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a surfboard made of dont care


it begins

Posted by Clover , in bzpower Mar 08 2014 · 150 views

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and the ultimate name fad begins


what the hecro necro

Posted by Clover , in bzpower Mar 02 2014 · 173 views

you changed your blog title and now i have to deal with the fact that your blog wasnt always named "double standard 2: electric boogaloo" and was in fact at one point named just "double standard"
that is not a reality i was ever prepared to cope with


From: Love and Peace

Posted by Clover , in life, awesome things, bzpower Aug 21 2013 · 132 views
love love love

So there has been a post going around Tumblr for awhile and I think it has some things that need to be said here.
It is illegal to be gay in 76 countries.
It is illegal to be gay in 76 countries.
It is illegal to be myself in 76 countries.
First off the number 76.This comes from a UN report from 2011. If we use a bit of Google we find that the number is currently a bit higher. But the point stays the same, it is illegal for me to be myself in 76+ countries.
Many of the countries have harsh imprisonment laws among other forms of punishment such as whippings. Or worse, some countries have the death penalty.
I can be imprisoned for being myself.
I can be killed for being myself.
Even in the United States it is not safe for me to be myself, there are states such as Louisiana that have had sting operations meant to target gay adults. Not to mention there are still a lot of hate crimes. Even in New York which is a very progressive area, there were a bunch of hate crimes that cropped up earlier this year.
I will stand against homophobia and transphobia. I will stand up for equal rights. Calling someone out for being hateful and harmful is not insulting them or hurting them. A lot of their hateful words have done more harm than calling them a bigot has ever (or will ever) done to them. However by calling people out on these issues hopefully it can inspire change.
Just because someone believes something that is hurtful does not mean they will always believe it. People do have the power to change.
BZPower is going to be a safe place. In fact in order to survive I believe BZPower needs to become a safe place. So many websites and communities are not safe places on the internet. There is a lot of bulling. Bullying has led to so many people committing suicide. I don't want BZPower to be like those places, I want BZPower to be a place where everyone is accepted for who they are.
I care for the people on BZPower, many of them have helped me through so many hard times in my life. Even now I've got great friends who have helped me through things (such as Hurricane Sandy). There are so many times that I've wanted to simply give up, even recently I've been going through some huge depression regarding my situation. However, I've met so many wonderful people here and they have all impacted me in some way and it has kept me going. There have been multiple times in my life where I have been in such dark places, and I've had great friends who have pulled me out of those places.
Let's make BZPower a safe place for everyone. A place where everlasting friendships can continue to be forged. A place of love and peace.

Source: Love and Peace


From: ! Please Stop and Read This !

Posted by Clover , in life, awesome things, bzpower, internet and tech Aug 18 2013 · 73 views

This is just an open letter to, well, everybody, in direct response to the goings-on in the blogs currently.  Please take a moment to read it.
1. I understand this is probably all overwhelming for some of you and I don't blame you for that but please don't say that we need a "change of subject."  Because even if you don't want to talk about these issues, they are important and need to be tackled head-on if we want to work to make our community truly safe and family-friendly.  We're finally making some real headway towards safety and equality on this site and that should not be stalled just because you don't want to read about it.
2. It's not the right of the privileged to tell the oppressed how to act or be.  That's relevant both in terms of the actual oppression and in how you treat response to it.
3. Please don't confused "everyone should be treated equally" with "everyone's views are equal."  We are all equal as human beings, and part of that means we all should be held equally responsible and accountable for our beliefs, words, and actions.  Some beliefs are toxic.  Some words and actions are harmful.  These things should not be "respected" or be exempt from criticism, because they hurt people and that is wrongDegrading a human being is wrong no matter what you believe.  Criticizing and calling out toxic and harmful beliefs, actions, and words, is NOT wrong - and in fact is necessary if we are ever to move forward as a safe, peaceful, and respectful society. 
All right, that's all.  Thank you for reading; carry on now and please remember these three points in your continuing discourse. 
Glitter and kisses,
Princess Grr
ps: destroy the patriarchy!

Source: ! Please Stop and Read This !



Posted by Clover , in internet and tech, bzpower, life Aug 16 2013 · 219 views

im legitimately sorry if ive come off as hostile or anything in these debates or anything. this is just something that is really important to me and affects not only me but a good majority of my closest friends, and combined with how stressed out ive been lately in general and how much ive been seeing homophobic and transphobic garbage on here recently, its been a melting pot of pure anxiety and anger and even at my most clearheaded i still get worked up easily when people dont understand where im coming from.

granted, im not apologizing for my core viewpoints; i dont believe bigotry should be tolerated at all and im well within my rights to be instantly apprehensive of anyone who even tries to pull the "all views should be respected" card let alone who actually holds the actual views themselves because of the potential threat they may pose to my health and well-being, and im also well within my right to be angry about people telling me the very fiber of my being is somehow morally wrong based on a set of archaic beliefs and at people who dont help stand up for me against these people who try to keep me down like this.

i just want you to know that if i do start getting particularly rude and snarky and vicious with you during a long and important argument, i dont necessarily mean to. i just kinda naturally slip into that when it feels like someone isnt understanding me or is even flat out disregarding me, and combined with the anger i feel when someone tells me or my friends that we are somehow morally bankrupt for being gay or trans* or anything, its made me come off as rather nasty when trying to tell people that were not and it doesnt seem to be getting throughto them. im honestly trying my hardest to keep a clear head and check this stuff with my friends before responding, but sometimes my frustration gets the better of me and makes me come off as hostile and i hope you can forgive me for that.

love, ran-sama xoxo


and now, the weather

Posted by Clover , in life, awesome things, music, bzpower Aug 16 2013 · 121 views


it isnt about you.

