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Things. And stuff


RPG Radio Live

Posted by Apears , in BZPower Dec 17 2012 · 230 views

You know that RPG Radio Live thing that Exo-Fat put together a couple of years ago?
It was pretty cool. Someone should make something like it again. :P
I would, except I have no idea how to make that kind of thing/what programs or websites or whatever would be required. I suppose I'll just stick to writing RPGs.



Posted by Apears , in BZPower Dec 01 2012 · 114 views

I finally went through my inbox, managing to clear out seven of the twelve pages that had accumulated in there.
It's... rather surprising, the things you can find in a stack of PMs. Heck, there was stuff in there from 2009, 2010--before and immediately after RotR started! O.o
Shocking. But, it's all gone/condensed now, so it's all good--especially since I managed to find and save a bunch of older summaries for RotR plots that had been PMed to various people. ^_^

It also gave me some ideas of things that I can remove from RotR's front post--things that no longer apply/aren't used anymore. But, I'll elaborate more tomorrow.

So yeah. Now to go and post in RotR, check the BZPRPG, and then get to bed at last... See ya tomorrow, BZP!



Posted by Apears , in BZPower Sep 30 2012 · 107 views

Huh... so apparently my 6-year-anniversary was three days ago and I didn't notice. Weird.

I suppose I should work on something special to post, then, eh? X3


Now back to Parugi!

Posted by Apears , in BZPower Sep 03 2012 · 133 views

Well, that was fun, but it's back to the standard for me. i think I'll keep my avatar, though--I'm rather fond of it. ^-^



Posted by Apears , in BZPower Jul 24 2012 · 94 views

Skin's pretty great, I guess. I mean, it's our first line of defense against infections and bacteria and all, so it would kind of suck if we didn't have it, right?


Bzp Is Back? Also Mass Effect 3 Again

Posted by Apears , in BZPower May 04 2012 · 97 views

The one day I did not get on the computer... :P

Anwyay, Mass Effect 3 got here and I've been playing the multiplayer a lot. If anyone wants to play with me and possibly some friends of mine at some point, my X-Box Live gamertag is KovianExa.


32# Tsetnoc Gpr

Posted by Apears , in BZPower, Day Run: The Garden Mar 01 2012 · 64 views

RPG Contest #23 has begun. So here's my schedule for the next two weeks regarding Day Run:

March 2-4 - Finish editing and enter Day Run.
March 10 - Broken Unity rewrite begins.
At some point in the next three weeks - A continuation of "One" will be posted.

Also, some exciting news! Yesterday my school district had a Junior Career Convention, where we basically learned a bunch of stuff relating to getting jobs. I talked to one of the speakers there and he told me that he would get me in touch with a columnist/novelist in Eugene, OR -- which means that some sort of writing based job could very well be in my near future! :D

Nothing's set in stone at the moment, however. But still; something is bound to come out of this. ^_^


Rpg Contest #23

Posted by Apears , in BZPower Feb 18 2012 · 119 views

So I just heard from an anonymous source that the theme for the next RPG contest is going to be crime scene investigation. As in, investigating a major murder is going to have to be a central plot point.

If you are in Day Run, then you realize the implications of this.

HINT: I can't enter Day Run, because that's not a central plot point in its story! DX

Now, if you're like me, then you are unhappy about this. Believe me... so am I. I just said that. But never fear! To honor Day Run and its eventual epic, I'm still entering this contest -- with a NEW entry!

Behold; I give you the very first sneak peek of

Posted Image

It was an unusually cold day in the streets of Ta-Koro. At least, that's what it felt like to Detective Tahu as he approached a taped-off section of the road; on days like today, even the Mangai could freeze solid. Still, chilled by the shock of another murder or not, the Toa had a job to do. The presence of a dozen other beings, all of them probing the area or deceased for evidence, was a testament to that.

As he stepped over the tape, he scanned the area for the victim. Spotting him, Detective Gali gave a slight nod, which Tahu returned. Finding the body, he quickly approached it, noting the presence of Pohatu. The Toa of Stone held a camera in his hands, and was busy taking pictures for later reference.

"Pohatu," Tahu said shortly, nodding at his comrade. Pohatu looked at the new arrival, returning the nod. "What've we got here?"

"Name's Kapura," Pohatu said quietly, taking another photograph. "Vakama's right-hand. Witnesses say he was delivering a message when he got attacked, but he didn't seem to try to fight back. The message is nowhere to be found."

"So it's aggravated assault." Pohatu nodded. Tahu stooped down, carefully examining the Matoran through the lenses of his sunglasses. He noted a couple of wounds in Kapura's stomach, bloodied and bruised. "I don't suppose they saw the killing blow?"

"The general verdict seems to be that the victim was impaled with a trident-like tool," Pohatu replied. Tahu was silent. "Judging from what we've uncovered, it seems the killer had some sort of interest in the letter."

"Which explains why it's gone. Though why the victim didn't try to fight him off or run away..." Tahu trailed off, standing up again. "Either our guy took the letter..." The Toa of Fire pulled off his sunglasses. "Or Kapura forked it over."


So, there you go! Expect to see the first full draft of this baby up in a week or so. =)


I Fear

Posted by Apears , in BZPower Feb 07 2012 · 68 views

... for my activity on BZP for the next month. This new semester is already crazy busy for me, and it's only the second day so far -- essentially, two of my classes from last semester, which were pretty laid back, have been replaced by four new classes, two of which involve A LOT of writing, and I have both of them every day for the entire semester (and also the same teacher for both of them... :P) Not to mention, I'm getting into the sirius biznis of SAT and college-related stuff. Blag. DX

So yeah. Expect my activity on here to be relatively low during the week, at least until I get into the full swing of this schedule -- which could take a month or two, maybe more. If this happens... Well, I think most of my RPG characters are free enough for people to move them along for me, aside from those in ROTR -- although, we have enough active people again that that shouldn't be a huge problem. ^_^

Also, already gearing up for next month's RPG contest. I'll be posting a blog entry probably on Friday asking for suggestions to polish Day Run again, mainly to make it more accessible and appealing to new people. Stay tuned for that.

Also also, since we're almost about five weeks away from the Broken Unity reboot, here's a quick announcement regarding the story's atmosphere:
It's going to be similar to Halo: Reach. Because I played the campaign through on Heroic last week and I just realized (again) how awesome yet sad it was -- and it seems perfect for the events on Exa-Nui.

Stay tuned. ;)


Happy Haikus

Posted by Apears , in BZPower Jan 31 2012 · 59 views

Random conflict sucks.
Let us all become good friends.
Ponies, BZP.

This is in no way related to any conflicts that have occurred within the last few days. Nope, not at all. Though it is sage advice from your friendly neighborhood Parugi. =]

And more:

Wort wort wort wort, wort?
Wort wort wort, wort wort wort wort.
Wort, wort wort wort wort...

Rise of the Rockets;
A very fun RPG.
You should go join it!

RPGs are fun.
They are fun to write about.
Dark, light, characters.

( =] )

The Face Behind The Mask

Posted Image

Identity: Kyle.
Alternative Identities:

Year of Existence: 18.
Year of Studentry: 12th.
Hideout: Oregon.
Occupation: Student/Writer.
Original Writings:
Broken Unity (Review)
-Night Ride (RPG)

-Day Run: The Garden (I II III; RPG)
-Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets (I


-The Report

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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