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For Here or To Go?


Photo Shoot 5 - Apartment Tour

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Collecting, Video Games, Personal Jul 19 2014 · 105 views
Apartments, Living, Furniture and 1 more...
Huh, could have sworn I posted these here already... I was going to post another shoot today, but then I noticed I hadn't, so let's do this one first!

For those that don't know, I moved to Austin, TX on June 23rd. I'm now living on my own - truly on my own - for the first time and it's... quite a bit intimidating. But I'm enjoying work for the most part and found a pretty nice place to live. I've moved into a 2 bedroom/1.5 bath apartment in northern Austin that's close to both work and shopping. I'm pretty happy with it so far.

After finally getting most things set up how I want (still haven't hung some posters and frames), I decided to clean up a little and take some pictures. So here it is. :)

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I didn't take pictures of absolutely everything, but here are the interesting parts... that aren't the second bedroom, which will slowly be transformed into a man cave. Stay tuned for more of that in an upcoming shoot. (That one being the one I planned on posting today, which the last picture here is also a teaser of. I just felt like including it here since it's the main entryway.) These were taken about two weeks ago, so are only slightly out-of-date... The only major difference is a WiiU on the TV stand now and the coffee table covered in junk. :lol:

So this is my place. I live here now.



Family and Tears

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Jun 30 2013 · 121 views

I really hate it when the two go together.




Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Jun 04 2013 · 143 views
Birthday, 21
Well, my twenty-first birthday is almost over. It was a pretty modest day - even still went to work haha - but fun nonetheless. :) And before anyone asks, I didn't even go get a drink... although I did have dinner with my girlfriend and was handed the drinks menu without even being asked, and despite her pestering didn't try. It's just not what I want to do heh.

So yeah... I'm 21. It's cool I guess lol. ^_^

(Oh, and loot!
  • $50
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan
  • Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse
  • BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edtion
  • T-shirt
  • )


So Sick

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Apr 04 2013 · 157 views

Flu outta nowhere. It is not fun.



What is Wrong With Me?!

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Dec 29 2012 · 177 views

A week ago I was complaining about only having a two week semester break this year.

One week into it and I'm bored out of my mind with it.

*le sigh*




Merry Christmas! - The Haul

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal, Reading, Video Games, Collecting Dec 25 2012 · 119 views

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image 
So, I finally got the Desmond hoodie I've been wanting! :D  You can also see next to it the awesome Star Wars blanket my mom made for me.  It's soft and big and warm and yeah.
Since I was late getting into the whole 3DS thing, I chose Christmas to catch up haha.  I've only played MK7 so far, but I'm loving it so far.
Also got a new Xbox controller.  My first since getting a 360.  And it's the super cool Halo 4 one! Can't wait to break that thing in.  And of course there's my first Halo book.  Looking forward to reading that.
Finally, there's SHF Wild Tiger.  I passed on all the Tiger & Bunny guys before, but after watching the show I knew I needed at least Kotetsu.  And Amazon had some amaazing sales on them... My mom said she'd be willing to get me something like that for Christmas, so I took a chance and she pulled through.  :) Came as a pleasant surprise to me, even if I do find it a little weird for her to still support my collecting as an adult now.
EDIT:  And theeeen I'm putting everything away after taking the pictures and I think to myself... "What is in this gift bag here...?" as I glance at said bag at my feet.  Lo and behold, t'was a present to me.  I must assume my family assumed I left the one piece of tissue paper in their on purpose, masking its contents.  But I had indeed overlooked this precious bag.  And inside it laid 6 Star Wars novels for me to enjoy.  And oh I shall.  (I'll also feel like a fool for a little longer for not noticing it there... *sigh*)

Not pictured:
  • 5 shirts
  • Body Wash & Body Spray
  • New razor
  • Case of root beer :3
  • Bunch o' cash
Hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays to. :)


Real Life Bionicle Happenings

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal, School Dec 12 2012 · 167 views

So one of the ways E-House [Engineering House - my special living option dorm] is raising money for THON [charitable dance marathon] is staging a Coin War. Basically, there are cans for each floor of the building. You put pennies in your floor for positive points and other coins into other floors for negative points. The winning floor gets a pizza party and all the money collected goes to THON.

