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The Lost Light Insider


i dont know what im doing here but im having fun

Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games, mocing May 31 2016 · 457 views

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ive signed this wips death sentence by posting it publicly



Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games May 21 2016 · 265 views

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breez 1.0 helmet fits on brain attack visors as well


right then

Posted by Rodimus , in mocing, toys and games May 21 2016 · 347 views

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where to start?


weve achieved something

Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games May 20 2016 · 373 views

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just found out brain attack visors fit inside gelus helmet lads


hey bryan!

Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games Apr 20 2016 · 384 views

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How To Peacefully Spend Your Retirement As A Window Prop, by Cyclonus of Upper Tetrahex

Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games Apr 14 2016 · 413 views

How To Peacefully Spend Your Retirement As A Window Prop, by Cyclonus of Upper Tetrahex found my old friend cyclonus the other day, who i can add to the very short list of "transformers that have survived my turbulent and unstable childhood". i am by and large pleased, except for the missing arm, which i can only assume has simply been lost to the years from how often weve moved



Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games Jan 16 2016 · 447 views

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how tfa should have ended

Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games Jan 10 2016 · 499 views

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Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games Jan 09 2016 · 381 views

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[full size]

sorry for the graininess. its 2 am and my room has bad lighting so i had to mess with my cameras settings. anyway

things i am displeased about my spiffy new copy of 71305 lewa, uniter of jungle
  • friction extenders. i have never liked that part in anything, except general grievous, because he is Big and needs that friction to handle his weight
  • shoulders. i appreciate lego putting in the effort to bring back more technic-based builds, but these shoulders arent very poseable, and look strange when you lift the arms up, because the shoulders are inside the torso
  • chest armour. its just too overly specialized with not a lot of reusability due to its single connection point (which is the socket used to connect it to lewa). its a right shakespearean tragedy, because this is the first (and, tbh, only) time ive actually liked a printed part in bionicle, and id love to have had this print on like. a regular chest piece like from last year
  • weapons. lewas actual sword design just didnt look good to me, so i made them this instead
  • eyes. i dont like the new eye stalks because they dont really catch light for some reason? i dont know if its just the colour of the eyes themselves or if its actually how the piece is designed, but it feels like a letdown, not being able to hold up my bionicle in the sun and have its eyes glow
  • hips. idk. i just dont particularly have any use for that kind of function
  • mask. not that its a bad design or anything. i just dont like dual-colour masks. i never have. i wish it had just been all-green. the runes on the mask grew on me though, and the design is definitely an improvement over last years
  • back. i know this is a common complaint but theres not a whole lot to the back. luckly it isnt too bad on lewa, who is a naturally slender character, but on someone like onua it would be a problem i think
oh dear it seems like i am displeased about a lot when a lot of this stuff is minor gripes, some of which can be easily fixed, and in fact HAVE been fixed (the weapons, the gear, the extenders). lewa is a really nice set though. very aesthetically pleasing. i bought uxar to pair with because i thought lewa alone would be incredibly boring and uninteresting, but as it turns out that wasnt the case. although uxar looks quite nice attached too, it wasnt as big a necessity as i thought it would be. i also thought id be bothered by the abundance of silver and the use of yellow axles, but to my surprise its not that bothersome to me? shrug

anyway thats my lewa thoughts. thanks for reading



Posted by Rodimus , in toys and games Jan 04 2016 · 495 views

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