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back at it again at oscorp


more bionicles

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in awesome things, mocing, bzpower Jan 03 2015 · 119 views
be jealous
Posted Image
Posted Image


como se llama, bonita, mi casa su casa

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in mocing Oct 29 2014 · 131 views

Posted Image

and im on tonight, you know my hips dont lie and im starting to feel its right


shes got legs

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in mocing Oct 25 2014 · 186 views

Posted Image

she knows how to use em


recon mech

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in awesome things, mocing, toys and games Jul 17 2014 · 119 views
life on mars
Posted Image
(960 x 1280)

the new debut album by me titled “sand red and danger stripes”, a concept album about going back in time and exploring the martian landscape as it was in 2001

complete with a bonus hidden track titled “aesthetic building”, a song about just why i would put a palm tree decoration in the cockpit of a mech designed to explore a planet with no plant life to begin with


its summer!

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in toys and games, mocing, awesome things Jun 25 2014 · 141 views
life on mars
Posted Image
(960 x 1280)

i got my early 2000s nostalgia goggles on backwards and its time to explore the martian landscape

based on 7314 recon mech rp. ive been itching to build a mech and here we are. i replaced the claw with like. a thing like the physgun from gmod and i dont have one of those big flames in any shade of orange so i used green/glow-in-the-dark


helpful lil protip

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in life, movies and tv, awesome things, mocing, music, bzpower, internet and tech, toys and games May 09 2014 · 235 views
specifically, B R O N I E S
if you are part of a fandom that receives heavy criticism for bad things such as misogyny, harassment, etc
instead of complaining that "not everyone in the fandom is like that!" whenever someone criticizes it
turn against the people who are making your fandom like that. weed them out and make it a safe space for everyone.
even just a small handful of people putting garbage like that in a fandom is too much and shouldnt be defended at all.
especially if your fandom is one originally designated for young girls.


norik finalized

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in mocing, toys and games Dec 10 2013 · 185 views
its been too long
Posted Image

uh oh thats a brickshelf url and a pic taken with an actual camera. you know what this means

(whispers in your ear) im gonna post a bbc topic soon


two things to note

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in toys and games, internet and tech, mocing, life Nov 02 2013 · 234 views

the only three things i want to repost since the forums went offline
  • i went and got pokemon y on midnight release. i beat it within a week. elite four team was delphox, crobat, and pangoro. lot of emotions. really REALLY good game. currently hunting for shiny pumpkaboo
  • i came out as trans on facebook right before i got pokemon and got nothing but positive feedback and support
  • i made a moc blog on tumblr and i havent really updated it in a while but i plan to. right now im making umbra because i kinda gave up on akamai
thats all i have to say. bye


top ten things i wanna revamp in no particular order

Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in mocing Aug 22 2013 · 221 views

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

alright i lied thats only seven but these have been bouncing around in my head for a while now. i hope to get around to them

(im sure there are others but itll take me a bit to think of them tbh)



Posted by Caesar Zeppeli , in mocing Jul 29 2013 · 144 views

Posted Image
(second blurry as heck photo)
i dunno how many of you who arent following me on tumblr are aware of this but around late september i got it in my head to finally do a revamp of my favourite roborider to compensate for the fact that i cant actually rebuild the set and because there arent enough good roborider mocs in the world. so then i had this idea, "well what if this piece existed in transparent light blue? it exists in trans-neon green, why not that? it would be a perfect way to keep some accuracy to the original set." and lo, it did. but it only ever existed in one set, and only in a quantity of two, and it was a special edition set. and so frost sat on my desk for literally months until about two weeks ago when i finally managed to find a store that was selling more than three (because by then i had already acquired one). i got them and behold, frost was finally complete, and all was good. and now i am finally deciding to stop being lazy just long enough to show you all, because i know youre positively wetting yourselves in anticipation to see more mocs from me. so there you go
ps i also made onyx too, and i managed to finish it a LOT faster because i already had the gitd rims on hand. will i take better pics of these two someday? maybe. maybe. im also planning on making power and might take pics after thats finished instead. who knows

what kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl?

name: clover

nickname: ran

gender: female

location: the cyber web grid

birthday: 24 april 1991

interests: headcanoning all your fave characters as transgender and being better than you in every conceivable way

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