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IBM @ Austin

Posted by Ektris , in Work Apr 26 2014 · 923 views
Jobs, IBM, Stress, Moving
Hey everyone... I've been pretty silent here lately but have been checking in daily still. Just not a whole lot to say I guess.

I have been holding onto one thing though...

In March I received and accepted my first job offer - as a software developer for IBM in Austin, Texas!

I'm super excited to have such an opportunity given to me. Finally all of my work paid off... Even if I still haven't received anything else and I do feel somewhat pushed into a corner when it comes to my options...

Well this weekend I finally went down to visit the office and drive around the area. Oh boy...

I think I like the office. I know I like the premise of the product I'll be working on. My team all seems really nice. But they seem to be expecting a whole lot out of me and as a first job I don't know what to expect and it's making me incredibly nervous.

As for Austin itself... Wow it's hot here. And not even summer. Ugh. That'll take some getting used to. Also, the traffic is absolutely horrendous. And toll roads just to get anywhere?! Not cool. Worst of all and most importantly, I just do not have any idea where to live or what to shoot for. I think I'd want at least a 2 bedroom apartment just for the space but know nothing of neighborhoods or anything...

I don't have a car, furniture, or even know if my girlfriend will go down with me yet (I've not even graduated college to even look at these things!)... Yet half a dozen agents - and counting - that IBM has contracted for my move have contacted me for al of these details and more. It's stressing me out so much.

More than anything the distance is driving me crazy. I'll be so far removed from all that I know and love and it scares me. It scares me tremendously. I'll be moving into unknown territory in all ways. I still can't convince myself wholly that this is where I should be. But if I change my mind now... I have no other option. I killed myself with stress for just getting a job offer and don't want to go back to that... Not that this is much better right now. I'm scared, plain and simple, but I can't bring myself to just accept having nothing by saying no.

So I've got a lot to think about lately. A lot to think about that makes being a horrendously indecisive person a very bad thing.

(I didn't go stalk RoosterTeeth by the way... there'll be time for that. :P)



Didn't Get the Job

Posted by Ektris , in Work Feb 28 2013 · 1,096 views
Barely a day later, I've been notified I didn't get that internship for Amazon I interviewed for.

So much for the week estimate they gave me on an answer... They were still interviewing people at my school alone today even.

As a friend who was also told no (and in his case it hadn't even been 24 hours), it's like "they didn't even consider us."

Oh well...



Amazon Interview

Posted by Ektris , in School, Work Feb 27 2013 · 654 views
It was... okay.

Very, very, very technical.

And as I predicted, my 90 minute interview really was just a smashing together of the two 45 minute interviews most people go through. So it was split into two parts.

I think I did well enough in the first half, but in the second (which was about trees, which I'm not that great with/haven't fully covered yet in classes) I sorta fell apart...

The interviewers seemed really nice though. I guess that's a plus?

And that'd be bit for my first technical interview. I'm surprised I wasn't more nervous during it. But of course now I have to wait for their decision, which is sure to be loads of fun and not anxiety-inducing at all.





Posted by Ektris , in Work, School Feb 17 2013 · 1,223 views

How the heck do you guys do it?

Those of you who have travelled great distances just for an internship.


I was offered just an interview with Amazon - after not hearing anything for 5 months! - and can't bring myself to accept, just for the anxiety of going so far away. Being so alone there. But that's if I even get it, of course...

Not to mention I'm only now really learning about the algorithms and whatnot they'd be asking me about in the interview.

Add to that the stress of being given 5 days to decide...

And I'm a wreck right now.




Interning: Week 1

Posted by Ektris , in Work May 25 2012 · 693 views
Jobs, Internships
Well, my first week of my internship's now over. Never really expected to have one this summer and I do have to thank my dad for getting it... But at the same time it sure is awkward having to work with him. -.-

Haven't done much and it's actually been a little boring. I'd hope for a little more work next week, but at the same time I don't want to be swamped. :P

Boy has it left me tired, though...



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