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Love and Peace

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life, Rant, FABULOUS Aug 21 2013 · 826 views

So there has been a post going around Tumblr for awhile and I think it has some things that need to be said here.
It is illegal to be gay in 76 countries.
It is illegal to be gay in 76 countries.
It is illegal to be myself in 76 countries.
First off the number 76.This comes from a UN report from 2011. If we use a bit of Google we find that the number is currently a bit higher. But the point stays the same, it is illegal for me to be myself in 76+ countries.
Many of the countries have harsh imprisonment laws among other forms of punishment such as whippings. Or worse, some countries have the death penalty.
I can be imprisoned for being myself.
I can be killed for being myself.
Even in the United States it is not safe for me to be myself, there are states such as Louisiana that have had sting operations meant to target gay adults. Not to mention there are still a lot of hate crimes. Even in New York which is a very progressive area, there were a bunch of hate crimes that cropped up earlier this year.
I will stand against homophobia and transphobia. I will stand up for equal rights. Calling someone out for being hateful and harmful is not insulting them or hurting them. A lot of their hateful words have done more harm than calling them a bigot has ever (or will ever) done to them. However by calling people out on these issues hopefully it can inspire change.
Just because someone believes something that is hurtful does not mean they will always believe it. People do have the power to change.
BZPower is going to be a safe place. In fact in order to survive I believe BZPower needs to become a safe place. So many websites and communities are not safe places on the internet. There is a lot of bulling. Bullying has led to so many people committing suicide. I don't want BZPower to be like those places, I want BZPower to be a place where everyone is accepted for who they are.
I care for the people on BZPower, many of them have helped me through so many hard times in my life. Even now I've got great friends who have helped me through things (such as Hurricane Sandy). There are so many times that I've wanted to simply give up, even recently I've been going through some huge depression regarding my situation. However, I've met so many wonderful people here and they have all impacted me in some way and it has kept me going. There have been multiple times in my life where I have been in such dark places, and I've had great friends who have pulled me out of those places.
Let's make BZPower a safe place for everyone. A place where everlasting friendships can continue to be forged. A place of love and peace.


More Sandy Updates

Posted by Kohaku , in Animal Crossing, Rant, Real Life Jul 04 2013 · 445 views
Hurricane Sandy, Depressing
So, the other day we were busy over at our house. Things are still depressing over there.
The yard has some high grass that we have to somehow take care of. Did I mention previously that the lawnmower was under Aleks' grandfather's house? So we have to figure that out.
We did take a walk down the street and the good news is there is growth from plants and other grass and stuff, but still no one is back in their house. Most people have to tear down their house and start over, but the insurance company and the Town of Hempstead are pretty much useless. The town refuses to get a grant writer which would allow people access to the federal money that only towns can apply for. So yeah... :/
There are a lot of people out of their homes and sadly a lot of homes for sale in the area, it is so bad that local businesses can no longer be sustained. Our local pizza place for example had to close. They are gone! Sadly I fear that as time goes on it will get much worse.
Things are still insanely hard for us!
I'll be honest about two days after I recorded for the BZPowercast I pretty much lost it and had a mental breakdown that lasted a good two days. We are at our wits end and after losing so much we will continue to lose more.
In other news Animal Crossing has freaking kept me sane. I will post a bit more of my adventures in Animal Crossing a bit later. 


The past month

Posted by Kohaku , in BZPower, Lego, Rant, Real Life, Video Games May 05 2013 · 701 views
The past month has been very busy for me. I've been exhausted most of the time and have only been home in the evenings. That said there are some (very short) highlights.
I've been playing a lot of Lego City: Undercover for the Wii U... I wonder just how good that game is?
The Rayman challenges app on the Wii U is a lot of fun too.
I got to hang out in NYC with my boyfriend and an awesome friend yesterday. My legs hurt from all the walking.
Iron Man 3 is awesome go watch it.
As for life things... still nothing new on the house front and we can't fix things until the insurance company gives us money. And we can't accept the small offers they have given us as you can't fix a house with the numbers they are offering and ahhhhhh.
Free Comic book day brought us free comics.
The project Aleks and I are working on now has a mascot character and I am so excited for it.
Jedi Master J is an awesome friend and one of the coolest people ever.
Also it is my Birthday and this month feels good. This month feels good to me.


Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword - Controls

Posted by Kohaku , in Rant, Video Games Jan 05 2012 · 520 views
Zelda, Rant, Skyward Sword
Okay, I don't rant often, but I feel this is a rant that need to be said. There are few people who seem to completely hate Skyward Swords motion controls. I want to know, why do you hate them? Some of the people who hate them seem to be the type who only play traditional games and hate everything that is different, while saying that Zelda doesn't do enough to innovate and should be more like games like Skyrim.

Zelda is Zelda, and its fans want Zelda to innovate in its own ways, not by copying other games. One of these ways is the motion controls. I'm talking about story or anything else, just the items and the controls.

A few people seem to have a real hard time with the controls, and I can't understand why people who consider themselves to be serious gamers have these issues. There are two things that can fix it.

The first, is adjust your sensor bar. I've noticed in my experiments that it seems more responsive when it is placed above the TV. Make sure it isn't askew and is centered perfectly on top of the TV.

The second is something I've noticed a few people doing, when calibrating the Wii Motion Plus, make sure you place it buttons down. I've had a few friends calibrating it wrong and it made for an unpleasant experience. Now that they have all fixed the issue, every single one of them loves the controls.

Fixing those issues makes things a lot easier.

Another thing I've noticed is people like to talk about the split-second delay from swinging your arm, to when Link swings his arm. I've noticed that this is only really visible when watching someone play, when playing by yourself this isn't noticeable, unless you are swinging your arms like a madman.

Then there are the flight controls with the Loftwing and the Beetle, they take a little bit to get used too. However, by being gentle and by making gentle tilts, controlling them isn't really an issue. They have simple controls and are actually quite intuitive.

Aiming with the bow and slingshot, this can be corrected by recentering the cursor, other than that there really aren't any issues with it.

One of the best examples I can give on how intuitive the controls are is when my boyfriend played it. My boyfriend doesn't have much experience with adventure games, this is actually his first Zelda game. The controls were easy for him to pick up and learn. No issues at all.

How is it someone with limited game experience is having less difficulty than people who call themselves hardcore gamers? Honestly, I don't get this. Someone want to help me understand it?

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