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Collectible Minifigure Audit

Posted by xccj , Nov 15 2017 · 125 views

Lately, I've been reading posts from people who were putting together displays for their collectible minfigures. Some people have gone all out, with fully enclosed framed collections, whereas others build colored stands and such. Me, I had them all tossed in a bucket, but it got me thinking about a display. I got my Ninjago characters up on display (kinda annoyed that the next batch don't look that great but I really want to continue collecting full sets of the main cast) but I really do have way more CMFs. But my reason for wanted them is for minifig customization, so their parts get swapped out in custom builds and thrown into other characters and stuff. So, just to start off with, I was wondering how many CMFs I still had together. (Part of this was inspired by me finally getting a bunny suit guy. I previously gave my copy away, thinking I had a spare, but that spare turned out to be the tennis ace, and then I realized that buying a replacement was going to be really expensive... anyway, finally found a good deal.)

... and thus went my day of sorting through my collection. Like I said, I had a bin full of figs, which at one point I had sorted through and separated all the CMFs. But some of the figs got parted out years ago, so I spent a significant amount of time hunting down and rebuilding some. There were some that I knew were in existing models, and some where I had no idea where the pieces went. I rebuilt some fully, and for some I "customized" by using similar elements because I couldn't find the originals. Then I threw them into an Excel sheet so I can have STATISTICS! (And for reference, I'm not counting any of the licensed waves, like the Lego Movie, Disney, Batman, Ninjago, or *gag* Simpsons.)

I own 251 unique characters. I definitely caught the collector's bug, because I've bought full sets of all the waves except the first three. However, for #14, I reviewed the batch and then gave away a bunch, so I no longer "own" a majority of them from that wave. I also gave away the Wrestler from #15... and yes, I never found Mr. Gold in #10, so it is alas not a full collection. But clearly I've wasted a lot of money on these.

I have 181 figs fully built. Or mostly, since I'm not demanding their accessories.

I have an additional 37 figs that are custom builds. These are the figs where I couldn't find all their original parts, so I substituted some in to make them complete, like slightly different heads, different hair styles, ext. Most of these cases were simply because I couldn't find the original pieces, but some were because I was using the original bit elsewhere, like some of the rare hair pieces or a few arms in a unique color.

Even then, I still have 12 figs in partial builds, since they're missing essential elements that can't be easily substituted.

I have 10 figs that I happen to know are currently in MOCs, or in one case is on display in my car. :D

And then I have 11 figs where I have no idea where they are. They're probably buried somewhere in my collection, but they weren't in my standard fig-parts bins.

Anyway, that's a lot of figs. I don't know if I'll put together an actual display, because it would still be incomplete and that would irk the studs out of me. I might think about selecting some of my favorites for a display. It's also nice find some figs that are now worth a toooon on the secondary market but that I found at blind bag prices, like the S10 Bumblebee Girl, S2 Spartan Warrior, and S1 Nurse... and now also the S7 Bunny Suit Guy.



Star Wars was great

Posted by xccj , Dec 17 2015 · 343 views

Man, that was quite a movie. Some great space sequences, good light sabor duels. Dialog was okay, but I wasn't expecting much more.

Lots of good shocking moments. I mean, I totally saw Darth Binks coming, but Reys dad being C3P0 was quite the surprise. It was also quite a shock when Chewbacca betrayed the Rebels to the stormtroopers. Didn't see that coming.

Oh, sorry if I spoiled anything, but yeah seems like a good movie, or at least one fans will complain about but watch a dozen times anyway. Still haven't decided when my second showing will be. Anyway, good night, and may the force not sleep in with you.

*also I should probably say I haven't seen the movie yet... Writing this from my theater seat, 1 hour to go. Suffice to say, spoilers above are fakes. As far as I can tell.*



