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He Gives Orders. I Stab People.


And now the visit is over!

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower, Work/School Oct 15 2014 · 543 views

It was nice dropping in for the BIONICLE celebration party, but now I've got midterms to worry about. So long again, folks.


Opening Night and Reminiscence

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower, Baseball, Work/School Mar 30 2014 · 1,020 views

Hello folks. Thought I'd say howdy. College has been going well. Midterms were about three weeks ago. I got A's in History, English, and New Testament Survey, with B's in Photography, Life of Christ, and Speech. Softball I only got a D in, mainly because I skipped the twelve-minute run to have lunch with my pastor while he was visiting. It also doesn't help that I'm not exactly the image of physical fitness. My brain is far more fit than my body.
Anyhow, Opening Night was tonight, and since it used to be my job to make some comment about baseball, when this wonderful time of year rolled around, let me just say that that was a good comeback by San Diego. As for Brian Wilson, how quickly the mighty have fallen. The "fear the beard" era seems like it was a long time ago.
There are actually a lot of things that seem like they were all a long time ago, particularly things on BZP. Every once in a while, I've decided to go ahead and lurk for an evening on the forums, and just for the fun of it, changed my display name to "Sohcah, Toa of Trig." However, I unfortunately chose to lurk at a time when there was a tense topic about the political incorrectness (whether perceived or actual) of Ninjago. I remember that when I was younger, and first joined BZP, I couldn't have imagined things like that going on, yet in my last days here, it seemed like controversial topics like that was all people cared to talk about. While I miss a lot of things here, there are also quite a few things I'm glad I left behind, and I'm kind of disappointed that that was what I found when I decided to just visit.
However, it is always nice to go through the older posts and see what we had a little more fun discussing. I especially like going through old birthday topics as we tried to find some novel way of wishing somebody happy birthday. I also enjoy seeing that Opinion pieces are more common on the front page now than they used to be. Which is to say, they exist again. As long as that's true, I'll consider it one of my proudest contributions to the community to have dusted off old Pohatu.
Anyhow, it was nice visiting again. If you guys care to comment, I may lurk a little for the next few days to reply, but I do have tests this week to which I'll have to return my attention. Also, go Cubs, go!



Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School, Baseball, BZPower Aug 10 2013 · 771 views

Sorry all, for the sudden disappearance. Outside of myself, my entire family has begun school. As such, computers have been scarce around the house until I received one today as an early birthday present. Believe me, had it been up to me, you would have been reading plenty about Biogenesis and A-Rod and Ryan Braun and all kinda stuff like that there.
Unfortunately, I have no time to write about it right now since we're getting ready to leave for a family reunion tomorrow. Plus, I'm busy writing a final editorial for when I retire from the BZP staff, which will be either this Wednesday or the next. Let's just say that when it comes to punishing cheaters, I agree with former Commissioner Fay Vincent. Kennesaw Landis got it right when he banned the Black Sox, and Selig should push Major League Baseball to do the same with cheaters as they do with gamblers.
P.S. I may also kinda sorta slightly be distracted by Pikmin 3. But only kinda sorta slightly.


Less than Two Months Left on BZP

Posted by LewaLew , in BZPower, Work/School Jul 10 2013 · 1,301 views

Sometime in August, I will be leaving BZPower, as I will be starting college in September. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stuff on the BZP bucket list I posted in this blog a while back that isn't going to happen, but that top item I am absolutely determined to finish before then. Sometime before that point in August, I will also be retiring from the staff--perhaps in the first or second week, but I don't actually know for sure yet. I'll see what happens.


Horse Names

Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School Apr 18 2013 · 1,827 views

As some of you may remember, I have a Wii U now, and currently, I'm playing Zelda games. I've played Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, and next on my list is Twilight Princess. On all of my saves, I use the name Sean, because I feel like it. However, in TP, you name the horse as well, and I'm having trouble thinking of a horse name. Sure, I could just go with Epona, but that is uncreative and lame, so I'm not going to choose it. I don't suppose anyone would have any suggestions for me?
Oh, and on a side note, my sister, who you may know as Megan51 or Hanahli, got a job at the same Mickey D's I work at.


Unexpected Internet Absence

Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School Dec 31 2012 · 319 views

Yeah, I wasn't here for any of the Christmas week, and without internet access at that.
Fortunately, I had a pre-drafted Christmas entry that posted automatically. Hope you had a great Christmas.
Oh, and BTW, my only present was $100 from my parents since I spent nearly $450 on the deluxe Wii U with four wiimotes and warranties for everyone else. And my parents also purchased Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U as well, but we've probably had the most fun playing Nintendo Land's Mario Chase game. My dad always plays as Mario, and always loses. It drives him nuts, which is crazy fun for the rest of us. The Luigi's Mansion and Zelda Battle Quest minigames are tied for a close second, though.


Happy Apocalypse!

Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School Dec 21 2012 · 932 views

I said that to almost every customer that came through the drive through today. :P


The Following is Totally Unrelated to Recent Events on BZPower

Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School Dec 13 2012 · 1,282 views

This arises from a totally different fuss I have had for a while.
If someone scolds you, or even calls you a name, you are not being 'attacked'.
If you are in a major debate with someone, it is not a 'war', nor a 'battle'.
If someone physically assaults or threatens to do so, you are being 'attacked'.
If two groups of people take up arms or fight each other, then it may be called a 'battle'. If multiple battles occur over the same thing, it may be called a 'war'.
There's a difference. Quit saying someone attacked you if you had an argument, so those of us who are trying to figure out what you're talking about don't think somebody came after you with a baseball bat!
Why I'm posting all this on BZP, I don't know. I think it's just because I happen to have a blog here, and nowhere else.


Finished Voting

Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School Nov 06 2012 · 569 views

In typical BZPower tradition, I could post what I voted for and no more,

and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Mitt Romney for President
Paul Ryan for Vice President
Yes on Illinois Constitutional Amendment 49 to require a 3/5 vote in the General Assembly to increase pensions for public employees.
Voted Republican for Congress (I don't want to give away the Congressional district in which I live)
Voted Republican for County Auditor, Clerk, Recorder, etc. (All but auditor ran unopposed; I also won't mention my county)
Voted Republican for Judicial positions (Also ran unopposed)
Voted Yes to retain all Judges on the ballot.
Voted Yes to merge County Recorder with Clerk.
Voted Yes on Power Aggregation for my Township. (Which I also will not name)

The most important vote I cast was probably on that amendment. It's unusual, because even though most Democrats oppose it, Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan (one of the highest ranking Democrats in Springfield, besides Governor Quinn) was the one who wrote it and passed it. I'm interested to see what happens.



Posted by LewaLew , in Work/School Nov 06 2012 · 317 views

I'm going to be voting today for the first time. Don't waste your opportunity, if you've got one.

And don't forget that local officials and referendums affect you also. So when you think about that little question over whether your county recorder's office should be merged with the county clerk, remember that your choice will affect your taxes, and the ease of working with the local bigwigs.

And please, don't vote Mickey Mouse for auditor or something.

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