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And I Just Went In For a PAB Cup...

Posted by xccj , in News Jul 07 2014 · 73 views

And I left the LEGO Store with the Batman Steamroller set, the X-Men Blackbird, Friends Tiger polybag (FINALLY they had it) and the TMNT Shredder polybag. Oh, and a PAB Cup with medium lavender and dark azure 2x4 plates, which was the primary reason I visited. (Also a few ladder pieces, cause why not. No horses though... they sold out of those within days, sadly.)

I was only going to buy the PAB cup... but then they had the Friends polybag, and then I wanted to get something non-girly, then I saw that the Batman set was 20% off (cause it's kinda a lame set for its regular cost) and then I realized that I was only like $15 away from the $75 limit to get the free polybag, but there weren't any $15 sets that I had my eye on, so I just went ahead and grabbed the Blackbird. And ended up spending way more than I anticipated, but these were all sets that I've had my eye on, and it's kinda a good deal on the one, and I'm getting VIP points that I can use later this year on the REALLY large sets... and I have an income but no impulse control when it comes to LEGO.

Also anybody know the worth of the Shredder polybag? In hindsight, I really don't want it, not being a fan of TMNT, so it's mostly meh to me. Maybe I could trade it for something later? I also have the Martian Manhunter fig that I was also thinking about trading for something. Don't know the something yet. Maybe a Storm or Batgirl fig... oh wait, don't need those. Maybe cheese slopes? :P

(Speaking of cheese slopes, I made an order 3 weeks ago on Bricklink and the guy still hasn't shipped em! Longest I've ever waited on an order was a month, and that was from Canada so it had to go through customs. The guy mentioned he had a back-log, and my order was pretty big... but still! He'd better get the numbers right two... another order must've just weighed the parts, and as such it came up short on two bulk items. :( )

What's that, I'm supposed to be a financially responsible adult now? Eh... maybe later.



Online Black Hole For My Moneys

Posted by xccj , in News Jun 24 2014 · 107 views
No sarcasm here, at all
Soooo... I just probably spent too much in the span of 15 minutes, including a couple of first-time ever purchases.

To begin with, I registered for BrickCon. (This is the not-first-time purchase) Yeah, everybody else is getting excited for Brick Fair, but I'm not going and I've already sent in my MOCs that cost $20 for shipping. So there's not much for me to do but be envious. Instead, I need to start planning for my next big convention, and hopefully I'll have a cool MOC ready for it soon. And I came up with my engraved bricks: "Bionicle Fan: Deal With It" and "My Other Mask is a Miru".

Next, I actually went ahead and prepaid for tickets for a sporting event. This is a first. (It might also be a first where I paid for tickets to a sporting event at all...) It's the Portland Timbers vs the Colorado Rapids. Oh yeah, and it's soccer, but I hear that's all the rage nowadays. It's on a Friday which is technically still the middle of my work week but it's in the evening so I don't have to take time off, but I may just be a little tired the next day?

Finally, another first is that I sent some money to an online crowd-source fund-raising thing. Honestly, this one might've been a mistake. It's for this obscure fan site that wants to make more ridicules web videos. I guess I'm technically getting a shirt out of it, but I'll have to see if this goes anywhere in the end. They sure seem proud about it, I gotta give em that.

In addition to some recent impulsive (and expensive) Bricklink purchases, I'll probably be tight on money for the next month. Oh well, I'm sure my roommate could cover for me with rent... and utilities, food, transportation, ext.



Frosticon Mixels

Posted by xccj , in News, Review Jun 07 2014 · 99 views

Posted Image
(Click for Review)

I have to say, out of all the Mixels out so far, I think I like the Frosticons best. It's not just their cool designs that are full of character, but also the good color scheme and especially all those medium azure pieces!

I have a habit of reviewing sets that I really like. Maybe I should start reviewing sets I dislike? Except I don't buy those sets cause I dislike them... and yes, these Mixels were purchased and not freebees. (And this review may have been delayed by a few weeks because of a freebee set that got reviews...)

BUT FROSTICON MIXELS YAY! Nothing against the others (except Jawg) but they can't all be my favorites.



