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Things. And stuff


How to start a war

Posted by Parugi , Jul 27 2016 · 432 views

Posted Image

Team Mystic FTW.

also team valor sucks and team instinct is a hufflepuff.


Broken Unity, Chapter 6

Posted by Parugi , Sep 18 2012 · 349 views

Working on it.

In other news, in light of that information regarding the Red Star,


Birthday Wrap-Up and Loot

Posted by Parugi , Aug 05 2012 · 404 views

First off, thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday--I appreciate it. Although I find the lack of a birthday topic... disturbing... :P

Also, happy birthday to my 3-years-older birthday-twin Dorek/Axel! Since we don't really know each other that well there's not much for me to say, but still--happy birthday. =P

And happy birthday to Barack Obama, too. Since he's the head of my country and all.

Anyway, onto my birthday. It was pretty funnish kinda sorta ish. I didn't really do much--basically it boiled down to staying at my sister's house last night, getting treated to a Blizzard from DairyQueen, french toast in the morning (yaay!) and then going back to my house, where we had southern-style chicken-in-rice for dinner and a homemade chocolate cake with cream-cheese-flavored frosting. After that my siblings and I hung out downstairs basically all day, and we spent a few hours (8 to 10 P.M., I think) watching There Will Be Brawl on our main TV via X-Box. 'twas fabulous--I had recommended it to my second-oldest sister over a year ago and she never got around to watching it, and from the sounds of it my older siblings (sans one older sister,) younger sister, and one of my brother-in-laws all liked it a lot.

Unfortunately--and this saddened me quite a bit--I got virtually no actual presents, despite having asked for stuff and after having gotten a full year of straight "A"s this past school year. Heck, I didn't even get a card from my immediate family--only one from my grandparents. :/

However, my dad did give me $100 to buy my own presents. I'm planning on getting this jacket (or the black version,) since--while it is $90--I've been wanting for over a year. That'll leave me with $30 left over (from other money that I have;) I'm probably going to use that to buy Pokemon Black or White 2--haven't decided which yet.

I also got a Japanese Star Wars T-shirt and a 30-pack of candy--a mixture of Skittles, M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, Three Musketeers, Starbursts, and Snickers, all standard-sized packs. Although I probably won't eat it all--I already gave one pack of peanut M&Ms to my oldest sister, and since my second-oldest did so much for my birthday I'm going to give her one of the packs, too.

So yeah, my day in a nutshell.

Also, I'm aware that I skipped out on posting that short story, and... well, honestly and to put it simply, I don't apologize. :P It'll be up late tomorrow or Monday.

So yeah. ^_^


Sneak Preview Of Potential Day Run Opening Post.

Posted by Parugi , Mar 31 2012 · 367 views

"The pieces are in place," he said in a low voice. In the darkness, he may as well have been whispering. Against the heartbeat, he might not have been speaking at all. "The Searcher has found the entryway. The Keepers are dead. The remaining keys have been located, and the Director is ready to move his subordinates into the Garden." The Ringmaster paused, coming to a halt. "The stage is set for the finale."

There was a moment of silence. Lyxek could feel the intense heat and pressure in the air around him, the suffocatingly intense darkness emanating from the Heart. Any other being would find the feeling unbearable. They would subcumb to the Heart's dark nature in several short hours, disappear into the mindless, unorderly abyss. Not Lyxek. He alone had managed to withstand the destruction. He had linked his mind, body, and soul with it, become one with the chaos.

Only one other being had ever managed to successfully accomplish this. And in the end, he had been too weak to see the contract fulfilled. He had rejected the Forever One; in doing so, he had sacrificed his power, breaking Rhashahk's very being into three parts--and those three parts had eventually split further, becoming four. Lyxek had to admit that the former Ringmaster had been remarkably skilled to be able to pull off such a thing and survive. It was a shame that he had not yet been able to locate him...

Whispers began to fill the chamber, cascading off of the walls arounds Lyxek. They were stronger than they had ever been in the past. That was good--it confirmed that everything was working. Vue d'Ombre... The Ringmaster's thoughts continued to pore over the intricate twists and turns of his plans--his reliance on the Director, on Dalmia, Vailian, even Kerid and the Day Run itself... Noyau d'Ombre... The plan had spanned for decades, and no one had ever realized it. From the fall of the original Ring, the destruction of the original Kai-Nam, the splitting of the Heart...

