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The Force Awakens

Posted by Ektris , in Movies Dec 20 2015 · 455 views
Star Wars
Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a beautiful movie. :)

I just got back from it, so I still need to digest a lot. There's so much I want to talk about already, but I want to keep this short by saying it's great, it's a wonderful addition to this franchise, and you need to go see it as soon as you can.

Also I may have cried. Just... twice. Maybe thrice. Definitely during the opening crawl, so that was a great start (heh).



Merry Christmas! - The Haul

Posted by Ektris , in Movies, Reading, Video Games, Collecting Dec 25 2014 · 420 views
Star Wars, Game of Thrones and 3 more...
Hope everybody who celebrates had a wonderful day. :)

So amidst the mountain of clothes and treats and literal large empty boxes with names written on the side for things to buy soon and ship directly to Texas instead of doing it ourselves (those were fun to open :P), I think I did get some haul-worthy stuff heh.

Posted Image

LEGO Movie and GTAV from the fiancée, books and Wolf Among Us from parents, and Xbox Live cards from future in-laws. ^_^

Overall I think I had a pretty enjoyable Christmas (and Eve). Spent a lot of time with family and ate way too much.



Lazer Team Extra Update

Posted by Ektris , in Movies Nov 19 2014 · 454 views
RoosterTeeth, Lazer Team, Acting
Just the other day, I had just accepted that I wasn't going to get a part. Filming will be wrapping soon and I just had that feeling that whatever was written on my paper after I said "yes, I have a full time job" really was a killing blow.

Fast forward to this afternoon and I'm sitting in a networking event and my phone starts buzzing like crazy, so I check it. Just happened to get five emails at once (moving in and out of service within the building maybe), and one happens to be from the casting agency behind the extras for the film!

I hastily open that one and begin reading. What's one of the first things they get out of the way? Why, the date of course. It's... it's next Tuesday... when I'll be out of town.

My hopes were most swiftly shattered and then crushed.

I... I guess there's still a chance for whatever filming will be left after... But how likely are they to return to somebody who has already said no once? I even had on the form I submitted the dates I was unavailable and this one was included in the range... Probably really desperate for people considering they are trying to film right before Thanksgiving.





Lazer Team Casting

Posted by Ektris , in Movies Oct 19 2014 · 568 views
RoosterTeeth, Lazer Team and 1 more...
Even if all I get out of it is this picture, I'll still say going to the extras casting call for Lazer Team was worth it. :)

Posted Image

Finally got out and did something here in Austin, which is something I've been struggling with a bit. Even though it just ending up being a 2.5 hour wait in the hot Texas sun to be shuffled into a room, have my headshot taken, and shuffled out. But... The paper they gave out afterwards for details on it, though... Has me hopeful. Because one line is "we need many clean-shaven military types with short hair." And guess who thought to get his hair cut yesterday and fits that bill. ;)



The LEGO Movie

Posted by Ektris , in Movies Feb 08 2014 · 517 views

(No, really, it was. Typing this during the credits and omg I enjoyed this so much.)



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