Facts About Penguins

Posted by xccj , in News May 27 2014 · 169 views
penguins, these are all true and 1 more...
Posted Image

I don't know if everybody watched my review on the Friends polybag set Penguin's Playground... because they should.  But instead of potentially having to deal with music that Youtube claims has some sort of copyright to it (did you know that some random band apparently owns some of the mnolg music, because when I put that in red flags went up) I decided to cover the build section with some interesting facts about penguins.  Because everybody needs to know more about penguins.
Unfortunately, I had too many facts and not a long enough build, so some of them had to be cut.  Instead, I'll provide the rest of them here for you to enjoy.
  • All penguins are found in the southern hemosphere, but not all of them hang out in Antarctica.  The Galapagos Penguins hang out around the Galapagos Islands, which is near the equator and in a much warmer climate.  Of course, this is only possible because of a cold water current around the islands, but still they're adapted to the tropical climate.
  • In general, the penguins who live in colder climates (read Antarctica) are larger in size than those that live in warmer climates.  This is apparently Bergmann's rule, but although it applies today, in the past there were giant penguins living in warmer places, so who knows what they were up to back then. Not Bergmann, that's for sure!
  • Penguins can drink salt water! They have a glad that pretty much removed the extra salt from their blood and drips it out their nose/beak. I bet people from the dry coastal areas of California wish they had that ability!
  • Penguins have really good hearing, and a mother can locate her chick in a crowded colony based on its chirps.
  • Although that hasn't stopped some mother penguins from trying to steal other chicks if they lose their own.
  • Spoiler alert: penguins cannot fly. Bet that surprised you!!
  • But they can swim; their wings and bodies are now more adapted for moving in the water.
  • Sometimes penguins will gather on the shoreline and randomly knock one of their members into the water. This isn't some sort of prank, but rather to see if there's a predator beneath the waves waiting for them.  If their comrade survives, it's safe.  If he doesn't... well, they know not to go swimming there!
  • The movie "March of the Penguins" was not actually about a penguin marching band.  This is due to the penguin's inability to play woodwind instruments, among other things.
  • Only about six species of penguins actually breed in Antarctica, with the Emperor penguins being the only ones to do it during the winter!
  • After the female Emperor penguin lays her egg, she returns to the sea to eat and re-nourish herself.  The male penguins then keep the egg insolated on their feet.  And, remember, these silly birds are doing this during the winter, so it's reeeeeeally cold when they're attempting this.
  • Lots of penguins practice tobogganing, but so far none have been able to obtain a medal at the Winter Olympics.
  • In the game Zoo Tycoon, if a penguin and an elephant got in a fight, the penguin would win due to its predator instincts.  True fact!
  • Penguins are cool.  Nuff said.
This has been facts about penguins!


Cool Co-Workers

Posted by xccj , in News May 17 2014 · 89 views

I've been at my current job for over 6 months now, which is the longest I've held a paying position.  I have some pretty great co-workers too, so I really lucked out.  (Even if I'm still not quite sure on the best way to describe my job outside of "computery-stuff.")
But one of my co-workers is a toy collector too.  He isn't exclusively into LEGO, but he collects them too.  And he's into it enough that when I mentioned BZPower's new member raffle to him, he signed up right away!
Now the question is, does he know about my blog?  :lookaround:


May Stuff I Got

Posted by xccj , in News May 15 2014 · 123 views

I've made a few nice purchases recently.  I went ahead and preordered the Lego Movie EVERYTHING IS AWESOME pack with Vitruvius and everything.  Not that I need Vitruvius; I got President Business's Evil Lair, and then I took the figs from that and put them on top of my computer at work.  So now I have Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman (2012 verson), Vitruvius, Business Kitty, Bad Copy, and President Business hanging out with me at work.  :D  Back to the movie preorder... I also threw in the Lego LotR and Marvel PC video games into my Amazon preorder... but it turns out those other two won't ship until the movie does.  Oh well. :shrugs:
I also spent some money on sets in store today, where they had the new Mixels.  I grabbed the orange Tentro for his pieces and the blue Flurr, and I totally plan on snagging the rest of the blue ones soon.  They also had a BOGO Free deal on Hero Factory, so I got the Furno and Stormer mechs.
As for other major purchases... I got an apartment, with insurance, electricity, and internet.  Well, it took a while to get internet, which is partially why I haven't been super active recently.  I also bought some furnature and a bed and food and cleaning stuff for it, and ant killer.  Because OMG there were so many ants in my room last week when the weather got really hot all of the sudden.  And althought I'm watching over my parent's place for the week, it got really hot again, so I dunno if my room was crawling with bugs again.  :(
My lease also says I have a roommate but I cannot confirm that yet.  (Well, I guess somebody else had to have put up all the posters, but I haven't seen them much, so it could just be a decorating ghost.)


