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General Update: The Next Six Weeks

Posted by Sumiki , in BZPower, Life, Music, Other Stuff Apr 02 2014 · 106 views

Alright, so I'm going to have to finish up being sick, play baseball thrice a week until May, prepare for the end-of-season awards day/roast for the team (I'm in charge of making dumb videos for the roast portion), and finish up my course work for this semester.
I was going to compete in a piano competition in Charlotte but that fell through - even though I passed the regional with flying colors, the state tournament conflicts with a home game for us against the toughest team we're due to face. This sucks, because even though I didn't care about the competition (Béla Bartók said "competitions are for horses, not artists," and I agree), if I'm going to put off learning tough repertoire that I want to learn in order to play stuff I don't care for and have now overplayed, I was hoping to get some mileage out of them before I went into "I'd-rather-give-myself-a-papercut-with-the-sheet-music-than-play-it-again" territory.

Oh, and I'm composing a set of 23 short piano pieces for a legally blind prodigy, as well as a longer piece to be played by myself for my honor society's graduation ceremony, which, last I heard, they were trying to move to a Friday specifically so they could accommodate my playing because people really liked what I threw together last time apparently. This piece might end up being for four hands, which I really hope works out. Because of reasons. (she's cute)
By now, you all should know what happens when May rolls around, so I'll try not to spoil anything there.

The things that could have been put off have been, I'm sorry to say. I'll try to get around to writing more for Rise of the Rookies (which is still a thing that I haven't forgotten about) as well as do THAT ONE THING which none of you know about except for Pablo. At the moment I'm swamped, but I'm still kicking.


On Attaining Goals

Posted by Sumiki , in BIONICLE/LEGO, BZPower, Life Mar 31 2014 · 97 views

I have been a member of BZPower for nearly seven and a half years. Every time speculation on new spinnies arises, I am there on the front lines campaigning for :spinsmile: to become an official spinny.
Today, my fellow members, I am proud to say that I have succeeded in this illustrious endeavor.
I came to this web site with a mission, and now that mission is complete.
Spin on, my friends.
Spin on.



Posted by Sumiki , in Life Mar 13 2014 · 143 views

The past week or so has been absolutely mad. I won't try to list all the crazy things that have transpired so I'll just kind of condense it:
Our washing machine began to go bad and broke, so we got a new one, only for the delivery to be delayed because of store-side incompetency, ice, etc. Our mailbox decided to bite the dust around the same time, although getting a new one was relatively simple.
The high school baseball season was slated to start last week, but our first game was sleeted out with two out in the top of the first inning. Bad conditions also forced the cancellation of a doubleheader that Saturday, which meant that our first game was last Tuesday. (We won decisively, despite the lack of practice.)
The weather has been absolutely brutal. Multiple rounds of ice left many trees weakened, including a massive Bradford Pear tree in our front yard. It was over two stories tall and was the first thing that many visitors pointed out. Key word here being "was" - three massive pieces broke off, leaving the last quarter standing. If that had collapsed, we wouldn't have a front porch. As it was, much of Tuesday was spent attempting to clear out what we could with a rather limited tool supply, so we could use the driveway.
If the downed trees were specific to our own yard, we wouldn't have had a problem getting some folks to come out and knock down the last part before it collapsed onto the house. As it was, though damage was significant in our area, we didn't lose power while the ice was knocking out lines left and right. In our city, we were in the 20% of people with power when the ice hit.
Then last night, a cold front blows through at about 60 miles an hour. The straight-line winds were knocking over more trees than the ice, and the rain was so thick I couldn't even see outside. As strange as it was, it lasted no more than about a minute, as it was a thin band and whipped right on through.
My dad and I went out and beat each other senseless at a local fencing club, then returned to find the house without any power - even though the neighborhood through the woods behind us had light. We also got into the precarious position of having had to jury-rig one of the emergency releases on the garage door during a previous inexplicable power outage, and so had to re-jury-rig it just so we could get the car in
This morning, although the power was on, we realized that the folks who had put the washer in the day before had somehow, gotten the hoses reversed; "cold" was hooked up to the hot water line and vice versa. My dad got behind the appliances with a set of tools, but despite his best efforts, water went everywhere. Fortunately our veritable towel collection was able to mop up the mess. This was later fixed after calling the store, and the tree people came out to saw up what remained of the Bradford Pear.
Long story short: if I've talked with you or promised you assistance in something over the past few weeks, then I apologize for my sudden inactivity. I've was swamped, and then swamp, quite literally, froze over.


