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The Library That Never Was


Set Review #2: Tc-14

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Set Review May 13 2012 · 409 views
Set Review
Disclaimer: Be aware that what I say in these reviews are purely opinion based. Nothing written here is an undeniably fact and is the result of my own personal judgment. Do not, I repeat do not, shout insults at me, if I don't agree that such and such set is as awesome as you think. You may however write counterarguments to my points to try and change my opinion on the set.

Set Name: TC-14
Part Number: Unknown (Item # 6005192)
Amount of Pieces: 3 LEGO Elements
Age Recommendation: 6+
Price: Free (Shop at Home Promotion Item for May 4th)

Hello, BZPers. Today's entry is going to be my set review on TC-14, which was the May 4th (Which is Star Wars Day) promo item for Star Wars purchases up to 75 dollars or more at LEGO Shop at Home. For those wondering, I got this minifigure for ordering R2-D2 (Item # 10225) and Sebulba's Podracer & Tatooine (Item # 9675).

Oh, and I guess I probably should not call this a set review since it is really just a minifigure that I am reviewing as if it were a set. Also the reason that I am reviewing the minifigure this way is because I want to get some feedback on my review format here and get some tips on taking photos for set reviews. No idea though if I actually going to get those tips here, but I thought it worth a shot.

Beside, even if I do not get tips, I'll simply just look back at this entry as being a learning experience and hopefully through many more reviews, I'll learn to do better. Practice makes perfect, after all. Oh, and lack of color text and sign off are intentionally since I want to make these reviews separate from my standard random personal entries by sticking to a different format for these. But anyway, on to the review itself...

The Bag:
There is not much to say about the bag since it is really nothing special and it is the standard fair for small Promo LEGO sets, especially the Star Wars type. If I have to say anything about the bag, it is kind of wasteful for something that just three pieces like this, especially considering there is pretty much no use for bag after you done building the set.

Unless you are using it to hold parts, but I would hardly call this a good container for holding LEGO since my bag will have a rip in it from which pieces could easily fall out. So yeah, the bag here is nowhere near as useful as BIONICLE canister. But hey, it was free thing, so I can't really complain.

The Building Experience:


lol Nah, it is easiest building experience that LEGO has to offer and really if you had 75 dollars or more to blow on LEGO, you are more than enough experience with the standard minifigure build. Heck, even LEGO agrees with me since they did not even provided instructions with the promo item.

The Pieces:
Front View, Back View, Assembly View 1, Assembly View 2

There is really nothing new. Just the standard minifigure pieces that you get with Protocol Droids like C-3PO, so not much to say here.

Playing with the Set:
Again, it is the standard fair for minifigure, so she is only limited by the imagination of the child (or adult as the case maybe with me.). And yes, before anyone asks, TC-14 is female in the Star Wars canon.

She also from Episode I for those that did not know, which I imagine is most people since there is a lot of vocal hate of the new trilogy out in the internet. Which by the way, I am not part of that group since I personally enjoyed the new trilogy. For that matter, I even went to the late night release of episode III, so haters feel free to hate because I could careless as if you ask me, the new trilogy helped breath new life into the series.

lol Of course, she really was not that important of a character in the film, so it does make me wonder why she was the promo item considering no one would know who she is (She was the Protocol Droid from opening of the film that was serving Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn drinks as a distraction, while the Trade Federation fill the room up with gas to kill them.). *shrugs*

But anyway, a kid wouldn't need to know this stuff to play with her as sticking to the canon (I would hope) would be last thing on their minds. Here is example of something, they could do with her. Yup, go to Town Hall to visit the Mayor since we all know political leaders need help breaking the language barriers with their populace and she can do just that.

- Since I don't have a Protocol Droid (Yeah, I am horrible Star Wars fan, aren't I? Next time I am buying LEGO sets, I needed to get Droid Escape set.), this means I now have one to use in Star Wars related stuff. Yay!

(Note: The con listed here should not be taken too seriously since I know she was free and all, so there is not much point in complaining about her. However I do feel the need to nitpick just a little.)

- She has only one appearance in the canon, so I kind can't understand why LEGO thought making her a promo item was worth since no one is really going to know who she is.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation:
Not much to say here. Beside that, she is a Protocol Droid minifigure and if you don't have one, it is nice add bonus when buying the R2-D2 set. I also can't recommend her to anyone since she is no longer available anymore. So in a way, making this review here for her is not exactly ideal as people can't go out and buy her. So uh...Sorry for those that might of wanted her.

And well, that's all I have to say on this minifigure. Next time I'll try to review an actual set. :P

Comments/Questions/Suggestions are welcome.