He looked up at the Heart, a slight smile on his face. "All accounted for," he said. "The Eye has been gathering energy since I made my return. Its programming will be overidden once everything else falls into place. As for the Soul..." He blinked slightly. "It'll arrive soon--and it'll bring so much more with it..."

So there are only ten hours left of voting, and Day Run is barely holding its place in third. Perhaps this will have convinced some of you guys to give it a few more votes--and given everyone an idea of just what might be in store for the future... >=)

Final poll, entry #2. Vote Day Run!


Day Run Draft

Posted by Parugi , Feb 28 2012 · 429 views

Hey, all. I'm looking for opinions on what all I can condense/change/reword/fix/you name it for Day Run. With three days left before the RPG Contest entry period starts, I'm looking to get this done as soon as possible so that I can jump on adapting it for the contest theme once I get the chance.

The current draft is below. :)


Broken Unity Chapter 1

Posted by Parugi , Nov 06 2011 · 298 views
Chapter 1, The Village of Fire, has been completed as of last night. It's a bit shorter than the prologue, though it covers everything I wanted to cover in it -- as well as introduces the second of several new characters to the story.

So yeah. Getting started on Chapter 2 now; hopefully I'll finish before I have to leave for my mom's house.


Broken Unity Prologue

Posted by Parugi , Nov 04 2011 · 183 views

Finally finished it. It's really long.
Like, over five pages with size 10 font. Easily the longest story update I've written to anything in a while. :P

But yeah, I'm still not posting it until next month, most likely. Or later this month; whenever I get up to chapter 2 or 3 done. Still, keep an eye out for it -- the story's going to be excellent this time around! ^_^


Broken Unity Rewrite/na No Wri Mo

Posted by Parugi , Nov 02 2011 · 435 views
So I've started rewriting Broken Unity, and it's going really well. Like, I can't even begin to describe. I'm literally giddy with excitement as I'm writing this, and I don't mean that as a joke. I've put a LOT more effort into it this time around, and that coupled with the massive amount of writing experience I have no compared to when I first started it, and it's really just.... awesome. Not only is it the longest thing I've written in a long while, but, well.... it's the first independent, solo-written piece that I'm actually proud to have written in a long while.
And it's not even finished yet!

Whew. But yeah. With any luck, things will go better this time around than when I first wrote it, because I have a more solid plan figured out for it this time around. From the get-go, I can tell you that the Dark Hunters are far more fleshed out and characterized than they previously were, and I've also gone to greater lengths to describe the scenery and set up of the Makutas' plan. Not to mention things are being set up easier and more naturally than they previously had been -- no more surprise extra beings appearing! :P

So yeah. I'm really happy right now. ^_^

Also, no, I don't know when I'm going to start posting it. Probably after I've gotten a couple of chapters written, that way if I fall behind my writing schedule, I'll still have something to post. :P

UPDATE: 11/4/11, 11:18 P.M.
Alright; so at this point, I'm on track for NaNo, and progress with Broken Unity is going smoothly. Once again, I think I'm doing a fantastic job with the narrative and my writing in general, and at this point, I have finished the prologue and have moved on to the first chapter.

So yeah. Something I feel I should share about the story -- there are going to be a number of changes to the plot this time around, though the general story will still be the same. The majority of the characters are going to be sticking around, and I'm also going to introduce some new ones on top of a few new, better plots -- already I feel like they're making things go more smoothly than before, so hopefully you guys will enjoy them as much as I am.

Yeah. Just an update. Also my current official NaNo stats:

Your Average Per Day - 1,641

Words Written Today - 1,075

Target Word Count - 50,000

Target Average Words Per Day - 1,667

Total Words Written - 6,566

Words Remaining - 43,434

Current Day - 4

Days Remaining - 27

At This Rate You Will Finish On - November 30, 2011

Words Per Day To Finish On Time - 1,609

Tomorrow is going to be a mass writing day for me, due to the fact that I won't get as much of a chance to write next week while I'm at my mom's house, so hopefully I can jump way ahead of schedule; if not then I'll work something out so as to be able to still get stuff done next week.

