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Things. And stuff


Evil of two varieties

Posted by Apears , in BZPRPG, Other Apr 03 2013 · 170 views

I'll be presenting this question to my Mythology class sometime within this next week, based on a presentation I'll be giving tomorrow:
4. The Joe Magarac fakelore emerged in which city?
a. Pittsburgh, KY.
b. Pittsburgh, CA.
c. Pittsburgh, KS.
d. Pittsburgh, TX.
e. Pittsburgh, OK.
f. Pittsburgh, PA.
I look forward to seeing how all actually pays attention. :P
(Also this. Because it means stuff is about to go down. >:] )



Posted by Apears , in BZPRPG, Perpetual, Rise of the Rockets Jan 05 2013 · 240 views

So, due to school-related stuff (read: tons of homework that I haven't been able to do for the past two weeks due to higher priorities and need to finish by Tuesday) I'm not going to be very active in the following RPGs for the next two and a half days (read: today, Sunday, and Monday):
  • Island of Pain
  • Perpetual
  • RotR
I'll keep updated and post at least twice while I work on this stuff, but don't expect anything really huge.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Posted by Apears , in BZPRPG Apr 15 2012 · 61 views

what is this i don't even

K, this may very well be the greatest--and craziest--thing I have seen in the RPG forum to date.

Only problem is I have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on. Why does Paradox get his own topic? :P



Posted by Apears , in BZPRPG Jan 15 2012 · 78 views

Tomorrow, I return -- and not in a way that people who last noted what Decaia was up to (that being, in the middle of being interrogated by a bounty hunting Toa of Iron) will expect.

Nope; I'm skipping the rest of that conversation in light of the fact that several weeks have inevitably passed in-game since I last posted.

So, instead, I'm going to cause a bit of (not destructive) mayhem off the coast of a certain village of water...

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