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Lone Star Blog


So I'm in Stockholm Now

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Mar 26 2015 · 156 views
sweden, vacation
Why are people here so well-dressed?? Or maybe I'm just a sucker for the whole slim-winter-coat-and-scarf look.

This is the last night of my vacation though. Tomorrow I fly back to the states. It's really fun though. My Instagram only tells a very small story.

It's too bad I won't be doing something like this again for a long time (if ever), but hey -- that's kinda the point right? Once is better than never.


I leave for Munich in 2 days

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Mar 19 2015 · 100 views
germany, vacation
Hey what's up!

Who's been to Munich? Any must-sees/must-eats I should try? Reubens and beer are on already on the list, as is (most likely) which ever attraction you believe is the #1 result on TripAdvisor.

Got any tips?


Special Pi Day

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Mar 14 2015 · 109 views

Happy 3-14-15 everyone! Enjoy whatever type of pie that you'll undoubtedly be eating.



Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Mar 13 2015 · 111 views

Hey! Remember me?

Just sitting here on the MAX right now. There's nothing quite like spending some time on a city where the hills and trees are taller, but it otherwise rather similar to home.

Looking forward to seeing all the new and old faces at Bricks Cascade!


Happy New Year to Dubai (and you)!

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Dec 31 2014 · 105 views
new years, dubai
As per the trend, my sister in Dubai has enjoying early access to New Years (I still need to post those pictures I took while there, don't I?). I don't think I've ever seen a city go all out like this for their fireworks.

Seriously though, this year was a step up from 2013 in many ways. Goals and such didn't progress for me as fast as I wanted though. I said this time last year that 2014 would be the year of change. I was half right -- the changes were just delayed by 6 months. I did finally start going to the gym and I saw some results, but it's challenging to keep a habit like this going. I'm paying too much to keep skipping out though. 2015 will be interesting to say the least. Lots of management changes at my job (a job that has less than desirable work, I must confess).

That, and the Power Lies Beneath project didn't move as fast as I wanted. I've moved some priorities around though, so you all should start seeing some new stuff soon.

Anyway, 2014 was a good year, a nice step up from the not-so-enjoyable 2013. We'll just have to see how I fare for 2015. I definitely look forward to at least catching a glimpse of Doc Brown and Marty McFly -- not to mention all the tech advancements! Flying cars, hoverboards... it's gonna be great. :lol:

For those who haven't been graced with 2015 yet (like me), I hope tonight is fantastic for you, whether you're out having fun or sitting at home binge-watching The Legend of Korra on Amazon.

I'll be out! Of course... :lookaround:


Title Grammar Question

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Dec 24 2014 · 132 views
game titles
Ok, I'm 90% certain that I got it right the first time, but I need to hear honest feedback:

Power Lies Beneath or The Power Lies Beneath?

Which sounds better? Which is better from a title grammar perspective? Does it only depend on what "Power" means or does it really not matter? Let me have your input!


Enter the Ninjago Monster Contest!

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Sep 18 2014 · 115 views

Entry period ends on September 22nd. There have been some entries from this forum so far, but I'd really love to see more from you guys!

Here's a refresher on the entry requirements:


1. There should be one entry per member. All BZPower members are welcome to submit an entry.

2. Entries must adequately fit into the Ninjago theme. For music, that means either stylistically or through lyrics. Don't be afraid to be creative with this if you plan on writing lyrics though!

3. All entries must be your new and original work and cannot have been presented before.

4. You may not modify your entry once posted unless you have instruction to do so to fix a rules violation, or if you have approval to correct a minor error. All such requests should be PMed to Emzee.


1. Board games, card games, video games, and detailed game ideas are all allowed as entries.

2. All game ideas must be your new and original work and cannot have been presented before, whether on paper or as an actual game or game demo.

3. Entries may not be modified once posted unless you have instruction to do so to fix a rules violation, or if you have approval to correct a minor error. All such requests should be PMed to Emzee.

4. Games must fit into the theme mentioned.

5. If entering a game idea, each entry must include at least the following:

  • An objective of the game (the “win” condition)
  • A genre (First Person Shooter, Action-Adventure, etc.). Board/card games are allowed.
  • A detailed overview of the game controls (keyboard keys, joystick support, etc.)
  • A detailed description of your game’s mechanics or features (i.e. what can the player do?)
  • A description of your game’s artistic style (if applicable)
  • A description of the story and characters (if applicable)

6. If entering a playable game as an entry, make sure to include a short but informative description about the game. You should include screenshots or, if you're submitting a board/card game, pictures of the props, cards, etc.