Thoughts on Future Lego in 2014

Posted by xccj , Nov 24 2013 · 320 views

So I just posted about my buying habits on this year’s sets, and now I’ll look to the sets coming out for 2014.  At least in the winter, anyway.  I’ll focus on the ones that are public on BrickSet, just so that way I don’t accidentally discuss any unreleased sets.  (But I’m pretty sure most of them have been revealed by now.)
Again, I’ll start off with the theme I’m most excited for: Ninjago.  It’s rebooted with robots and new vehicles and everything.  And a fair amount of purple elements, although so far 3 or the 4 villain groups that the Ninjas have faced have included purple highlights.  And Ninjas with hair!  Finally.  Their hair in the show helped give them personalities, and although I was able to recreate Zane, Jay, and Cole’s hairs (granted, Cole’s was expensive to find at the time) Kai and Lloyd were more difficult, so it’s cool to see new molds for each of them.  The vehicles don’t necessarily look revolutionary, but they look good enough and have a plethora of interesting new pieces within them.  I’ll probably try to get them all, except for maybe the MechDragon (due to cost) just as a way to make sure I complete my 2014 Ninja collection.  And the new techno-blade weapons are cool too.  (Because I may have picked one of the sets up at a Fred Meyers who released them a couple of weeks early… maaaaaaaybe.)
I’m much more torn on Hero Factory.  On one hand, I love the idea of more mechs using the ball-joint system they have going, and some of the designs look pretty good.  But on the other hand… the whole idea of constraction sets is to build your own larger hero, like a Toa or whatever, and by reducing the protagonists to minifigs again feels like you’re losing some of that feel that made Bionicle so great.  Yeah, there’s still the constraction monster figures, and then the mech, but I’m worried about the direction this is going, like build-you-own-figure will soon be a thing of the past.  (Not to mention that the strange look of the Hero figs seems to feel more like an off-brand set compared to traditional Lego sets… but I guess that’s a complaint that Exo Force probably got with it’s robots, and it’s the complaint that certain AFOLs have been giving about Bionicle this whole time.)  All the same, I’m interested in some of the new parts and colors they’re coming out with, so I’ll probably grab one or two.
Legends of Chima looks interesting.  It seems like the former warring tribes now have to unite to face the spiders and scorpions and bats?  I dunno the story, but some of the newer figs look okay.  Most of the vehicle sets aren’t exactly appealing to me; they have okay designs but nothing that’s a must buy.  However, the Rhino one looks really cool (is that sand blue??) so I’ll try and save up for that one.  The Legend Beasts seem to be very hit-or-miss types.  The eagle and wolf are good, but the lion and gorilla are laughable, and the crocodile gets a middle slot.  Still, lots of cool curved pieces and new ball joints in good colors, not to mention some classic figs.  (Also, Eris comes in like 3 cheap sets this year??  Why’d I go out of my way to buy her at BrickCon??)  Anyway, I think I’ll pick up a few.
The Lego Movie is also promising to release some really awesome sets.  A few seem to focus on Emmet and friends on their adventures, while others have classic city vehicles being transformed into jets or mechs to fight cube-shaped bad guys.  I, for one, absolutely love the idea of things like the Fire Truck mech.  There’s like no other theme this would fit into, and it’s too wacky for a standard city theme, so I think it’s awesome that they’re fitting this in with the movie.  Plus, lots of great City minifigs that look cool, in addition to seemingly having a higher percentage of females in there.  (Although a fair amount seem to be the damsels-in-distress with the vehicle transformation sets.)  Realistically, I’d want most all of them, but to start out with I’ll probably just aim for the Cycle Chase and the Ice Cream Truck.
Also related to the Lego Movie is the 12th wave of Collectible Minifigures.  And I WANT THEM ALL!!  Very few duds in here.  Maybe dynamite-robot guy is a little unappealing, and the Cop and President Business and Emmet are just slight alterations from their in-set counterparts.  But I don’t care, I’d still want em!  However, if wave 13 is really just the Simpsons… well it might be the first wave I skip entirely.  I have no real desire to buy the Simpsons, even if I’m not opposed to the theme as much as some people are.  I’ll just show my opinion based on my purchases.  Of course, I may change my mind if they come with some exceptionally good elements or designs that would be good for customization.
The upcoming Hobbit sets are also not quite up my alley.  The Dol Guldur do not appeal to me in the slightest, although the figs are decent.  Really, they look kind of like the Moria set from last year, where a bunch of detail was put into lackluster walls.  Maybe it’ll make more sense once I’ve seen the movie.  The Lake Town one does look good, and the Elf Army seems like a pricey army-builder with a mild build included, but neither really call out to me either.  I’ll instead hold out for some hopeful LotR ones next year… if some of those do come out.
The Batman Super Hero sets are intriguing, with a nice expanded cast including Robin II, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Flash!  In particular, I’m eyeing the Joker Steam Roller with Batgirl.  The Steam Roller looks okay, albeit relying on a few larger pieces, but the Bat Plane or whatever looks awful.  I can’t tell if it has a function or not, but I’m torn on if the minifigures and parts there are worth it.  (And I guess they'll have Spider Man ones comming out too?  Not that interested, but I'll wait and see.  Although future X-Men or Captain America models for a summer release would be really great!)
I’m really no longer interested in Star Wars now that I’ve acquired the original trilogy figs that I wanted.  So most of the sets are bleh as far as I’m concerned.  Except the Micro Fighters.  I’ve heard a lot of criticism for them, but I love the chibi look and can’t wait to get a smallish Millennium Falcon to be on display! I wish they had continued the planet sets, but I suppose they’ll continue to make micro ships in polybag form, and these new models are a great new size.  And hey, the scale was applauded when it was the NYCC Slave II promotional set, so I’m happy that they’re expanding this and making them affordable too!  (I assume they’ll be affordable at $10-$12)
Some of the upcoming Friends sets have some decent colors in them, and I’m particularly interested in the ones that include the penguin and a dolphin… sure, they’re just large molds BUT IT’S A CUTE PENGUIN AND DOLPHIN!!  Related to that are the new Disney Princess sets, which have some good usages of colors I want like purple, lavender, and azure.  None of the Princess ones really seem like must-buys for me, even though they’re nice designs, but gosh if they had made one with Jasmine and Aladdin, I would’ve bought that one up in a hurry.  (I would say Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies ever.)  I’ll be curious to see if the Princess line is as successful as Friends.
And then there’s Technic.  Um, I don’t really buy a lot of Technic, even if I build in it quite often, but mostly I BrickLink the specific parts I need.  I guess I like it better when I’m building Rahi out of it.
And then there’s the Mixels.  The previews we saw of them make me think they’ll be affordable and have some good pieces in nice colors, not to mention a good amount of the new mini ball joint that intermingle with standard System elements.  I’m excited for them, but I really haven’t seen what all the sets will be like.  If they are impulse priced, I’ll probably pick em all up.
TL/DR Summery:
So, for now, if I had to pick a few themes to focus on, it would be Ninjago and The Lego Movie (including the full wave of Series 12 minifigs), along with the Chima Rhino truck, Star Wars Millennium Falcon and X Wing Micro Fighter, the Friends sets with the penguin and dolphin, and one or two Hero Factory mechs.
So which ones are you interested in?


