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What You Want is Now


Brickfair 2014

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, MOCs, Life Aug 04 2014 · 255 views
brickfair, brickee, sunset gundam and 1 more...
So Brickfair was pretty amazing. We arrived Tuesday afternoon, and hung out with Andrew once he arrived. We did set up Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I won the Batman Ultrabuilds set in a door prize raffle. I talked with Peter Espersen for awhile. I manned a mean mean check-in desk. Maddison won TLG's convention Batman's 75th contest. Played a mean game of Cards Against Humanity with Andrew, Maddison, Aaron, David, Gabe, and Jamison. Trisha and her friend Andrew showed up and played too! Without Friar Tuck, I dominated Laser Tag and placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each of our games. Trisha placed first in both of the second games, but 13th in the first so technically I did better (I am going to cling to that). Missed Ray. Missed Bryan. Ate a lot of chicken. Had an odd fancy dinner. Hung out with a set designer. Geeked out with Retinence. Wore cool shirts. Took some photos. Dinner with Andi. Seriously there was so much that happened!

And so many streetpasses!

Also, I won a trophy.

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Still in shock

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Life Jul 28 2014 · 200 views

I mean seriously, I can't believe Brickfair plans start tomorrow! Maddison and I will be catching an early flight out of Portland tomorrow and landing at IAD in the early afternoon! Maddison is upset that we'll be getting up to catch the flight at like 4:30, but that's sleeping in for me.

Pretty ready for a vacation, not going to lie. Though I did finally finish my Coffee Master certification at work, now I get to wear the cool black Starbucks apron instead of the green one!

Anyway, at Brickfair I'll have a ton of MOCs this year, a lot of it due to my increased activity this year. The list:

(Bolded MOCs have never been displayed at any con, underlined MOCs have never been displayed at Brickfair specifically)
  • Black Six
  • Catwoman
  • Commander Stropes
  • Tufi
  • Hahli Mahri
  • Horizon Dragon
  • Jack Noir
  • Janus
  • Kakaru
  • Lewa Phantoka
  • Lion
  • MS-026 Sunset Gundam
  • Nukaya
  • Phazon Suit Samus
  • Pohatu Nuva
  • Princess Grr
  • Robot
  • Sailor Scout Hahli Husky
  • Sarge
  • Savage Planet Bulk
  • Spider
  • Toa Lewa
  • Toa Onua
  • Toro Gundam SD
  • Transtech Shockwave
  • Trunx
  • Vayland Dragon III
  • Vezon
  • Wereflo


I should probably get packing.


It's my birthday

Posted by DeeVee , in Life Jun 05 2014 · 204 views
tattoo, birthday, oklahoma
So I got a second tattoo.
Posted Image


Pacific Rim

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Musings, Life Feb 26 2014 · 171 views
Kakaru, Micah, Arkov, Moocow and 1 more...
Today I watched Pacific Rim for the first time whilst Maddison and our cat Problem Sleuth cuddled on the couch asleep, and while I did so, I live-streamed the movie.
Via text message.
To Micah.
He has not seen them yet. I am certain they will make for a delightful reading. I know he'll know exactly where I was via each message.
I can't wait for him to live up here!



Posted by DeeVee , in Life, Musings, BZPower Feb 01 2014 · 267 views
NERD CONS, POP CULTURE and 2 more...
So Maddison and I have been doing this thing where we attend not just LEGO conventions, but also pop-culture/comic/nerd conventions here in town too. It's been a lot of fun, and she's been working on cosplaying a lot too. We've done two since Christmas, at one she was a femme Tony Stark (Toni Stark?) from a gender-swapped movie universe, and this newest one she threw together a Kanaya from Homestuck. I have pictures of the Kanaya for the moment, I need to edit the Toni Stark ones still.
Posted Image
Posted Image
The last con we went to, which was Wizard World Portland, was pretty fun. We went last year and I got Jason David Frank's autograph. I wanted to do that again this year, but we had just taken a trip to Canada to visit Janus, Hahli Husky, and Tufi, so we were short on funds, and autographs are expensive. (I also wanted to get Billy Dee Williams to autograph my Scrubs season 5 set, but again, money). 
We hit paydirt in the artist alley though, as we turned a corner and there was this guy:
Posted Image
This is Stuart Sayger, who did the Inika and Mahri saga comic art. I've always been pretty middle of the road on his work, to be honest, probably because I "came of age" in the more traditional styles first used by TLG. We were super surprised to see Stuart at this convention, and when we asked him if he had BIONICLE merch, he practically lit up and showed us this poster and several issues of the comic. We had him sign the poster and bought it from him, and a bunch of comics too (some of which may end up as prizes for contests, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing). 
I can't emphasize enough how ridiculously nice and excited he was to talk to us. We came back around again towards the end of the con, and he spent almost an hour talking to us about working for LEGO, on BIONICLE, about BZPower ("let me tell you about BZPower. It's a great community and I loved stalking it and just reading what people wrote about me. But let me tell you. On BZPower I am either LOVED or HATED. Like utterly HATED.") He told us about exclusive sets TLG sent him to use as art references, he just kept talking to us. He was probably the coolest "famous" dude I've gotten the chance to meet for a long time. We obviously told him we were staff members here, and he was just fantastically nice and asked us how we felt about the line, the art, etc. 
And at one point he went "you know, I'm hearing rumblings, and don't tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm hearing that there's word BIONICLE might make a return, as the original fanbase is just about the perfect age for the con circuit and I keep meeting fans and this seems perfect time for a return, you know?" 
I'm probably gushing a bit here, but I just can't emphasize enough how much he made the con for us. Heroes of Cosplay was filming at this convention, so we knew the cosplay contest would be fun to watch, but rigged results-wise, so meeting someone so passionate about their work whom we consider a household name for our fandom was delightful (also, his non-BIONICLE art? STUNNING HOLY WOW.)
Also he dresses like a DBZ character.
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Star Of Light

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