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For Here or To Go?



Posted by Electric Turahk , in School May 09 2014 · 171 views
Penn State
I am officially a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. :)



Best Game! :D (and Six Semesters Down!)

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games, School Apr 27 2013 · 121 views
Pac-Man, Clyde, Master Chief and 1 more...
So our game was voted best in the class! ^_^

For those wanting to check it out, here it is again.

And HERE is a link to (most of) the other games made by the class. I'm quite a fan of Neuro, Leecher, and Gravity Assist myself.

Overall the last day of classes for my sixth semester of college ended on quite the high note. Had a pizza party in one class and won a Pizza Hut gift card in another. And had a ton of fun gaming with my club last night.



Team Game - Final Release

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games, School Apr 23 2013 · 408 views
Pac-Man, Halo, Tetris, Clyde
Well, it was for a school project, so time was limited. Otherwise I'd love to keep working on this. But here's what we managed to get together. ^_^

The Final Game!

(And for those of you that get frustrated, here's the final level :P)

I would have loved to have gotten in 10 more levels, but compared to other games in the class, 15 is a lot. And it seemed to get a pretty warm reception during yesterday's demo, too. Looking forward to tomorrow's now, although I'll probably be playing more of the others than watching people play mine.

It's also missing a "ghost vision" feature we tossed around quite a lot during development, but never quite got around to implementing. The hope was phasing would build into it, but alas that never came to be.



Team Game So Far [Updated]

Posted by Electric Turahk , in School, Video Games Apr 17 2013 · 521 views
Clyde, Tetris, PacMan, Halo
I want to blog and didn't really know what to do.

EDIT: We've added 5 more levels and tweaked the player controls some.

So here's my game so far!

As of this post, there's only 5 workable levels. I'd especially appreciate some feedback on level 5... Whether it's too hard or anything else you think should be changed.

Oh! And the title screen is horrible, so here are some instructions. xP

Left/Right or A/D to move left and right.
Up/W/Space to jump
P activate phase mode. You can walk through walls 'n stuff.

Enjoy. ^_^



Re: Prank

Posted by Electric Turahk , in School Apr 01 2013 · 196 views
April Fools Day, Prank
So my angry mood was spoiled by being intercepted by more people than I thought would be there before the meeting.

Instead, I played up the sadness. I acted very morose. Immediately had them asking if I was alright; that I seemed depressed. Played that out for the next half hour; stayed distant, outside the room, like I couldn't be around anyone. Then gave my speech about deciding to disband the club, apparently quite convincingly. They were pretty much speechless. As I closed the door, one of the girls pointed out it was April Fool's Day and they erupted in laughter. All went well if you ask me. :)



My Prank Idea for the Day

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Misc, School Apr 01 2013 · 113 views

So for those of you that don't know, I run a video game club. Tonight we are set to elect a new vice president, as our current vp will be graduating at the end of the semester.

It's somewhat known within the club that I've been frustrated by our current vp because of her recent shenanigans, but that's a story for another time and place. The point is it might be understandable that I could be a little angry.

And I'm counting on that.

I plan on announcing an alternative solution to our vice presidential problem - disbanding the club in a rage and just walking out.

The sad thing is it might be believable coming from me heh... but hey, that should make it a good one. We'll see. ^_^



Oh Yeah - My Game!

Posted by Electric Turahk , in School Mar 05 2013 · 161 views

I never did link my final prototype, did I?

Well here ya go!

Now, it is indeed just a prototype. So there's only one level... But it was fun to make. :)

And I'm now onto the team game, which will be a totally different game. Need to start working seriously on it over break though..



Amazon Interview

Posted by Electric Turahk , in School, Work Feb 27 2013 · 163 views
It was... okay.

Very, very, very technical.

And as I predicted, my 90 minute interview really was just a smashing together of the two 45 minute interviews most people go through. So it was split into two parts.

I think I did well enough in the first half, but in the second (which was about trees, which I'm not that great with/haven't fully covered yet in classes) I sorta fell apart...

The interviewers seemed really nice though. I guess that's a plus?

And that'd be bit for my first technical interview. I'm surprised I wasn't more nervous during it. But of course now I have to wait for their decision, which is sure to be loads of fun and not anxiety-inducing at all.





Posted by Electric Turahk , in Work, School Feb 17 2013 · 170 views

How the heck do you guys do it?

Those of you who have travelled great distances just for an internship.


