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Korra Finale

Posted by Ektris , in Television Dec 19 2014 · 444 views
Legend of Korra, Avatar, Nick and 1 more...

That was phenomenal.



The Day of the Doctor

Posted by Ektris , in Television Nov 24 2013 · 347 views
Doctor Who
Now that I was finally able to watch it...

That was incredible. :')



Attack on Titan

Posted by Ektris , in Television Aug 18 2013 · 827 views
Shingeki, Titan, Anime
So I've finally completely caught up with both the anime and manga for Attack on Titan. Just couldn't avoid the hype train forever.

Let me start out by saying that I was initially turned away from the series because of its iconic titan: the Colossal Titan. This skinless behemoth I found absolutely grotesque, and really it is. I just didn't get what was so appealing about something so disgusting.

Little did I know that his appearance is pretty tame compared to the rest of the action in the series.

To say there's a bit of blood in Attack on Titan is an understatement. To sum it up as "people get eaten by giants" is a gross simplification.

This is definitely a very violent series. While I'm not inherently opposed to that - I'll admit I even like that at times - it definitely can come across as overdone here. There's usually a purpose for all of it, but nonetheless its overwhelming presence can't be ignored.

So why am I absolutely in love with it?

I'd say that's because it's so very real. Our protagonists aren't all-powerful and able to overcome whatever obstacles they face. They can and will experience great loss and even die. What they face is an enemy that is thought of as impossible to beat, and it shows.

Mysteries also abound in Attack on Titan. There's so many things unanswered to even the characters that you just want to keep watching/reading in the hope that the answers will come out. It's a very interesting world that has been crafted here and I want to know more of its past.

I still think the titans are really weird. There are quite a lot of them and not all are creepy... Until they open that massive jaw and start stuffing their faces. I suppose, however, that this is definitely the desired effect.

I would hesitantly say give this a shot. There's only 18 episodes aired right now, so there's not a whole lot of catching up to do. The only catch is the violence, which should be obvious. It can be gruesome, so definitely proceed with caution.



The 12th Doctor

Posted by Ektris , in Television Aug 04 2013 · 649 views
Doctor Who
...is Peter Capaldi.

I don't know much about him (the only thing I think I've seen that he's in is the Fires of Pompeii episode), but during his brief interview following the reveal, there wasn't anything I disliked. I definitely like the older Doctor route they're returning to, I'll say that.

I'm looking forward to him as the Doctor.



XboxONE + Halo TV series!

Posted by Ektris , in Television, Video Games May 21 2013 · 493 views
Xbox, Microsoft
Aside from being just about the worst name ever, I was pretty excited for the console reveal.

Until people started attacking it and insisting Sony's better in the three other places I was talking about it during the reveal. Even though I never tried to bring up any of that console war idiocy. Then of course they get mad at me for trying to defend things or tell them to take it elsewhere or whatever... but yeah, oh well.

Don't care about the EA sports games (at all) or Forza 5. Quantum Break sounded pretty cool, and getting 8 new franchises next year has me excited. And I hate to admit it, but the CoD: Ghosts talk actually had me somewhat interested, with the new engine touted and emphasis on campaign.

And the hardware sounds pretty decent. It sounded like they mentioned built-in video recording, which I'm very much looking forward to.

Oh, they did spend way too much time talking about using your gaming console to watch television, though... Too many features, not enough focus.

I'm definitely looking forward to E3 for bigger game reveals. But also for them to hopefully address the always-online rumor, which was not even alluded to here. (Current reports are saying after the conference, Microsoft confirmed the rumor false.) And of course the new no-used game rumor started today alongside the reveal... It doesn't affect me any since I only buy new games, but of course I understand why many would be concerned. Especially since the rumor says it ties games to an account, not even a single system.





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