Set Review #1: Furno 2.0

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Set Review Feb 16 2011 · 412 views
Set Reviews
Disclaimer: Be aware that what I say in these reviews are purely opinion based. Nothing written here is an undeniably fact and is the result of my own personal judgment. Do not, I repeat do not, shout insults at me, if I don't agree that such and such set is as awesome as you think. You may however write counterarguments to my points to try and change my opinion on the set.

Set Name: Furno 2.0
Part Number: 2065
Amount of Pieces: 30 LEGO Elements
Age Recommendation: 6 to 16 years of age
Price: $7.99 +Tax

About a month or so back, I went out to a Target to check out some Star Wars sets and see if there were any good deals on discount BIONICLE sets leftover from Christmas rush. When I couldn't find any BIONICLE sets, I noticed they had some Hero Factory sets and I thought to myself, "Hey, maybe I should check one of these. And it wouldn't hurt and beside, the parts might be useful somehow." So I brought it then along with the new Battle of Naboo set.

I took them home with me and brought them to the basement, where after opening the canister by cutting the label with my nail, I dumped the parts on to the carpet floor of the basement. For a moment, I had stared at the pieces and was dumbfound by the lack of pin pieces. It was kind of an alien feeling that I bet a lot Adult fans of LEGO felt when they first gave the BIONICLE theme a try. It just seem kind of out there for me that there was no pin pieces involved, but by no means did it slow me down.

Rather instead, I quickly got into the building of model without even bothering to take a look at the instructions, nor the canister picture. Really the only time I even bother to check the instructions was after I got all the parts together and it had only been to check that I place the armor on right (Which outside of reverse armoring of the legs, I got everything right. I kept the armor for legs the way that I had it though since I like it to be symmetrical.). And to be blunt, this has got to be the easiest set I have ever build recently. Nothing was complex about it at all. So yeah, I can see what GregF meant that these were designed with a younger focus group in mind than that of BIONICLE's (Not that BIONICLE sets were that complex to begin with.).

The Canister:
Pretty much the canister is a clone of those used for Stars sets, so its rather meh. I kind of wish they could of taken a page from early BIONICLE and allow some form of playability to it since otherwise there is much of need for it, unless you needed something to hold the set. And considering how tight of a fit it is, even that not much of plus. However you don't have to disassemble it due to increased flexibility of these sets, so using it as storage container is quite easy.

The Building Experience:
As denoted above in the overview, this set is not at all complex. And the instructions are absolute not needed as there only one design with these parts alone that will look good and that design is the one that LEGO uses. However I do think that this easiness can be a bit of an advantage because you could have some fair speed building contests involving these sets. That and if person is buying this set for role-playing services, then the easy build would mean they can get to playing with them faster.

The Pieces:
Most of the pieces are brand new, which can be rather appealing to someone interested in making MOCs (I am not much of MOC creator though.). Of the new pieces though, I personally think the armor pieces and ball-socket skeleton are most useful pieces. I mainly say this because things like the head are kind of fixed to needing the head attachment to look even remotely good (I kind of hated the attachments and wish they had used pins to attach it or have the pins in the head part rather than the attachment.).

Playing with the Set:
This set is just plain fun to pose and this is second reason for why I don't regret buying this set (The first being that I could used the new pieces for something, if I get back into MOCing.). In terms of actually play, I can see this being quite fun to role-play with much like someone would do with an action figure.


- New Pieces
- Fun to Pose
- Ball-Socket Skeleton

- Price
- Lack of Pins for Head Attachment (It should be optional much like armor plating.)
- Way too easy to build (Understandable though considering I am not its target audience.)

Final Thoughts/Recommendation: Personally speaking, I would not recommend this set to anyone not new to LEGO. Its way too easy for someone that been building with LEGO for years, especially if they were previously BIONICLE fans. However if their interest is in MOCing, I would recommend them to get this set after it drops in price a little in December since $7.99 for thirty piece is a little overkill in my personal opinion.

Comments/Questions/Suggestions are welcome.

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Random Facts About Myself
Height: 5'7"
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Interests: LEGO, Bionicle, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda Games, Nintendo games, and Harry Potter (Check Interest list in my Profile for more information.)
Fan of BIONICLE since: The beginning, but I wasn't that interest in it until the late 2003... My interest peaked during 2004, which is why I joined here the following year (2005).
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, collecting BIONICLE/LEGO sets, playing Video Games and riding my bike.

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I hope you enjoy my Blog. Thank you for visiting, please come again.

-JMJ 2016

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