Three Hours of Sleep

Posted by Sumiki , in Life Feb 19 2014 · 195 views

Midnight: Reading in bed. Allergies begin. Reading ceases.
1:00 AM: Allergies still continue.
2:00 AM: Finally asleep.
3:30 AM: Wake up to a huge flash of lightning and massive crash of thunder. Walls shake and windows are vigorously rattling.
3:45 AM: Unable to return to sleep. Get up to close blinds and check the weather online. Mom comes up, awakened as well by the bomb-like sound of the storm.
4:00 AM: Back in bed, but unable to sleep. Lightning still bright, but thunder farther off.
4:15 AM: Startled out of grogginess by dad urging me to get to the basement after hearing a cadre of sirens wailing outside. TV in basement turned on, no local channels had storm warnings.
5:00 AM: Dad convinced of false alarm. Returned to bed.
8:00 AM: Alarm goes off.


Impaled By Snow

Posted by Sumiki , in Life Feb 14 2014 · 94 views

The snow here has been strange. The first layer - a good five inches - was a dry snow of the kind I'd never seen before. Around 8:00 on Wednesday the snow turned to sleet, which ceased at around 2:00 Thursday morning. This sleet froze over the soft snow and provided the base for the second layer of snow, which lasted until around 4:00 on Thursday afternoon. Strangely enough, this snow was the wet, thick, packable kind of the kind that I'm used to.
Perfect sledding conditions.
A few runs down our driveway hill packed the top layer down even further and created an exceptionally smooth surface. The only problem was that the layer below - the soft, powdery snow - was still there.
One of my sledding runs was cut short by riding up onto a small hill, with the intention of coasting off of it to gain speed for a longer run. The only problem was that the sled - which was coming apart on its first few uses - decided to catch somewhere on the ice, catapulting itself through the layer of nearly impenetrable ice and through to the soft powder below.
What this meant for me, riding with my chest on the sled, was that the ice that the sled was now under was heading straight for my chest, and I blacked out for a few seconds after it knocked out every particle of air in my lungs. When I came to, my dad was beside me, laughing uncontrollably. I staggered to all fours and looked at the sled.
Huge chunks of ice - ice crushed by my sternum and ribcage - had buried the upper half of the sled (which is as tall as I am) completely. The surrounding surface was cratered, as the reverberations of my inertia had dispersed, imploding the general area.
I grabbed the sled and proceeded back to the top of the hill, ready to do it all again.



Posted by Sumiki , in Life, Other Stuff, Sumiki's Dad, twiggy Feb 10 2014 · 71 views

Because I looked at this blog and thought, there's a lack of my dad posing with one-gallon jars of mayonnaise.
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Posted by Sumiki , in Life, twiggy Jan 28 2014 · 175 views



its ocld

Posted by Sumiki , in Life Jan 07 2014 · 169 views

onlee wan playc is oclder
also go enter that contest

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just a heads up - Cthulhu would probably eradicate mankind before bringing back Bionicle
so yeah, all I'm saying is, please think twice about this okay

nothing gets democracy flowing like erratic capitalizatION

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You have a great understanding of history, but don't forget, war, murder and other poor decisions are also huge characteristics.

Also a long line of really great hats.

Shhh, I'm trying to focus on the negative to justify my dislike of history.

have we mentioned hats

To be fair, I am the one responsible for the invention of Mafia in the 1320s by seventeen bored italians locked in a mine shaft.
It's a long story.


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