard copy game, but for now Halo: Spartan Assault will do. Speaking of! My first Xbox One Achievement! :D (I wish there was a Facebook app already so I could share it there. :/) It is... Skull Combo, in Halo: Spartan Assault! (Complete any mission with the maximum number of Skulls active.) Not totally cool but had to start somewhere heh.

Really glad to finally have Star Wars book to read again too. :)

But most of all I was just really glad to be spending time with my closest family. It's been rough for us and to see those that still care right now... It's really helping. I've also been having a hard time and this relaxation is much appreciated.



Call for Friend Codes

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Nov 24 2013 · 185 views
3DS, Pokemon
Now that I'm home for the week and can get online on my 3DS (which I'm working on rectifying at school as I plan on getting a router for my dorm while home), let's get to adding friend codes! For Pokémon mostly of course.

Mine's 3566-2711-5348. Let me know yours and I'll add you back. ^_^


P.S. If you see this, Blade, I do need yours again as I appear to have lost it...


Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Nov 20 2013 · 122 views
Elder Scrolls, Zenimax, Bethesda and 1 more...
So... hey guys. I know I haven't exactly kept the promises I made regarding the blog, but I have been incredibly busy lately... And all free time has been spent playing AC4 heh (which I beat last night). With Thanksgiving break next week, I might get around to reposting all of them and giving new updates though. I'll definitely be adding 3DS friend codes once I'm home, so hit me up with those!

Anyways, just wanted to somewhat brag that I got into the Elder Scrolls Online beta! :D I actually have two friends who did as well, so that's going to be fun if we all manage to play together. Only weird thing about it is that the beta only lasts for 3 days this weekend. So I'll probably be up very late Friday night playing it, but hope it's worth it.



Assassin's Nation: October Haul

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Collecting, Video Games Oct 31 2013 · 112 views
Assassins Creed, Tiger & Bunny and 2 more...
So everything I got this month... Very eerily similar to what I got in October of last year.

First up, the obvious one:

Posted Image

Pokémon Y. Still playing it and finding new things to (still haven't caught Zapdos and Mewtwo, for example). Just now I'm going to be more focused on AC4 heh. Expect the blog reuploads and a new PokeLog entry soon.

Next, Tamashii time!

Posted Image

Lot more than I expected. In fact, as of the beginning of the month I only saw myself getting Wizard Infinity Style. Who is gorgeous, by the way, and I'm so glad my problems with the original Flame Style had been fixed by now. But Blade ended up being obnoxiously popular and thus fetching a high price on the aftermarket, so couple that with the US release still having open preorders and it being the series I'm currently watching and enjoying, albeit slowly, and I felt I couldn't pass him up. And it helps he's basically a perfect figure. The only problem was the playing cards on his weapon all stickers... on both sides... That was a chore to do.

Finally, I finally got a Barnaby to go with my Wild Tiger. I only wish I had Tiger here to pose them together. Oh and Lunatic, because he rounds out the core three SHFs I wanted from Tiger & Bunny. ShukuenShinobi had/is having a massive sale of his collection and I couldn't pass these two up at the prices they were at. I'm really happy I didn't either. Although there's a lot more characters to truly complete the cast, I'm pretty much happy with who I have now (although a Blue Rose wouldn't hurt...).


Posted Image

Hello Assassin's Creed. I didn't realize how much I missed you in my life.

The new hidden blade is... alright. The entire blade this time is rubber instead of just the tip, but don't let that fool you - I've drawn blood twice with this thing. It sits much closer to the wrist than the original NECA one, almost too close, and it's very easy to accidentally catch yourself on it.

The flag on the very left is a high quality actual flag I got from Penn State's Ubisoft rep. ^_^ I have the nylon one that came with the Collector's Edition already up on display, but that's only because the cloth one is so much bigger. I haven't figure out where to put it yet. The statue that came with the Collector's Edition... Oi vey. That was a pain to put together. The connection points on the mast were just too tight. But then of course there's the rope that you have to tie yourself. That was a little annoying, but at least I'm happy with how I got it to look in the end.

I've barely played the game, though. I've just been so busy! In fact, right after I finish writing this, I'm getting back to some homework first. What I have played I loved, especially the beginning with Edward. The modern-day content... wow that got meta and weird very fast. I wish it was more of a focal point than the intentionally-made brief content it's said to be, because exploring Abstergo as an employee sounds fun. Oh well, we'll see what happens there.



Assassin's Creed 4 & Other Updates

Posted by Electric Turahk , in BZPower, Video Games Oct 30 2013 · 89 views
Assassins Creed
So yeah...

A lot of stuff happened here, huh? A lot of not so great stuff... Stuff that shouldn't have happened...

I currently plan on reposting my lost set reviews and PokeLogs, as far as blog content is concerned.

Not sure when I'll get to that, though, because for now I'll be a little busy:

Posted Image

(That's the statue that comes with the Collector's Edition of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, for those not recognizing it.)



