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He Gives Orders. I Stab People.


The DeLorean Has Crashed

Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball Oct 21 2015 · 518 views

I guess the Cubs never have believed in soft landings.

Nevertheless, they far exceeded my expectations this year. Doesn't make it hurt less, though.


"Quick, Marty, to the DeLorean!"

Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball Oct 20 2015 · 477 views

"We've mistakenly altered the space-time continuum to prevent the Cubs from reaching the World Series!"

"What, Doc?"

"No time to explain!"

Doc and Marty better fix this. When I wake up tomorrow, I expect the Cubs to be up at least 2-1 in the series.

And I want my hoverboard too, but first things first.


So, the Cubbies

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower, Baseball Oct 20 2015 · 274 views

They're making me really happy and frustrated at the same time.

Oh, and I'm poking around here again for the next few days.

And I changed my name to Lon'qu, because he's a total boss.


Quick BaseBlog

Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball Oct 11 2014 · 502 views

How 'bout dem Royals? Have they ever gotten hot at the right time.

Also, go Giants. I don't need the stinkin' Cardinals to win another World Series.

Also, I hope you enjoy my name change. I'll probably change it back on my next visit, like I did with Sohcah, Toa of Trigonometry.


Opening Night and Reminiscence

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower, Baseball, Work/School Mar 30 2014 · 1,030 views

Hello folks. Thought I'd say howdy. College has been going well. Midterms were about three weeks ago. I got A's in History, English, and New Testament Survey, with B's in Photography, Life of Christ, and Speech. Softball I only got a D in, mainly because I skipped the twelve-minute run to have lunch with my pastor while he was visiting. It also doesn't help that I'm not exactly the image of physical fitness. My brain is far more fit than my body.
Anyhow, Opening Night was tonight, and since it used to be my job to make some comment about baseball, when this wonderful time of year rolled around, let me just say that that was a good comeback by San Diego. As for Brian Wilson, how quickly the mighty have fallen. The "fear the beard" era seems like it was a long time ago.
There are actually a lot of things that seem like they were all a long time ago, particularly things on BZP. Every once in a while, I've decided to go ahead and lurk for an evening on the forums, and just for the fun of it, changed my display name to "Sohcah, Toa of Trig." However, I unfortunately chose to lurk at a time when there was a tense topic about the political incorrectness (whether perceived or actual) of Ninjago. I remember that when I was younger, and first joined BZP, I couldn't have imagined things like that going on, yet in my last days here, it seemed like controversial topics like that was all people cared to talk about. While I miss a lot of things here, there are also quite a few things I'm glad I left behind, and I'm kind of disappointed that that was what I found when I decided to just visit.
However, it is always nice to go through the older posts and see what we had a little more fun discussing. I especially like going through old birthday topics as we tried to find some novel way of wishing somebody happy birthday. I also enjoy seeing that Opinion pieces are more common on the front page now than they used to be. Which is to say, they exist again. As long as that's true, I'll consider it one of my proudest contributions to the community to have dusted off old Pohatu.
Anyhow, it was nice visiting again. If you guys care to comment, I may lurk a little for the next few days to reply, but I do have tests this week to which I'll have to return my attention. Also, go Cubs, go!


My Hall of Fame

Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball Aug 18 2013 · 1,254 views

Anyone who can honestly wear this patch:

Posted Image




It's sad that there are adults who can't do that.


Baseball and Expanded Replay (Bumped for Positivity)

Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball Aug 16 2013 · 907 views

