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He Gives Orders. I Stab People.


Tell Me What I've Missed

Posted by LewaLew , Feb 17 2018 · 430 views

On a whim, I turned up today wondering what became of this old place. Is it better? Worse? The same? More bitter or less? BIONICLE-focused or not?

Also, I kind of regret not having been here to run the BaseBlog in The Year. We did it! The Cubbies finally won! Anyone can have a good century!

EDIT: Wow. Some cursory googling reveals some pretty insane stuff happened here. I'm glad I was gone when people started to go bonkers. It's sad that I've never been able to come back to the way I remember BZP. Or maybe it was never that way to begin with. I don't know. But it is disappointing to see how many people are gone or damaged. This was such a fun place. And I'm sorry for the part that I had in encouraging the chaos, even when I thought I might help to subdue it.


Corrin and Bayonetta

Posted by LewaLew , Dec 15 2015 · 529 views

I don't really understand why people are surprised to see that Bayonetta won the ballot. I can understand if you're surprised that Nintendo would choose her as a "realizable character," given that her game is very much ​not ​family-friendly, but if you didn't see the online support for her, you and I weren't looking at the same posts and comments on social media.

That said, I don't like Bayonetta, didn't want her, and am disappointed that she won. But I don't complain, because it's not like I have to buy her or anything.

Corrin, on the other hand, I'm very happy for. I'm not a fan of the excess of FE characters, but I'm not going to blame Corrin for that when the real problem is two Marth clones (one altered a little, but I don't think Roy's worth the changes made). Corrin, like Robin, is the sort of FE character that should be in Smash.

(And really, when you realize that Lucina is really just a skin that takes up a space on the character select screen, you should realize that Roy's the only one that's excessive, and he's optional anyway.)

Anyhow, I suppose that'll be six more dollars I spend on Fire Emblem Fates-related content in February.

(Oh, and I guess Chrom must be feeling like post-Brawl, pre-Sm4sh Awkward Zombie Roy right now.)


SMT x FE Villainy

Posted by LewaLew , Dec 15 2015 · 414 views

I'm not planning on playing Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (I'm spending too much money on FE as it is), but I cannot say that I am pleased to find that Lon'qu is a villain. Of course, since it seems that the FE characters are just weird spectres harnessed by the SMT characters, I suppose that it may not be Lon'qu himself that is a villain, just his user. (I haven't done too much research into the game anyway.)

Maybe before the end of the game, Evil Lon'qu may change sides. Ah, well.


Nintendo Direct

Posted by LewaLew , Nov 12 2015 · 646 views

Finally, a release date for Fire Emblem Fates! I only just picked up the series this past summer (I played Awakening, Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, and Shadow Dragon), but I already love it. Which is weird, because I normally don't enjoy RPGs that much. Really the only ones I've tried and liked are the Fire Emblem and Mario & Luigi series. Anyhow, I have preordered my special edition, so now the only thing left to do is to figure out which of the three paths to choose. I've leaned Conquest ever since Xander first appeared, but we'll have to wait and see. And I suppose Revelation is also a possibility, but I'd rather play Conquest and Birthright first.

As for the other stuff, Twilight Princess HD is interesting, but I don't care too much because 1) I've already set aside my video game money for Fates, and 2) I can still borrow my library's Wii copy and play it. Wind Waker HD made sense, since no version of Wind Waker worked on the Wii U before then. I'm kind of indifferent about it. I like Twilight Princess, but it's not my favorite, and I don't care for how so many Zelda fans hail it as being "realistic" when it's really just the animesque Ocarina of Time style with muddier colors. Even so, I probably will try to get it eventually, but if I get a Zelda remake anytime soon, it'll be Majora's Mask 3D, since it's my favorite Zelda.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam looks just as fun as Mario & Luigi games usually are. I'm sure the Paper Mario fans are disappointed that it takes so few gameplay elements from the Paper Mario series. Maybe there'll be a Paper Mario & Luigi eventually. Personally, I was hoping that the next Mario & Luigi game would feature Wario and Waluigi as the guest protagonists/antagonists, or maybe Peach and Daisy (Mario & Luigi: Double Date?). Anyhow, I still love Mario & Luigi games. I hope this one lives up to my favorite, Bowser's Inside Story.

I know nothing about Final Fantasy VII, so I don't really care about Cloud. I suppose this means that Magnus from Kid Icarus: Uprising has even less of a shot than he did before. Which I don't mind, but he's still the first thing that came to mind when I saw Cloud's sword.

I'm not really into Star Fox or Xenoblade Chronicles, so Star Fox Zero and Xenoblade Chronicles X don't really catch my interest. (Besides, I'm outta money.) Neither does much of the other stuff. Even so, with plenty of Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Mario & Luigi, this was one of my favorite directs yet.


