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What You Want is Now


4/13 Quick Build

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Musings, MOCs Apr 13 2014 · 122 views
Hometuck, MOC
I built a Homestuck MOC for 4/13. Which is Homestuck Day. Not anything super serious, but it was fun!
Picture links to topic, as per the usual.
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Gee Ess Arrr

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Musings Mar 23 2014 · 218 views
You are my favourite BZP author okay.


Pacific Rim

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Musings, Life Feb 26 2014 · 184 views
Kakaru, Micah, Arkov, Moocow and 1 more...
Today I watched Pacific Rim for the first time whilst Maddison and our cat Problem Sleuth cuddled on the couch asleep, and while I did so, I live-streamed the movie.
Via text message.
To Micah.
He has not seen them yet. I am certain they will make for a delightful reading. I know he'll know exactly where I was via each message.
I can't wait for him to live up here!



Posted by DeeVee , in Life, Musings, BZPower Feb 01 2014 · 287 views
NERD CONS, POP CULTURE and 2 more...
So Maddison and I have been doing this thing where we attend not just LEGO conventions, but also pop-culture/comic/nerd conventions here in town too. It's been a lot of fun, and she's been working on cosplaying a lot too. We've done two since Christmas, at one she was a femme Tony Stark (Toni Stark?) from a gender-swapped movie universe, and this newest one she threw together a Kanaya from Homestuck. I have pictures of the Kanaya for the moment, I need to edit the Toni Stark ones still.
Posted Image
Posted Image
The last con we went to, which was Wizard World Portland, was pretty fun. We went last year and I got Jason David Frank's autograph. I wanted to do that again this year, but we had just taken a trip to Canada to visit Janus, Hahli Husky, and Tufi, so we were short on funds, and autographs are expensive. (I also wanted to get Billy Dee Williams to autograph my Scrubs season 5 set, but again, money). 
We hit paydirt in the artist alley though, as we turned a corner and there was this guy:
Posted Image
This is Stuart Sayger, who did the Inika and Mahri saga comic art. I've always been pretty middle of the road on his work, to be honest, probably because I "came of age" in the more traditional styles first used by TLG. We were super surprised to see Stuart at this convention, and when we asked him if he had BIONICLE merch, he practically lit up and showed us this poster and several issues of the comic. We had him sign the poster and bought it from him, and a bunch of comics too (some of which may end up as prizes for contests, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing). 
I can't emphasize enough how ridiculously nice and excited he was to talk to us. We came back around again towards the end of the con, and he spent almost an hour talking to us about working for LEGO, on BIONICLE, about BZPower ("let me tell you about BZPower. It's a great community and I loved stalking it and just reading what people wrote about me. But let me tell you. On BZPower I am either LOVED or HATED. Like utterly HATED.") He told us about exclusive sets TLG sent him to use as art references, he just kept talking to us. He was probably the coolest "famous" dude I've gotten the chance to meet for a long time. We obviously told him we were staff members here, and he was just fantastically nice and asked us how we felt about the line, the art, etc. 
And at one point he went "you know, I'm hearing rumblings, and don't tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm hearing that there's word BIONICLE might make a return, as the original fanbase is just about the perfect age for the con circuit and I keep meeting fans and this seems perfect time for a return, you know?" 
I'm probably gushing a bit here, but I just can't emphasize enough how much he made the con for us. Heroes of Cosplay was filming at this convention, so we knew the cosplay contest would be fun to watch, but rigged results-wise, so meeting someone so passionate about their work whom we consider a household name for our fandom was delightful (also, his non-BIONICLE art? STUNNING HOLY WOW.)
Also he dresses like a DBZ character.
Posted Image



Posted by DeeVee , in Musings, Life Dec 31 2013 · 176 views
Pokemon X, Mr Feeny, Addicting and 1 more...
So my awesome girlfriend Maddison bought me Pokemon X for Christmas. I've never played Pokemon before (outside of Walmart demos as a child), for various reasons (not having a handheld system high among them, but higher being the "not allowed to because it's evil" thing). As an adult I've never really thought too hard about it. After Brickfair 2012, where we left the bus station after watching Andi play some, I attempted to download an emulator and play through some, but they never worked right (that's what you get, right?)
So this is a new experience for me. I'm ~18 hours in, and I'm probably playing through this super slow (I just turned the power plant back on by... having two really easy battles?) But it's fun!
I picked Fennekin as my starter, because it was the cutest of the three. This is how I'm playing the game. Don't judge me. I've only caught Pokemon for my own collection that are somewhat adorable. I don't want any ugly ones. Sorry to all the ugly Pokemon.
I have bonded deeply with Mr Feeny (the name I gave my Fennekin, who is now a Lv.54 Delphox), and it's way too adorable to see it continue to basically purr at me and keep avoiding attacks because of hearts. It is adorable. <3
My team currently consists of:
- Mr Feeny the Delphox
- Blaziken I can't give a nickname too because Nintendo gave him to me
- Lucy the Lucario
- Agumon the Charizard
- Quacklin' the... Farfetch'd? I had to stop and realized I've never paid much attention to what he is. He is amazing though and I love that he's "jolly"
- DeeveeEevee the Sylveon
My current method is "be ridiculously more leveled up than the wild Pokemon I just stumbled into slash the random NPC who wants to battle", and it seems to be working, so my team is not very well-balanced. I enjoy the amount of times the game goes "that move wasn't very effective" as the opposing Pokemon faints in one hit.
I am enjoying this game, even though I still don't understand basically any of the matchups besides "fire beats grass beats water beats fire" and "fairy beats dragon who tried to break the game".
But it is so much fun! And Mr Feeny is totes adorbs you guys.
Like wow.
Totes adorbs.
(I love him)

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