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back at it again at oscorp


so guess what i kinda officially got into

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in movies and tv Jan 16 2015 · 201 views

Posted Image

(hint: its jjba) (im jojo trash) (im posing as we speak)


[title removed for spoilers]

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in movies and tv Dec 22 2014 · 330 views

(official word of god on the matter, no less)


guardians of the galaxy

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in awesome things, movies and tv Aug 21 2014 · 174 views

i went and saw it THREE TIMES

the only other times ive ever seen a movie multiple times in theaters was the avengers and amazing spider-man and even then i only saw those twice

i love it so much


helpful lil protip

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in life, movies and tv, awesome things, mocing, music, bzpower, internet and tech, toys and games May 09 2014 · 240 views
specifically, B R O N I E S
if you are part of a fandom that receives heavy criticism for bad things such as misogyny, harassment, etc
instead of complaining that "not everyone in the fandom is like that!" whenever someone criticizes it
turn against the people who are making your fandom like that. weed them out and make it a safe space for everyone.
even just a small handful of people putting garbage like that in a fandom is too much and shouldnt be defended at all.
especially if your fandom is one originally designated for young girls.


lego movie thoughts

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in movies and tv Mar 02 2014 · 168 views
lego movie
easily the best movie ive seen in a long time, it easily surpassed the hype i felt for pacific rim and even wreck-it ralph (which is saying something)
it had problems tho. they handled wyldstyles character kinda poorly imo. she had a LOT of potential but it feels like she didnt live up to it and honestly i wish she had been the main protagonist instead of the manic pixie dream girl love interest, she definitely had the potential and it would have sent a good message to girls watching as well (and helped lego break away from their image of being a Boys Toy)
big spoilers ahead

idk it had problems regarding gender stuff but ultimately it was REALLY good, it was def better than i had expected.


pacific rim

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in movies and tv Jul 21 2013 · 104 views

please go see this movie. please im begging you it is very important that you go see it in theatres. i saw it earlier and it was really good and i wish i could see it several more times so please all of you go see it for me



Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in toys and games, internet and tech, bzpower, music, mocing, awesome things, movies and tv, life Jun 27 2013 · 225 views
I /CAN/ REBLOG IT and 1 more...

Let's be real for a moment.
Posted Image
Don't you dare deny the evils of the patriarchy.  Don't you dare spit on all the women on whom our society encourages assault and violation.  Don't you dare blame the victims of these assaults.  Don't you dare try to justify their earning cents on the dollar.  Don't you dare tell them what their role in society is, or what you want them to do, or that they should calm down.  Don't you dare devalue them because they're angry - they have every right to be angry.  And most of all, don't you DARE deny that this oppression exists just because YOU don't suffer it.  If you don't care about oppression unless you're part of the group being actively oppressed, you're a cartoonishly evil villain. 
Women are suffering every day and whether you see it or deny it will not change that immutable, hideous fact.  It affects your sisters, your mothers, the strangers on the street.  It affects women, it affects men, and it affects people of non-binary gender like me.  It's not the natural order of things.  It's a system of power and control, and its biggest aid is that it is subconsciously supported. 
But we can tear it apart, together.
You don't have to be a radical to make a positive impact. Every one of us can fight for what is right, even in small daily ways.  Call out misogynists when they make ###### jokes.  Stand up for women and LGBTQ people.  Make donations to positive organizations.  Don't just shout out when something big happens - this stuff is a constant, daily thing, so pushing back against it needs to happen every day.  This has nothing to do with politics.  This has nothing to do with party lines.  This has nothing to do with being some kind of hero.  It has everything to do with humanity and decency.
Be strong.  Be resolute.  Do not stop being angry.  Do not stop talking about this.  Do not focus on gender issues, or sexist issues, or racial issues, or LGBTQ issues, or trans*misogyny issues, just because it's a hot-button thing today.  The marginalizing continues tomorrow.  It will continue until we burn the system to ash.  Stay furious every day that women are hurt.  Stay furious every day.  Stand up.  Fight back. 


what kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl?

name: clover

nickname: ran

gender: female

location: the cyber web grid

birthday: 24 april 1991

interests: headcanoning all your fave characters as transgender and being better than you in every conceivable way

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