7. There should be one entry per member. All BZPower members are welcome to submit an entry.

Four days left. Make me proud, y'all.

(I should have maybe posted this sooner and for that I am sorry)

Source: Create, envision, or compose in the name of Ninjago!


RTX Pictures

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Jul 12 2014 · 135 views
austin, gaming convention
Hi everyone. For those who wanted to see those pictures, here is the URL.

www.dropbox.com/sh/oza1yocyjnd769a/AADApUVE9tMPKoHZnnO5cgaXa . Sorry there aren't that many, I'm no master photographer by any stretch.

I had a blast at that convention, and being able to sleep in my own bed was so worth going alone. I do really need to find people to go with next year. I also still need to go watch that other stream with the Game Grumps, since I decided to go see the RWBY Vol. 1 screening instead.


RTX / Fourth of July

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Jul 04 2014 · 226 views
gaming convention, austin
First off, I want to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July. Even if that date means nothing to you, it's still a Friday. Go out and party it up tonight! :D

Next up. There were some... unfortunate complications with RTX today. Thus, I'm home earlier than expected. This means I get to talk about my first day at the convention.

I woke up bright and early since I regrettably could not get off work early enough for the pre-registration. How they arranged the process was a little complicated, but the (very kind and helpful) Guardians were posted everywhere to direct people and answer questions, so I'm very grateful for that. While in line for registration, I caught a glimpse of Gus rushing by. This was only within like 15 minutes of walking into the convention center.

I would have been ready to enter the con proper at about 9 -- only an hour after the registration opened. Only issue was that the con starts at 12, so I had some waiting to do in that regard (but I at least was near the front of the line to enter the exhibit hall).

Unfortunately, I missed the call for people waiting for the exhibit hall to open to leave the line to go to the RWBY panel waiting hall. They had apparently announced it at about 10 am.

The panel was at 1 pm.

One thing that definitely stands out is how much earlier I have to get in line for things as opposed to PAX East. Attendance has doubled this year at RTX, which means rooms fill up faster than you would think humanly possible. So yeah, I can't talk about RWBY because the hall was filled up long before I even made it to the correct line.

A positive thing from this is that I had plenty of time to explore the exhibit hall and some lunch at one of the few Austin food trucks open on 4th of July. I learned my lesson for the RTAA panel (which was at 3pm) and got in line at about 1:30pm. RTAA isn't quite as popular as RWBY, so I got to sit near the front for that one. Saw Gus Bot, and chuckled at the some of the very ... awkward questions con-goers asked Jordan, Gus, and Burnie (nothing I'm not used to at this point).

After the RTAA panel, I went back to the exhibit hall and picked up Munchkin: Apocalypse. I've been wanting to pick up one of the Munchkin games for awhile and when the lady and the booth talked about it, I knew Apocalypse was the one I wanted.

I went back up to where the main hall was at about 5:30 just to make sure I could get a good seat for the Game Grumps event (which was to be at 8 pm). Line was already packed and I think the Guardians had prepare the waiting room earlier than anticipated, but yeah. I was about in the center of the waiting room

The next highlight was going to be see the Game Grumps play Cards Against Humanity, but then the unfortunate complication happened. All in all, I had a great time, but no lie: it's really not the same going to a convention yourself unless you're the life-of-the-party type. I talked to plenty of people, but it was clear that a lot of us were overextending ourselves to be talkative, and it's just so much effort when you're a huge introvert (coming up with something to talk about is hard). The events and booths are cool, but at every con, the true draw is really just hanging out with your friends.

That's enough rambling. Here are the few pictures I managed to take.

Looking forward to tomorrow (which will be boosted by a good night's sleep tonight!)



Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick , Jun 25 2014 · 211 views
steam summer sale and 2 more...
^ As said by my wallet. Yeah, that's right.

They got me too. :(

Batman: Arkhan Origins
BioShock Infinite
TES: Skyrim
Mirror's Edge
Saints Row IV
Serious Sam (all the games)
Star Wars: Battlefront 2
Dragon Age: Origins
DmC Devil May Cry

(This money is supposed to go towards adult things!!)
Posted Image<- also my wallet.

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TV shows I'm watching: Parks and Recreation
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