EDIT: I've now bumped this because talking about baseball is about a go-zillion times better than discussing that thing all the blogs are discussing. Now, just stay in That Deadly Pit there until everything blows over. Many thanks.
Hooray, some actual BaseBlogging on the--what's this, That Deadly Pit? Ah well, we'll get to that later.
I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I used to be against expanded replay. That changed, however, due to two things. Firstly, either an increase in blown calls or an increase in the ability of fans and news organizations to analyze these calls. Secondly, the efficiency of the National Hockey League's policy of replay.
Perhaps the biggest element in changing my mind was Armando Galaraga's "Imperfect Game", in which the should-have-been-last call of the game was blown by Jim Joyce--one of the best umpires in Major League Baseball. Galaraga and Joyce got over it rather well, but the fans and the press had a much harder time. Thanks to replay, everybody watching the game on multiple networks at that point (MLB Network was where I saw it) were fuming at Joyce (though few knew his name until the network broadcasters dug through their stat packs to find it) for "stealing" a perfect game from Galaraga of the Tigers. Joyce obviously didn't know he had blown the call. and he was kicking himself for the call after the game when he finally did see the replay. Since then, in my opinion, there have been a steady increase in blown calls, and the glaringness of these failed calls also seems to grow more obvious.
However, my qualms about instant replay still remained. The first and foremost was the length of time. The National Football League uses a challenge system, and certain plays get a mandatory review. Close plays, however, take forever to decide. A simple in/out-of-bounds call can take five minutes. Since the NFL is the most popular of the four major North American sports leagues (five if you're a MLS fan--I'm not, but there are some. I actually come across more Premier League fans.) MLB was always more likely to emulate their instant replay format. If calls took five minutes for baseball, it would add a lot of dead air to the TV and radio broadcasts and turn off some fans, particularly since so many people consider baseball to be a slow, dull sport already. (They're wrong by the way. I don't care if it's their opinion--they're wrong. Baseball is just better. SO TAKE THAT NFL!)
However, the NHL has what I consider to be a very efficient replay format. Rather than using challenges, every hockey game is watched by special replay officials at what is called the "War Room" in Toronto. These officials decide which plays deserve a replay and then make their call, sending it to the NHL officials in whatever city the game takes place. I have seen maybe two missed calls in three years of watching hockey that go to replay, and that is just my opinion--both were tough calls even with replay. I also find that the replay officials make their decisions quite quickly, and the puck gets dropped almost right after the TV station has been able to let the folks at home view the replay. Hence, I favor replay, but more specifically, NHL style replay.
(Special mention to the Little League Baseball World Series' replay system. They use challenges, but they're pretty quick.)
However, we've only seen a little of the replay system that has been proposed so far. It uses a challenge system, but I'd like to see it in action before I decide whether I like it or not. Plus, we don't know that this is the final system yet either, so it's hard to really judge it. If you're interested in reading more, I suggest reading Ken Rosenthal's analysis of the story on Fox Sports here.
Also, how about Yasiel Puig? NL ROY easy. He's killing it. Unfortunately, thanks to Biogenesis, one also has to be wary to see if Puig is for real. Yasiel probably will be having a lot of drug tests. I hope he is for real. I've had enough of A-Rod.
P.S. Oh yes, and I said I'd explain the blog name change. I'll be changing it back before I leave BZP, but having played Portal and Portal 2 recently, I finally know what those weird blog titles mean now. (i.e. Hey Hey Lady, and its former subtitle, SPACE, WANNA GO TO SPACE) So I decided to have a little change of pace and name my blog something different. I don't think I've ever given it a title that didn't include "BaseBlog" somewhere.
Now please, just jump down, would you?



Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School, Baseball, BZPower Aug 10 2013 · 771 views

Sorry all, for the sudden disappearance. Outside of myself, my entire family has begun school. As such, computers have been scarce around the house until I received one today as an early birthday present. Believe me, had it been up to me, you would have been reading plenty about Biogenesis and A-Rod and Ryan Braun and all kinda stuff like that there.
Unfortunately, I have no time to write about it right now since we're getting ready to leave for a family reunion tomorrow. Plus, I'm busy writing a final editorial for when I retire from the BZP staff, which will be either this Wednesday or the next. Let's just say that when it comes to punishing cheaters, I agree with former Commissioner Fay Vincent. Kennesaw Landis got it right when he banned the Black Sox, and Selig should push Major League Baseball to do the same with cheaters as they do with gamblers.
P.S. I may also kinda sorta slightly be distracted by Pikmin 3. But only kinda sorta slightly.


Hall of Fame

Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball Nov 28 2012 · 524 views

Bonds, Sosa, McGuire, Clemens, Palmiero, and any others of their kind do not belong in the Hall.

Lee Smith, on the other hand--he should have been there long ago. Until Hoffman (who has since been overtaken by Rivera), he was the all time leader in saves. Don't make him go through what Santo did, BBWA.



Posted by LewaLew , in Baseball Oct 24 2012 · 304 views
tigers, giants, world series and 2 more...
Are fun, when people are friendly, and they also grab people's attention when placed in blog titles.

Anyhow, what I really want to talk about is the World Series. I am grateful beyond belief that the Giants were able to come back and beat the Cardinals. I already died twice in my lifetime in '06 and '11, along with a near miss in '04 and a bullet grazed my heart in '05, but the White Sox aren't as bad as the Cards.

Even so, I'm still rooting for Detroit. You all remember how I complained about the style of baseball played in '10? This time, I think it will be a little more balanced. Both have great pitching staffs, but Detroit has the better offense. I would say the Giants have the advantage, except that the Freak was freakishly bad this year, and so that factor is out of the World Series picture. On the other hand, Detroit has Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera (Triple-Crown winner and my choice of AL MVP), and Justin Verlander (last year's AL Cy Young and MVP winner). That's a pretty strong triple threat.

Then again, San Francisco has proved me wrong before, and they have a hot trio of hurlers in Cain, Zito, and Vogelsong. Even so, after the ALCS sweep, I still say Tigers.

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