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Toa Nidhiki05's Blog


Holy Cam

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Nov 18 2013 · 399 views





Carolina Panthers

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Nov 10 2013 · 691 views
Football, Panthers, Awesome
Wow, what a great football game. 6-3 baby! Sorry Niners fans, but CK < Cam.


Top Ten Mario Songs

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Aug 23 2013 · 539 views

1-10. Dire Dire Docks

Mario music is great but this is the best Mario song by far.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Aug 20 2013 · 502 views
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is fantastic. My town, Ericton (before you ask, yes, my name is Eric and yes, I named the town after myself), is growing quite rapidly and it's all thanks to my beetle farming hard work and determination! I've already got three bridges, a fountain, and a two-story house with a basement coming tomorrow.
I just love the way this game works - it almost seems like a sequel to both the first one (one of my favorite games of all time) and City Folk, because all of the features in them are either here or heavily improved upon. Town modifications are a natural progression from the first game's signboards and random bridge creations, and the more functional island and Main Street (which is what the city should have been like) bring out the best of both games. I know some people are going gaga over the addition of shoes and pants/dresses, but it's not a big deal to me - I've never really cared about accessories (aside from the Link costume in City Folk. That was pretty cool.). There is one minor fault with this, though - my brother found a beard and kaffiyeh at Able Sisters and the natural reaction was 'I'm going to be Moses!', but having a toga with pants was just weird and trying the toga as a dress looked really, really weird. So yeah, you can't really make a convincing Moses in this game, which is a shame cause Moses is freaking awesome to have as a costume in AC. :(
Moses aside, I really like this game. It's as close as Animal Crossing has ever gotten to recreating the feel and experience of the first one, and that is pretty freaking awesome. For the record, here are how I would rank all the Animal Crossing games:
1. The original (the absolute best one, with so many features that it is just as fun to jump in today as it was in 2002)
2. New Leaf
3. City Folk (I know some people hate it, but I thought it was fun for a while)
4. Wild World (If you have New Leaf, you don't ever need to buy this game. It isn't bad, but it ripped out a lot of what made the first one so great.)


What now?

Posted by Toa Nidhiki05 , Aug 16 2013 · 914 views

Well, it appears I (thankfully) missed another blow-up on here. I have no clue what happened, but I assume someone made an insensitive or offensive comment and people took offense to it. If that's the case, (s)he probably deserved it... But that's not the biggest problem I see here.
The community is split in half. One half has one view, one half the other. Most people are respectful, but a few on both sides can't stand everyone on the other. That is a major problem. A split of opinion is not a bad things - much good has come from people who have different views, but respect each other and try and get around those differences. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are a good example, and in more recent times it would be George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. No good can come from people - regardless of which side they stand on, which beliefs they endorse, which religion they are - disrespecting huge chunks of society. People who think everyone that disagrees with them is a disgusting bigot who deserves to be belittled, ridiculed, and robbed of the respect that we all as human beings are entitled to are the problem in our society. Being a 'tolerant' person does not give you the excuse to treat others poorly, and being a 'righteous' person does not give you a right to treat others poorly... As a matter of fact, nothing gives you the right to treat others poorly.
I can't speak for everyone who believes what I do, but I believe that everyone is equal and that, regardless of how you see someone else's beliefs or lifestyle, they are human and you are just as messed up as they are. I believe we share more in common than not, and I believe we would truly understand our neighbor more if we laid down the pitchforks and started talking about things. Does that mean that you can't disagree with someone, or view something they do as wrong? Of course it doesn't - we are given a moral compass for a reason, and calling out true evil deserves to be done. But it does mean you should treat them as you would treat yourself, your family, your friends, your beliefs, and your country. I'm not perfect, and I mess up on this a lot... But I want to strive to view things that way. And you know what? Nothing can excuse not reaching out to someone. If you disagree with them, guess what? That's life. Nobody is going to think exactly the way you do, and you are going to disagree with people. To me, I think if we could just sit down and talk, we'd find more in common than you might think. We are all human, and most all of us strive to do what is right by our beliefs and our country... Even if it is just that little, that's still a great thing we share. You might have to agree to disagree, but who knows - maybe that could help you, and your opposite, out a little bit. People are different - we're all different - but we are all people.
But, it's a shame that such an event could likely never happen here. It pains me to see this community I've been a part of for a third of my life be torn apart by intolerance from people, and that's really all I'm getting at. Can't we just agree to disagree, get on with our lives, and get back to being the best LEGO community on the internet? I miss the days when I could truly say that about our community. I miss the days when, instead of yelling at each other and taking sides and names, we could just talk about our shared interest.


Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: North Carolina
Language: American English
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Not interested
Political View: Libertarian-conservative or conservative-libertarian
Instrument: Bass guitar
Favorite Genres: Rock, Christian rock, country

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