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Things. And stuff


RPGC#26: Perpetual

Posted by Parugi , in Stories Dec 15 2012 · 589 views

Perpetual is up. Be sure to give it a read and some critique, because I haven't gotten a chance to really iron out everything in it. =)


Broken Unity: Chapter 5

Posted by Parugi , in Stories Aug 25 2012 · 691 views

In which Tarius is revealed, and an old face reemerges...



Broken Unity Canceled

Posted by Parugi , in Stories Aug 21 2012 · 380 views

Not really.

I finished Chapter 5. I'll post it on Saturday--for real this time. Maybe with luck I'll be able to get it updated regularly again. :)



Day Run Wrap-Up

Posted by Parugi , in Stories, Day Run: The Garden Aug 07 2012 · 588 views

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the long-awaited Day Run wrap-up: The Report.

Comment here, comment there, comment wherever--I'm not picky. Don't point out the massive amounts of dialogue, though--I know, and it was intentional.

Bumping for the people who wanted this and have yet to read/reply/review.



Posted by Parugi , in Other, Stories Jun 14 2012 · 862 views

So I may be meeting with a published author on Tuesday to discuss novel writing tips.

As you can imagine, this is flippin' awesome.

The only downside is that the meeting would be in Eugene, which is like... a couple of hours away from here. But you know what? I'm cool with that.

The only issue is whether I can get a ride up there...


Chapter 4: The Two Warriors

Posted by Parugi , in Stories May 19 2012 · 362 views

Read and review.

I have to say that I wasn't terribly confident about posting this chapter. Not because I think the writing is bad--far from it--but because I felt the transition from one area to another, done arguably abruptly, might've been a bad idea. Ultimately, though, I think it's fine--it's not like the events in the two areas are going to be separate for long.


Chapter 3: The Mime

Posted by Parugi , in Stories Apr 21 2012 · 377 views

Chapter 3, "The Mime", has been posted in Broken Unity. You guys should all go read it--so far I have only one regular reviewer and one occasional reviewer. And that's bad. :(

Aaanyway, I really like this chapter. So go read it. :P


Broken Unity

Posted by Parugi , in Stories Mar 10 2012 · 273 views

It's back. B-)



Posted by Parugi , in Stories Jan 08 2012 · 492 views

Evidently Day Run was siphoning all of my effort out of Rise of the Rockets.

Either that... or my ability to write great posts suddenly and randomly came back yesterday. But frankly, I don't think the corresponding awesomeness appearing again the day before Day Run shuts down is a coincidence... :3


Rpg Fatigue?

Posted by Parugi , in Stories, BZPower Dec 22 2011 · 413 views


so RPG Contest #22 voting is going to begin soon. I'm not sure if I'm actually nervous or not at the prospect of losing -- which, given the number of extremely good entries this time around, is a very real possibility.

So... eh. Not sure what I'm trying to say here. I suppose, I'm not necessarily going to mind if I lose this time -- and, frankly, I almost feel a little hopeful that I do. I really feel like the downtime did some serious damage not only to ROTR and Day Run, in terms of both activity and story progression/coherency, but to myself as a GM.

Looking back, the way I've run my RPGs has deteriorated exponentially ever since the forums came back, compared to how I used to run both games. I feel like both stories have become a lot less about the players and more about me trying to get things to go the way I want them to -- heck, Day Run can't even go anywhere half the time due to me being unable to post.

I don't know. I'm starting to feel more and more like I'd not a good RPG GM. Either that, or I'm experiencing some serious GM fatigue. =/

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