Posted by Clover , in life, bzpower Aug 16 2013 · 74 views

if you sit there and come in talking about how youre ~oppressed~ because you dont have the right to spew your hateful offal after being told that your hate speech wont be tolerated in a place being made to be a safe space for everyone including people who have been hurt by your rhetoric, and you in general try to make it all about you, then not only do you not even understand the concept of oppression but you are in fact the problem and have no place in civilized society. if you dont like being told that you cant sit there and tell us that were wrong and you dont "agree" with us like were some kind of opinion, go to literally one of the other thousands if not millions of places where your barbaric ideas are still held as a golden standard.
it isnt about just you anymore. quit trying to silence us just because youre no longer allowed to tell us that our existence is somehow wrong. thanks


From: DONE

Posted by Clover , in life, awesome things, bzpower Aug 16 2013 · 85 views
LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE and 1 more...

Here are a few things people need to know if they are going to continue with their blogging, replying to blogs, and interactions with BZPower in general.
Because I am DONE WITH THIS.

  • You do not get to "disagree" with who someone is. Someone's identity or sexuality are not up for debate. They are what they are, and you do not have the right to tell them they are wrong. And if you have the urge to do so? Congratulations, you are what's wrong.
  • You do not get to insult and dehumanize someone. This should go without saying, but apparently it needs to be said.
  • You're a member of the majority who has been allowed to benefit and exploit others because your race/gender/orientation/religion/political preferences have been the majority view for most of modern society and feel like you're suddenly "UNDER ATTACK"? You're not losing your rights to free expression when people call you out on your impropriety, you're not being oppressed- you're being a ###### and society is finally more tolerant of others admitting it. Non-hetero-normative orientations and ideas don't oppress you. But the opposite? Yeah, heteronormative expression oppresses them. And that's BAD.
  • You do not get to belittle and insult the mental health of someone. Psychiatrists are trained SCIENTISTS. Therapists are trained professionals. Not a single person on this site to my knowledge is either (I'm frustratingly close to being the latter, but it'll be a bit still). Psychology is a science. It is not some "feel-good" thing that exists to baby someone. And depression? It is a devastating and life-altering illness that deserves to be treated the same as cancer and the flu. It is an illness and just because you can't see someone bleeding, doesn't mean it's not real.
  • All of this discussion WILL STOP PERMANENTLY. I am NOT saying that members who are transgendered or homosexual must stop discussing their problems with society or the hardships they face. I am saying that any discussion that centers around the legitimacy of their claims or ridiculous arguments against their "lifestyle" will no longer be even remotely tolerated. This is not a discussion that is going to happen again.
So here's the rub:
If I see anyone on this site express any of those thoughts in these blogs, from here on out, it is an automatic proto drop. I WILL send Hahli Husky or Makaru or Windrider after you. I am absolutely positively DONE with this UTTER DISRESPECTFUL NONSENSE. People deserve to feel SAFE BEING WHO THEY ARE. They do NOT DESERVE to deal with ignorance and hatred on what is supposed to be a safe place.

And once again, no, if you "disagree" with homosexuality or transgendered identities or other things, you are not being oppressed.

This has been an official blog leader response.


Source: DONE


to pat

Posted by Clover , in awesome things, bzpower Aug 16 2013 · 66 views

i just woke up and im legit nearly in tears over your blog entry i love you so much bless your heart bless your existence



Posted by Clover , in bzpower, life Aug 15 2013 · 149 views
bzp?, family friendly? and 1 more...
i really hate the usage of this word to describe the debates that occasionally spring up whenever lgbt issues are brought into the mix.
it implies that thats all it is is petty drama. its a ###### of a lot deeper than that, its about us calling out people who seem to think that we arent real people, that think our problems arent that important. its a lot deeper than just "drama on a forum for a dead childrens toy". its about sending a message that were tired of the bigotry that some of the members of this site display and were gonna call it out at every corner until they realize that what they are doing is wrong and that their toxic mindsets are very harmful on a huge scale.
its about us telling people this kind of thing isnt okay, and sending a message; both to people that have already grown up believing this type of vitriol that its not okay and hoping to turn it around, and to the younger, more impressionable members who have yet to really experience things and form opinions to learn that were just people trying to survive in a world stacked against us, and that theyll take that out into the outside world and work with us for a better tomorrow for everyone. sure bzpower is just a website, but that doesnt make the lessons learned and the messages seen any less real, and that includes the harmful things that some of the member base have come off with in recent years, and we dont want the very real people reading those harmful things to believe them and take them out into the real world and use those ideas as a basis to hurt us.
were not here to cause problems. were here to fix the problematic ideas that society has sown into peoples minds that were not natural, that were subhuman, that we dont deserve the same rights and protections as everyone else.
and if you think us calling out garbage like that is just us trying to start drama, or if you think not talking about it at all will magically make everything bad go away and that you can just sweep us under the rug by trying to "lighten the mood", then maybe you need to reevaluate your own ideals.

what kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl?

name: corey

nickname: ran
gender: female

location: ohio

birthday: 24 april 1991

interests: homestuck, the protomen, pokemon, tf2, touhou, lego, various other stuff

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