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My D&D Characters

Posted by Ektris , in Misc Feb 15 2016 · 533 views
Around this time last year I think, my friends roped me in to playing Dungeons & Dragons. I hadn't played for about 6 years, and even when I did previously I never got too into it nor really understood what I was doing. So it was more or less a new experience for me. Especially since it's all done over Skype.

Anywho, here's the guys I've played since then:
  • Rhikorin - A tiefling cleric of Trithereon, he is a stubborn ex-soldier intent on meting out his own sense of retribution after years of mistreatment by those he saved in the line of duty.
  • Criton - This noble Illuskan monk tries to help all those in need, sending those willing to his monastery to study under his master. Unbeknownst to him, Criton is in fact the top recruiter of a reverse pyramid scheme that requires all of its students to relinquish their gold and trains them to loathe material possessions.
  • J'hon Cinah - Half orc, half wood elf, half shark, all muscle. J'hon Cinah is the top competitor at (and a slave of) the traveling gladiatorial troupe World Warrior Entertainment. Adept with the longsword and trident, the current champion has never been felled in battle and never gives up.



RTX: Day Three

Posted by Ektris , in Misc Aug 09 2015 · 518 views
Rooster Teeth, Conventions
It's over! I can finally sleep!

But I had an absolute blast for the most part!

Started off today yet again super early. I tried getting my friends there in time for the RT Podcast, but because so many attendees just IGNORANTLY REFUSED TO ACCEPT THAT LINE RULES EXISTED THIS YEAR and made their own lines all the time, it was full even before the official "start" of the lining up period. >_<

Meanwhile I sat and waited for my autograph session. Geoff and Ryan are two awesome guys. Got to chat a little bit with them, had my Let's Play Live t-shirt and RTX 2015 badge signed by them, and some pictures. I need to sort through all of my pictures in the coming week and upload them somewhere... Probably Facebook first.

From there we went to line up for the Achievement Hunter panel. Got there three hours early (the actual start this time), got in one of the first groups, and had great seats. But that wait absolutely sucked... And the panel was a little lackluster and predictably annoying Q&A was predictable. But at least I can say I went to one and probably not try bothering to attend in any future RTXs...

Then we just walked the show floor more. Managed to run into Burnie before his line got huge, which was cool. So that was one more signature for the badge. Then played Butt Sniffing Pugs and Behemoth's next game... whose name I unfortunately can't recall.

Overall I really enjoyed my first RTX. It was incredibly panel heavy and I somewhat regret that, although there really wasn't a whole lot to do on the show floor anyway. Center stage didn't seem that active either unfortunately. There were some negatives I don't really need to get into, but overall it was great.



RTX: Day Two

Posted by Ektris , in Misc Aug 08 2015 · 498 views
Rooster Teeth, Conventions
So today was indeed pretty long. Started off completely exhausted, it didn't ware off until afternoon, and I am again now.

Brief summary... Started with Red vs. Blue panel. Very funny PSA and we saw Episode 17 early. 18 was ultra hyped so can't wait for that.

Went around the show floor more. Bought some shirts in the RT store and some dice. Been getting into D&D, via Skype with friends though, and kinda need my own dice.

Attended the Ten Little Roosters panel. Really cool behind the scenes info out of that. Plus the Eleven Little Roosters announcement! Looks to be really funny. Also managed to get into Murder at the RTX today, but issues with the app prevented us from easily making progress (it literally wouldn't register any of the clues on my friend's iPhone so we had to resort to the QR scanner method and... kinda lost interest fast). But I like the idea behind it still.

Finished the day with Meet the Lazer Team. A lot of clips were shown during that. Plus more cool behind the scenes talk from the main cast. Surprised it didn't fill up right away (there were so many after hours events at the same time tonight though), so we got in when we didn't expect to be able to because Murder had delayed us from lining up. But that was very cool!



RTX: Day One

Posted by Ektris , in Misc Aug 07 2015 · 511 views
Rooster Teeth, Conventions
Had a fairly enjoyable first day I think. :)

Started off with Funhaus (after getting there pretty darn early and waiting around a lot). That panel was absolutely hilarious. Every bit. The opening PowerPoint, the fan comments, Quiplash.. Glad one of my friends pushed to go there. Although I still would've liked to see the RWBY one going on at the same time. I think I'm mostly caught up on what was said there though.

Didn't spend much time on the show floor today. Just too many panels we wanted. Walked around it though and will be revisiting tomorrow, likely buying merch too.

Tried to start Murder at the RTX, but right as we got the front the app sent out an alert letting us know that lines for the room On The Spot was in were starting 2 hours before the panel instead of 1... For some reason. Just that room. So we left.

But I loved On The Spot! It was the #1 thing I wanted to see (it's the only Rooster Teeth content I've gotten my fiancée into so far. We both enjoy watching it together and she made sure to catch the stream of it this week too).

Then we went to Master Pancake's show. Wasn't too into the movie they were doing, Terminator 2, but it still had some good moments.

Now for tomorrow... And what looks to be a very long day.



RTX Time!

Posted by Ektris , in Misc Aug 06 2015 · 551 views
Rooster Teeth, Conventions
Wow, it's here already! Almost don't even feel ready.. And I'm absolutely exhausted tonight.

Picked up two friends at the airport today and then we went and got our badges. I'm really excited to attend, but at the same time worried about how much I'll enjoy it. And nervous. Never went to anything this big (well... sporting events I guess). It almost seems overwhelming being split between three locations to boot.

But I desperately need this vacation. So I'm staying optimistic it'll be great. :)

Plus, I got in the autograph session I wanted! (Which... Not a fan of how they did it, but I understand the reasoning.) I'll be seeing Geoff and Ryan on Sunday. Hoping to get my Let's Play Live t-shirt signed by them.



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