Lord Business' Evil Lair...

Posted by xccj , in News Apr 03 2014 · 143 views

Is Backordered!!??!
It's like everbody wants to get it just for Business Kitty and Vitruvius.  (And double VIP points.)
Oh well, I'll have to wait, but at least it tipped me over the limit for free shipping.  I also made the presumed online order after visiting the Lego Store, where not only did they not have the Business Kitty set, but they had also already sold out of the Friends animal sets... in ONE day!!  I mean, first they delay the US release by 3 months and then sell out ultra fast...
I also picked up last year's Hobbit spider set... mostly for the figs, but I've been eyeing that one all year and I should probably snag it before it goes away.  Also, a Lizaru / Ninjago snake person keychain for 98 cents.  (It was on sale.)
Also the Technic set I want (42021 Snowmobile) is apparently availible in Europe but not in the States...?  They seem to be delaying everything for the US of A this year.  I guess we got the movie first?  But besides the snowmobile having that awesome 3L 2-rod-1-axle piece, it has some unique connectors including a 3-way-mini-ball-joint-connection piece that is lovely and hasn't been released yet and will likely work well with the Mixel sockets.  :sly:


BZPower Roommate

Posted by xccj , in News Apr 01 2014 · 154 views
So I know lots of y'all have already heard about this, but I'm just going to officially say it.  Kakaru recently moved to the Portland area, and we're going to move into an apartment next week to share rent and stuff.  Our rooms will be full of Lego... and not much else because we spent all our money on Lego.


Evo Walker Building Challenge

Posted by xccj , in News Mar 26 2014 · 83 views

So I got the Evo Walker.  Mostly for the mini Kaiju, but there are some other pieces.  But then I thought, what if I could make this build more of a challenge?  Is that even possible?
The answer is YES.
Posted Image
You can totes do this.  A big pain is that there's a little bag inside the big one with small parts, so you have to open that one inside the big bag.  And for me, anyway, it kept getting stuck on the model.  But yeah, if you want a challenge, build your Evo Walker in a set.  Better yet, also build your Mixels in their bags (the clear ones, not the main polybags they came in.) The red guy was a little tough because when you added the flames he took up almost too much space in the bag.


New Apartment

Posted by xccj , in News Mar 09 2014 · 173 views

A lot went on at Bricks Cascade this weekend, but it's not over yet so I'll blog about that later.  For now, I have other news; I'm moving into a new apartment.
I've been commuting to my job in down town Portland from my parent's house, which is 1 hour one-way on a no-traffic day.  Basically, it's a pain, so I looked into moving closer.  I found a place that's reletively affordable (assuming I don't blow all my income on lego) and also close to the MAX line (light rail public transportation), so it'll be an easy commute in.  Not nessessarily that much faster, but a 30-40 minute train ride beats a 60-90 minute car ride (or a 30 minute car ride followed by a 40 minute train ride, which is one option I've used.)  Still, it'll be a little easier to commute daily, even tho I will lose access to my parent's car.  And I'll have to pay rent and utilities and all that stuff, which is sometimes ridiculasly expensive.  Oh well.
I am splitting the cost with a roommate.  I met him online, and he seems okay enough, but he is new to the city, so hopefully he won't get too confused by real civilization.  As long as he pays rent, doesn't burn the place down, and tolerates my Lego collecting, I'm sure it'll work out.  (I've had worse roommates in the past anyway.)
So with any luck, I'll be moving in mid-April.  Yay.  Unfortunately, having to pay for rent has kinda pushed back my plans to buy a new computer, since my current one is merely limping along.  I may still get one, but it would be like two months worth of rent to buy, so I'm cautious about the idea.  (Besides, I need to save up for lego too.  :P )

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