The BioShocks

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Jul 18 2013 · 69 views
BioShock, BioShock Infinite and 1 more...
So I finally beat BioShock 2 last night, which means I've now gotten through them all. I still have the trials to mess around with and Minerva's Den to do, but the main games are complete (and of course Infinite's DLC, whenever that'll come out).

And wow. These had long, looooong been on my radar as games to play. And I just didn't. After having played all of them, I just can't explain why.

Infinite was amazing. It was such a compelling story and that twist at the end... Oh man. Made the second run through so much more interesting as all of those hints are now so obvious and not just the ramblings of perceived mad men.

The original definitely made me think a lot. Would you kindly agree it was a good game? This dark, dank world was such a contrast to the Columbia that I experienced first, I'd hesitate to think they were in the same universe. But it was a really cool place to explore and experience how fallen such a "great" society could become.

2's story really just didn't interest me a whole lot. The audio diaries explaining more of Rapture's history were so much more interesting than most of what went on with Delta. But the gameplay as a Big Daddy was loads of fun. I also haven't done a second run of this one yet like the others, but just might for the Big Brass Balls Achievement. But since I can't get all of the achievements in this game thanks to many being multiplayer, I'm not as compelled to complete it like I was the other two. :P

So yeah. BioShock. Great series, and one I am very happy to have mostly crossed off my backlog of games. I now understand all of the hype.



BZPc #17: Red Team

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Jul 07 2013 · 109 views
Minecraft, BZPCraft
2. RED TEAM.... managed to kill one of those dirty Blues...
3. One half of Red Team may have been stupid and killed himself. :|

So yeah, that hardcore approach was definitely much more stressful. But I kinda liked it. Change every not and again is nice. ;)

Looking forward to whatever's next.



Ultimate Last Stand - June Haul

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games, Collecting Jun 30 2013 · 103 views
Transformers, BioShock
Well, here's what arrived this month:

Posted Image

So Springer is one solid Transformer. He's not entirely perfect, but really he's one of the best I've ever had.

Still haven't found a Shockwave, Blaster, or Blitzwing at prices I like... Oh well...

BioShock? Oh man that game was amazing. Already beat it twice, with the second being for the Brass Balls achievement. Man was that a challenge at first, but you eventually just accept you need to save every 5 minutes haha. Haven't started 2 yet though.

What's in store for next month? Well... In Transformers, I'm gonna have something BIG thanks to a contest I won. :D So big, it'll probably get its own early entry. Also have several boxes of D-Arts and Figuarts on the way that I can't wait for.

Now how to explain all of the boxes that'll be arriving here...



Minecraft Find of a Lifetime

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Jun 23 2013 · 211 views
It started with a ravine. In that ravine, mossy stone bricks. Connected to those mossy stone bricks, a fortress.

My first naturally-discovered fortress - and by pure accident.

Within that fortress, a library. Within the library, a chest. Within the chest...

Posted Image

FOUR Silk Touch enchanted books! There was a fifth such book outside the portal room and an Infinity book in another chest!

The catch?

I was playing a PvP game and as such they were all (sans Infinity) useless. :crying:



Xbox One: Redemption

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Jun 19 2013 · 228 views
Xbox One, Xbox, Microsoft
So Microsoft just retracted its 24-hour check-in and limited game sharing policies* that had make many fans around the globe - myself included - deride and reconsider sticking with the next generation Xbox console.

So to make it clear:
  • You do NOT have to be online every 24-hours
  • You CAN sell your games at your discretion
I'm pretty much back on board, even at $100 more than the PS4. I honestly considered changing because of these restrictions and how arrogant Microsoft's execs were being about it (even though I am in the group that it didn't really hurt too much... everything they were saying about it kind of made me mad). But the only what-should-have-been an exclusive for the PS4 - Kingdom Hearts 3 - is actually multi-platform, so we're back to me wanting more Xbox exclusives.

*The original revision to this included allowing you to share games with up to ten people free of charge, and by simply playing online connected to the cloud server with the original owner's saves and whatnot. I actually really like that and thought it a great change. Oh well...



E3 The Games: Nintendo (Day Two)

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Jun 11 2013 · 176 views
Nintendo, Mario Kart and 1 more...
Gonna get this out right away:


That is AWESOME news! And he looks like such a versatile character. I can't wait to play as him. Only have plans for the 3DS version as of now, though.

But then they almost killed it all with the Wii Fit trainer! xP I know joke characters are a thing, but that seems just a lotbit too silly for me. Almost killed the Mega Man hype.

Just kidding, can't knock that down. :P

Then of course Animal Crossing villager... yay?

So yeah, really excited for this new Smash. And the screenshots for both versions look great to me so far.

Mario Kart 8 was kind of interesting with the twists and whatnot, but being for the WiiU, doesn't have me too interested. :/

Then of course... Pokémon. Oh man Pokémon. Fairy type? *sigh* I still hate the name, but I had accepted it as fact a while ago. But its advantage over Dragon is awesome.

Speaking of Dragons, Noivern looks sick. And being a primary Flying type? Yeah that's cool.

