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Hey guys

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Apr 22 2015 · 670 views

Sorry I've not been around lately. Not even really sure why...

Hope to fix that soon.



From: Hewkii Mahri (BBCC #69)

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Feb 19 2015 · 477 views
MOC, Hewkii, BBCC
It has been far, far too longs since I tried my hand at building something. It was still pretty fun to get at it. ^_^

Unfortunately, the deplorable state of my CCBS supplies made this particular build a bit of a task. It also took some getting used to just as a medium to craft with. Hewkii wasn't my first choice for the contest, but at least I was able to pull him off to my satisfaction. It's definitely Hewkii.

If there's one thing I don't like, it's the quality of my pictures, but I've complained about that plenty heh. Just couldn't afford to keep waiting and find a better place.


After an immeasurably long hiatus from the MOCing world, I present to thee, Hewkii Mahri - Master of Stone!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Source: Hewkii Mahri (BBCC #69)


Name change?

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Jan 26 2015 · 697 views

Oh yeah, I can change it back now!

Should I? :/

I did it half as an experiment, and the results were kind of what I expected - don't feel like I'm so readily recognized now. Whether that's good or bad...



Feeling Strange [Name Change]

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Dec 10 2014 · 574 views
I sense a disturbance...

Something's not quite right, but I can't put my finger on it...



How To Be a Fan of Problematic Things

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Nov 09 2014 · 662 views
Big Bang Theory, LEGO, Ideas
So I was going to quote and cite an older article that shares this entry's name, before I did a reread (been a while since I had heh) and noticed all of the language in it. It's still a good read and would be helpful context of course, so go ahead and check it out yourself if you want.

Since I'm usually the one asking this, here's what this is directly about: The Big Bang Theory. More specifically, the vitriol I've been seeing directed towards it and the upcoming Ideas set.

A set I can't wait to have.

I understand that it is not perfect, but nothing is. Everything has its faults and could somehow rub somebody the wrong way.

But the way people are acting is really making me feel bad as a fan. You're basically saying I'm scum because I find enjoyment in something that is otherwise harmless and generally innocuous. Not always, no, but not in its entirety like is being implied.

I guess I'm sorry I found something that my girlfriend and I can watch endless reruns of. That we can relax during and share a laugh, even if its poking fun of a trait one of us has. (Because you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes... and it is in no way different than any situational comedy before it.) I guess I'm sorry too for having nothing but excitement over this because hey, maybe I'll finally be able to share my love of LEGO with her by building this together. Maybe, just maybe we could and I'd feel comfortable with my collecting hobby for once... Sure seemed interested enough when I told her...

Yet the way others are acting, it's as if because they don't like something, then nobody should (even recognizing its faults) and we should have a witch hunt for anybody that does.

So what I'm truly sorry about, is that I simply cannot and will not ever share that sentiment.

I will support this. I had not expected it to happen, but for different reasons. Yet it is. So as both a fan of the show and in the interest of continuing to support Ideas projects, I will get this one way or another. It's far, far from the worst thing ever (although I do have some reservations of how good of a set they can actually come up with).



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