Name a Bionicle Character Without the Letter "A" in Their Name.

Posted by xccj , Feb 27 2013 · 731 views

This seems to be a popular theme going around, so lets make it Bionicle flavored.



2 Weeks Left

Posted by xccj , Dec 03 2012 · 213 views

1 week of regular school classes left, and then 1 week of finals.
And then I'm finished with college.  I'll be graduating.  Finally.
And I still have some pretty big projects to complete in that time, not to mention the tests.  >.<  Mostly I just want school to end so I can start the internship, get paid, and have a little spending money again!
Also random animation becuase I can: 
Posted Image


Pirate vs Ninja

Posted by xccj , Oct 07 2012 · 867 views

It depends on which angle you view it from.

So yeah, BrickCon is awesome. Took lots of picks, lots of good times had by all. But for now, just wanted to post the cheese slope mosaic, which finally got made.

Posted Image
Posted Image

It didn't win any trophy, but the ones that did deserved them. We'll have to make a larger one next year.

More BrickCon news when I'm not having to hack in thru velox's laptop. :P



Chief Engineer Olson Reporting In

Posted by xccj , Sep 02 2012 · 506 views

Hey, check out my fancy red shirt!

Posted Image

(Also, now I realize how hard it is to keep within the avatar / banner size limit when you're dealing with animations. That, and I figured out how to make gifs in Photoshop!)



L S O Epics

Posted by xccj , Jul 10 2012 · 395 views

Why do they not have review topics yet? :( I don't wanna plan with my teammates, but I wanna at least point out the cool things they came up with in their latest chapters.

Also, to critique the other entries, and criticize them and lower their moral comment on their stories too!

Also, I expected all the teams to be pushing up the maximum of four chapters per day. :(

Still, it's fun stuff, and I like how the stories I'm in keep twisting and turning. :D



Climbing Mt. Adams

Posted by xccj , Jul 09 2012 · 228 views

So my family went on a little hike today. The idea was to drive up Mt. Adams to timberline, and then take a trail that led around the mountain. We only got up partway before the road was snowed in, and started up the trail with the assumption that the snow would go away. It didn't.

Yes, I hiked through snow today, in July, while it was 80+ degrees out. (Fahrenheit, obviously.)

And since snow is really reflective and everything, and it was really sunny, and despite the good amount of sunscreen I applied, I still managed to burn my entire face. I'd say sadface now, but it feels more like this: :burnmad: Either that or Red Skull.

On the other hand, I'm in the one part of the country that's not currently on fire, so I can't complain too much.



More Korra

Posted by xccj , Jun 24 2012 · 518 views

Okay, saw it. I thought it was good. Gave most of the characters plenty of room to shine, and had a few twists in there. Yeah, the last five minutes weren't the best, but I don't think they were as bad as people keep saying.


Wait wait wait... it's over. Second season isn't coming next week? Now what will I have to watch online? :(


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