Nonfiction Books

Posted by LewaLew , Jul 10 2013 · 817 views

Is there anybody other than me who prefers reading nonfiction? I like fiction, but usually I only read classics or science fiction (and BIONICLE, of course). When I walk through most fiction sections at bookstores, they're filled with books with plots I know I'd hate just from the book jacket preview. I'm sure there are some diamonds in the rough, but when I can read books discussing the history of the Civil War or the New York Times since Arthur Sulzburger, Jr. took over, I generally find myself ignoring the fiction books.
I think the last fiction book I read was that last Legacy of the Force book. I found it boring. I haven't even checked to see if a new Star Wars book series has started since then.
As a side note, my favorite fiction books are all classics. #1 for me is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. I wish somebody would make a movie of it that would follow the book. The Bing Crosby version doesn't cut it.


58.3 Seconds

Posted by LewaLew , Jun 24 2013 · 733 views

Is a stinkin eternity.
Come on Hawks!


Microsoft only cares about money, not fans.

Posted by LewaLew , Jun 19 2013 · 1,133 views

No, duh, internet.
In other news, so do Sony and Nintendo. And LEGO, for that matter, but the Hero Haters are long gone for the most part, so I don't even know why I'm mentioning that.
EDIT: To clarify, this entry is directed at the portion of the internet acting like they're revealing something big when they say that the only reason Microsoft backtracked was because of the preorder stats. Of course that's why. Companies listen when people speak with their wallets--that's how capitalism works. That's why Nintendo didn't regret their decision to make the Wii a SD system--because more Wiis were sold than any other system. Of course, we'll only know if they'll regret the Wii U once some games that are worth spending $60 on come out.


The Nintendo Experience

Posted by LewaLew , Jun 15 2013 · 390 views

Had a good time. There were no physical lines--you reserved a spot to play and came back later. Or you could wait and watch other people play or play some 3DS systems they had with some recent releases, namely, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They gave away Luigi hats as part of the "Year of Luigi", but unfortunately, my brother, my sisters, and I arrived just after the last hat was given away. They also had Wii U lanyards and a special deal for special content for Animal Crossing if you bought the game from Best Buy. Those who won two out of three Mario Kart 8 races received a "Year of Luigi" coin.
My brother and I ended up playing Super Mario 3D World. It was definitely fun. The gameplay is like a cross between the Galaxies and the 2D Mario games. I played as Mario for both of the levels we played, and my brother played as Toad. Unfortunately, that meant the two folks we played with had trouble keeping up. My brother, being both a good Mario player and controlling the fastest character was far outpacing the others, and I kept up mainly by being the only one who was able to figure out the Cat Suit almost instantly. The lives and extra items are shared amongst everyone, but at the end of the level, all of the players' individual scores are displayed, showing who did best on the level and worst and so forth. My brother barely beat me out both times.
Soon afterwards, my sisters played Mario Kart 8. The anti-gravity was fun for them, and the topsy-turviness of some of the shortcuts was very reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy. (I still contend that Mario Kart 8 should have been called Mario Kart Galaxy.) One thing I noticed is that there seem to be no Spiny Shells, and the only two powerups that I noticed that weren't in Mario Kart Wii was the Fire Flower and one other shield power that I only noticed after it was activated--I don't know its name or icon. The GamePad's gyroscope steering seems to be more sensitive than the Wii Remote steering, but I should also state that that's simply my opinion as an observer--I didn't get the chance to use the GamePad myself.
While we did not play them, we did get a chance to watch others play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Those two are the best looking of the four games at the demonstration, and I'd give DKC: TF a slight advantage in that department. It looks like a really fun game, and if Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World weren't already on our docket, we might consider getting that one. In past years, when our parents wallets were a little more freed up at Christmastime, we might have had an opportunity to get both. Hopefully, the local library will get it, or maybe I'll rent it.


Internet, You Confuzzle Me

Posted by LewaLew , Jun 14 2013 · 782 views

People complained incessantly about motion controls being forced upon them in the previous generation... So now they complain about Nintendo not utilizing touchscreen controls extensively for Wii U games.
Last I checked, Internet, you liked good old-fashioned analogs and buttons. But I guess you like complaining more.


Man of Steel Reviews

Posted by LewaLew , Jun 14 2013 · 645 views

I haven't seen it myself yet, but from the looks of the reviews, it's a movie that only geeks will love. However, most of the criticisms seem to be the same sort of things they praised in the Dark Knight trilogy, so I'm pretty sure I'll watch it anyway. I like Superman too much anyway.
And besides, Superman Returns received good reviews and people hated it. Maybe Man of Steel will be the opposite. Hopefully. I really want Superman to get back on his cinematic feet.

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