There's a private round table going on for Pokémon right now, so I'm sure more will come from that. Seems so far the talk's just been about the challenges and new features of a simultaneous global release (for example, you can choose your language instead of it being pre-set it seems?). Don't expect anything massive from there though. The "Player Search System" sounds really cool and useful too. (Quick Edit: A minute later I was ALREADY proven wrong haha. They are actually revealing new Pokémon during this. Wonder when we'll get pics of those... since this is a private event.)

Oh yeah! Pokémon-Amie! The new way to interact with Pokémon. Seems cute and fun but will probably eventually be something I ignore... maybe, who knows haha. Do love the pun it makes. I'm just hoping it's not tooo necessary. Though I do believe Sylveon was said to evolve with a new happiness mechanic, and this sounds like that. So maybe it'll actually be used a lot...

'Nother edit: Rhyhorn rideable?! HORDE attacks (5 v 1)?! Yes please!! Sky battles? Sounds... interesting. Regardless, tons of cool new mechanics. And there's a new Fire/Flying revealed. :3



E3 The Games: Day One

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games Jun 11 2013 · 125 views
E3, Microsoft, Sony, Halo and 1 more...
Because I'm SICK of discussions about the consoles themselves. So just games here, folks.

In order of excitement:

KINGDOM. FREAKING. HEARTS. THREE!!! I know it's only an in-development announcement and it's probably not going to see the light of day for a while, but I am still really, really, really looking forward to this.

BattleFRONT! Haha so confusing with that and Battlefield, especially since both are by DICE now... But yeah, considering it wasn't that long ago that EA even got the rights to Star Wars games, it's great to see them start working so quickly.

AC4 still looks great. And it occurred to me during the Sony conference gameplay that Edward is just NOT a good person. At all. So it'll be really interesting to be playing from such a different perspective in an Assassin's Creed game.

Elder Scrolls Online coming to consoles?! Yes!! I really hope they pull a Defiance and have them all connected cross-platform.

Watch Dogs looks pretty great still.

Halo 5. One of the only things pulling me to Xbox One... maybe the only since there was no new Fable. Only interesting thing to me was how they were adamant about not calling it "Halo 5" just yet... Huh. That'd be stupid if they don't.

Titanfall? Giant mechs are cool and it looks pretty fun.

More Trials is always more fun.

And lastly, I keep looking at Destiny and thinking "so... it's still Halo?" Even though I know it's not. It's just not grabbing my attention as much as I'd hoped. :/

So that's it for day one, a little late. Hope to see a lot of amazing things from Nintendo today that'll get their own post later on.



A Challenger Approaches! - May Haul

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Collecting, Video Games May 31 2013 · 113 views
Pokemon, Pit, Kid Icarus and 2 more...
Here we go!

Posted Image

Really, really happy with Pit and Charizard, despite the latter's box being completely ruined during shipping.

But yeeet agaaain, numerous Transformers figures have eluded me this month. Even online... Just can't be found whenever/wherever I look...

Also, after fixing the glitches I was having with BioShock Infinite (thank god that was very early in the game), I ended up thoroughly enjoying the game. Already did two playthroughs and got all of the achievements! ^_^ Can't wait for the DLC. Also probably getting 1 and 2 for my birthday haha.



XboxONE + Halo TV series!

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Television, Video Games May 21 2013 · 50 views
Xbox, Microsoft
Aside from being just about the worst name ever, I was pretty excited for the console reveal.

Until people started attacking it and insisting Sony's better in the three other places I was talking about it during the reveal. Even though I never tried to bring up any of that console war idiocy. Then of course they get mad at me for trying to defend things or tell them to take it elsewhere or whatever... but yeah, oh well.

Don't care about the EA sports games (at all) or Forza 5. Quantum Break sounded pretty cool, and getting 8 new franchises next year has me excited. And I hate to admit it, but the CoD: Ghosts talk actually had me somewhat interested, with the new engine touted and emphasis on campaign.

And the hardware sounds pretty decent. It sounded like they mentioned built-in video recording, which I'm very much looking forward to.

Oh, they did spend way too much time talking about using your gaming console to watch television, though... Too many features, not enough focus.

I'm definitely looking forward to E3 for bigger game reveals. But also for them to hopefully address the always-online rumor, which was not even alluded to here. (Current reports are saying after the conference, Microsoft confirmed the rumor false.) And of course the new no-used game rumor started today alongside the reveal... It doesn't affect me any since I only buy new games, but of course I understand why many would be concerned. Especially since the rumor says it ties games to an account, not even a single system.





Bioshock Infinite - Infuriating Already

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games May 11 2013 · 50 views
Just finally bought Bioshock Infinite yesterday... and already it has me raging.

I keep getting reset really far back every time I load the game and hit continue. Like, hours of gameplay lost. After dealing with this twice, I did some Internet digging and found you can go to "Load Chapter" to find more recent ones... but dear lord, my most recent checkpoint is still not that close to where I left off. They are way too far apart.

It doesn't help that the autosave animation plays often, but seemingly doesn't actually do anything except lure you into a false sense of security.

So yeah. This is a massive, massive turnoff from the game. Legitimately frustrating to lose hours of gameplay for no reason. It really makes me want to not keep playing even.



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