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butterscotch cinnamon blog



Posted by Toriel , in toys and games, awesome things Oct 02 2015 · 87 views
pls play it
its not easy to make me cry

undertale made me cry just playing the demo

the full game made me cry even more

its so good i cant even put into words


thoughts on the villain pack promo

Posted by Toriel , in toys and games Aug 15 2015 · 74 views

the mask is cool and all but like, when are we going to get a promotional mask for gali that isnt the inside tour exclusive

four of the toa have marbled transparent/gold masks in main release sets, tahu has TWO completely transparent promo masks, even skull scorpio has a transparent promo mask, so like ... @lego new gali mask when


today i learned people die when they are killed

Posted by Toriel , in toys and games Jul 29 2015 · 228 views

i got the first lego harry potter game and i switched to tom riddle in hogwarts b/c i needed dark magic

i may or may not have killed some people using the avada kedavra curse thinking they would respawn

i may or may not have several completely deserted rooms in hogwarts now :x

edit: i just found out they respawned elsewhere


(bangs fists on table repeatedly) put harry potter in lego dimensions! put harry potter in lego dimensions! put harry potter in lego dimensions! put h

Posted by Toriel , in toys and games Jul 09 2015 · 319 views

i am on a crusade, folks WHOS WITH ME

oh my god could you imagine. playing as the tenth doctor and there being a joke about harry confusing him for barty crouch jr. theres so much potential. also i want to play as fred and george



Posted by Toriel , in toys and games Jun 17 2015 · 47 views

fallout 4 looks cool and ive never played a fallout game ... sony had a lot of cool stuff too ... idk

i didnt watch most of e3. its not really that interesting to me unless im hanging out with friends irl. so idk what else everyone had to offer

i know im now considering getting a ps4 though


lego worlds

Posted by Toriel , in toys and games Jun 04 2015 · 39 views

theres definitely room for improvements (like with the camera controls, also only having the one voice for your customized character) and additions (story modes based on various lego themes maybe? kinda like lego island idk. and possibly a general survival mode like minecraft? idk. it could use more than a sandbox mode though)

but for a $15 early access game its really fun and silly and tbh the exact kind of thing ive always wanted since i first played lego island


i am a proud new mother

Posted by Toriel , in awesome things, toys and games May 04 2015 · 194 views

Posted Image

my fat lil robot baby has arrived today


look at all these canon trans characters

Posted by Toriel , in awesome things, toys and games Jan 02 2015 · 352 views

Posted Image
  • kopaka is eagle one
  • pohatu is been there done that
  • onua is currently doing that
  • lewa is it happened once in a dream
  • tahu is if i had to pick a dude
  • gali is eagle two



Posted by Toriel , in toys and games Dec 29 2014 · 203 views

Posted Image

i swore my first bio2k15 sets would be kopaka pohatu then onua but i went to the mall today and i had the money so i bought their smaller counterparts. i still built them in ice -> stone -> earth order to honour my original first three toa

i also discovered bionicle isnt complete without unweildy weapons and bad proportions and thats one of the things that really sets this apart from hero factory

also, as someone who is onukin and enderkin, earth defender gives me Many Otherkin Feels


back at it again on mata nui

Posted by Toriel , in toys and games Sep 19 2014 · 118 views
bionicle 2k15, rise
hoo boy

what kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl?

name: clover

gender: female

location: the cyber web grid

interests: headcanoning all your fave characters as transgender and being better than you in every conceivable way

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