Also, just out of curiosity, who else here is participating this time around? My username is "Kovian" if anyone wants to add me. ^_^



Posted by Parugi , Oct 13 2011 · 263 views

Wow. So, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Alright; well, I don't have a lot of time to comment on the new BZP layout (it's spiffy) so I'll just say what I need to say real quick before I try to get some stuff done. As you guys know, I was in the process of running two RPGs before the forums went down, Day Run: The Garden and Rise of the Rockets. Unfortunately, I didn't have their coded version saved before the forums went off line, so I need to recode them and stuff before I can repost them. Needless to say, I don't know how long that'll take, nor do I know when I'll get a chance to actually repost them (and I need to check with the mods about reposting them, as well, so additional time... blah.)

So yeah. Just so you guys all know that. And I'm glad to be back here. ^_^


Vailian's Cards

Posted by Parugi , Sep 11 2010 · 582 views
Day Run: The Garden
Vailian has a total of 40 cards in his deck, each with a unique power. The complete list is spoiler'd below:

  • Fire (Element Card)
  • Lightning (Element Card)
  • Psionics (Element Card)
  • Sand (Element Card)
  • Iron (Element Card)
  • Stone (Element Card)
  • Air (Element Card)
  • Plant Life (Element Card)
  • Physical Fear Projection (Power Card)
  • Hunger (Power Card)
  • Teleportation (Power Card)
  • Illusion (Power Card)
  • Acid (Power Card)
  • Blinding (Power Card)
  • Paralysis (Power Card)
  • Slowness (Power Card)
  • Vertigo (Power Card)
  • Fear (Power Card)
  • Poison (Power Card)
  • Sleep (Power Card)
  • Intangibility (Kanohi Card)
  • Shielding (Kanohi Card)
  • Rebounding (Kanohi Card)
  • Levitation (Kanohi Card)
  • Speed (Kanohi Card)
  • Repulsion (Kanohi Card)
  • Silence (Kanohi Card)
  • Confusion (Kanohi Card)
  • Duplication (Kanohi Card)
  • Anger (Kanohi Card)
  • Incomprehension (Kanohi Card)
  • Amplification (Kanohi Card)
  • Disguise (Kanohi Card)
  • Strength (Kanohi Card)
  • Chameleon (Kanohi Card)
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
Element Cards: Gives Vailian Toa-level control over an element. Modifies his armor so as to reflect the chosen Element -- for example, the Fire Card would cause his hands to appear as if they were on fire, the Iron Card would make him appear more metallic, etc.

Power Cards: Gives Vailian the ability to use the power(s) he places in the Coder for an hour. Modifies his armor so as to resemble the power he is using/use markings to symbolize them -- the Intangibility Card, for instance, would make him appear see-through without being active, and the Vertigo Card would place swirl markings on his armor.

Kanohi Cards: Gives Vailian the ability to use (a) Kanohi power(s) when he places them in the Coder. They modify his face so as to temporarily make it resemble the face of the mask he chooses; if more than one Kanohi Card is used, it will use a mixture of the characteristics of all three masks.

Blank Cards: Do absolutely nothing. They are only in the deck because Vailian is unable to remove them -- Lyxek made them specifically so that if Vailian were to turn on him, he could challenge him and summon all five to the top of the deck, essentially leaving Vailian a sitting duck.

Also, as for how the cards he gets in battle are determined -- I'm leaving that up for my opponent to decide. As trustworthy as I know/think I am (if a bit unreliable in terms of meeting deadlines ) I have no doubt that if I leave it up to myself to decide, then someone's going to call foul. The only thing is, if people consistently cause me to draw really bad hands (say, three or four Blank Cards and one or two of the weaker powers) then I'm going to retcon those hands and draw my own, respectable hand -- so, no, you're not going to get a huge edge against me that easily.
However, do remember this: I have faith in the BIONICLE RPG community, so I shouldn't have to do this at all (unless someone doesn't feel like deciding my hand for me.)

The Face Behind The Mask

Posted Image

Identity: Kyle.
Year of Existence: 21.
Year of Studentry: College Junior.
Hideout: Oregon.
Occupation: Student/Writer.
Original Writings:
Broken Unity (Review)
Night Ride (RPG)

-Day Run: The Garden (I II III; RPG)
-Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets (I


-The Report

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Blue = Project Hub
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Red = In Progress
Green = Complete
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