But that's not the awesome part, oh no.

I walked past the guy as he was cleaning up today (I guess I never saw him during his shift before?) and took a look at his cans.

They were Bohrok cans.

So I had to stop and talk about it. Turns out he did collect for a few years but not too long. Still regards them as his favorite LEGO sets of his childhood though.

So yeah. Bionicle stuff. Good times man.




Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Nov 06 2012 · 169 views
Election, Presidents, Voting
What's all the hubbub about? I did that thing like a week ago.


But really I hope those of you who could went out and exercised your rights. And that's all that need be said. We don't need to know who you voted for and why; we all have our reasons. But it's something we should all do.


(Also wow must be a boring day in the blogs for all you non-American members haha.)


Halloween Entry: Favorite Candy!

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Oct 31 2012 · 111 views
Halloween, Candy
Another survey brought to you by the fine folks of CollegeHumor:

Posted Image

Kinda hard to argue with this one.




Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Oct 30 2012 · 92 views

Lesson learned: Don't fall asleep with contacts in, even if accidentally.



My Little Pony: October Haul Part 1!

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal, Collecting Oct 26 2012 · 233 views
Collecting, MLP, Pony, Ponies and 1 more...
Umm. Hey pony fans... Lookie what I got.

Posted Image



(No, I have not joined the herd, sorry folks. Haha they're for my girlfriend.)


Re:Laptop Problems

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Sep 13 2012 · 127 views
While I greatly appreciate all of the advice I got from everybody about laptops (especially all that you gave, Sisen), I ended up just having it repaired...

It was some problem with RAM and the hard drive, supposedly. I still remained unconvinced the hard drive was bad seeing as when I stopped in yesterday to hear face-to-face everything that was wrong, I got to look at the computer and looged in just fine and all of my data was there and yeah... But they're replacing those. Which wasn't too expensive. But then are charging me to reinstall the OS and other stuff and yeah... It still ended up being pricey.

I'd have probably just bought the new laptop. But I called my dad and he said if they can fix it, fix it. He didn't want me to keep having to wait (even though I'm still waiting now to get it back from being actually repaired).

So once again, thanks guys. But it looks like I'll just be sticking with the old one.

Now to see what condition it's in and if I can remember all of my settings to restore ha...



Taking New Laptop Suggestions

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Sep 11 2012 · 145 views
So I still haven't heard back from the repair shop, but my friends and I have all deduced separately that it was likely a motherboard issue that killed my laptop. (They also all admonished me for not going to the free computer help desk in the library that they work at, but having never had need to go there didn't think of it. Stupid, stupid, stupid me... )

So all things considered it'll probably be cheaper just to buy a new one.

My parents seem pretty darn adamant about me getting a Dell since my mom won't stop sending me emails about deals on Dells. Probably because we get a discount on them if ordered through my dad's office/the place I worked at this summer. But I don't know if I even want to go that route.


I don't know what to get. :(

So I guess try to stick to Dell. What to you guys is a good laptop to look into right now?



Laptop's Dead

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Sep 08 2012 · 128 views
Well, my laptop's likely dead. Couldn't get it to start this morning at all. I had a similar experience yesterday, but had hope then because when plugged into the adapter the indicator light that it was on/receiving power would turn on. And apparently wasn't even shut down because I was still signed in when it finally came up.

This morning the light wouldn't even turn on. And after trying for even longer to get any sort of response from the power button, I gave up and took it to a shop...


This is going to be a tough weekend. Can't even work now since it was all on there.

Guess I can still do homework then. Haha. How fun that is. :P




Posted by Electric Turahk , in Personal Jul 26 2012 · 98 views

Watching a person go into diabetic shock is some scary stuff.

Even after I've seen it before. But I've never seen it last as long as it did tonight.

Probably didn't help that it was my dad.

Made me realize that I really have to learn how to handle these things. If my mom weren't versed in it, I don't know what I could have done short of giving him some of his sugar pills and then calling 911.

Tonight wasn't too fun...

Oh and we also didn't have power, which is what basically led to this. So looks like I'm not going to work tomorrow. Yay 3 day weekend?



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