I was offered just an interview with Amazon - after not hearing anything for 5 months! - and can't bring myself to accept, just for the anxiety of going so far away. Being so alone there. But that's if I even get it, of course...

Not to mention I'm only now really learning about the algorithms and whatnot they'd be asking me about in the interview.

Add to that the stress of being given 5 days to decide...

And I'm a wreck right now.




Meanwhile, In Game-Making

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games, School Jan 24 2013 · 158 views
DigDug, Yogscast and 2 more...
Got my first assignment in my game design class - make a game prototype on your own. It doesn't have to be flashy or even all that extensive. If you're making a level-based game, just one leve would even be good enough.

So I'm making a childhood favorite - DugDug!

And last night I chose to get a little creative with the sprites... And am henceforth renaming my game Diggy Diggy Hole.

Posted Image




Best. Class. EVER.

Posted by Electric Turahk , in School Jan 07 2013 · 214 views

So today was the first day of my sixth semester of college.

And one class stood out far, fary above the others.

IST 446: An Introduction to Building Computer/Video Games

Why, you ask?

We are being forced to play Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends.

For a class.

Now, I never wanted to touch LoL and WoW and am actually most disappointed Portal was apparently cut in favor of LoL... But a lot of people have wanted me to get into the ME series and I guess it's about time I did.

We're also going to have to design our own games and do other work, but we're expected to play at least 7 hours of these games. And some other smaller ones will be touched on, like.... Farmville...

It's really looking to be my favorite class of the semester already.



Finals Week

Posted by Electric Turahk , in School Dec 16 2012 · 101 views

After waking up at 10 AM all semester for classes...

I have absolutely not motivation to wake up at 6:30 AM tomorrow for my first final at 8 AM (but need to be there around 7:30)....

This is gonna be a fun week!




Real Life Bionicle Happenings

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal, School Dec 12 2012 · 168 views

So one of the ways E-House [Engineering House - my special living option dorm] is raising money for THON [charitable dance marathon] is staging a Coin War. Basically, there are cans for each floor of the building. You put pennies in your floor for positive points and other coins into other floors for negative points. The winning floor gets a pizza party and all the money collected goes to THON.

But that's not the awesome part, oh no.

I walked past the guy as he was cleaning up today (I guess I never saw him during his shift before?) and took a look at his cans.

They were Bohrok cans.

So I had to stop and talk about it. Turns out he did collect for a few years but not too long. Still regards them as his favorite LEGO sets of his childhood though.

So yeah. Bionicle stuff. Good times man.



YOUR Opinion: Best and Worst Video Games of 2012

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Video Games, School Dec 04 2012 · 412 views
Newspaper, Interview, Help
Hey guys! So I'm being interviewed in a few days about the Best and Worst Video Games of 2012 (no idea why the school newspaper's doing an article on that, but no complaints here). So I'm reaching out to gauge opinions.

So, to YOU, what would you rank as the BEST and WORST video games that were released this year? You can have multiple games under each category, I'm just looking to see what you all consider the top and bottom.



Hey Music People!

Posted by Electric Turahk , in School Nov 27 2012 · 228 views
Music, Essays
I need help. I've got a paper to write and have no idea what kind of genre of music to even look at to find something that will work... Any advice from those of you more versed in music than I?

In this assignment you will discuss the synthesis of music and text in a work of your choice by analyzing a composer's choices. You may use any piece of vocal music we have not covered in class. Vocal music is any genre that utilizes the human voice, it could be a cappella or accompanied, solo or ensemble, traditional or new. The only criteria are: the work includes text, is not longer than 10 minutes, and that it is interesting enough to discuss in some depth. You may choose a work that is part of a larger work, such as an opera aria or a movement from a large vocal work. If this is the case, be sure to focus your attention on a very specific part of the larger work.

Take your time and be careful in your musical choice. Please choose a work that has both substance and depth. You will need to focus on the music and the text in concert. A work may have interesting text but no solid musical support of the text, this is not a good work to choose.

For this assignment you will not be listing the elements you hear, instead you will be discussing how the composer utilizes the elements including sound, rhythm, melody, texture, harmony, tonality, and form to enhance the meaning and dramatic effect of the text. To start, you should look for evidence of text painting, formal design (repetition, variation and contrast), consonance and dissonance as well as various melodic and harmonic features that emphasize or support the text.

TLDR version: 1. What does the text [lyrics] mean? 2. How does the music support the text?



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