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In a hole in the ground there lived...


Battle Chant of the Toa

Posted by Tolkien , in Language and Etymology, Matoran Language, Bionicle, Music, linguistics May 08 2014 · 1,540 views

(starts at ~0:47)


"Battle Chant of the Toa (Prayer to Mata Nui)"






Literal Translation:
1. Protect us from deception;
2. You will save us from deception.
3. Make us safe from deception;
4. You are a protector against deception.
Note: I've been a bit fast-and-loose with constructing vocabulary here--you won't find most of these words in the Dictionary.
o   |pron.|  I, we (first person)
ou  |pron.|  you, you-all (2nd person)
hiki  |n.|  deception
hahi  |n.|  protector
-i |aff.|  to, toward
i- |aff.|  from, against
hoi-ha  |v.|  to protect, defend against [hoiha < ha-yi-ha, from ha "protection", yi "together, unified", and the verbal affix -ha]
ha-ha  |v.|  to protect, save, cleanse [ha-ha, from ha "protection" and the verbal affix -ha]
haui-ha  |v.|  to defend, make safe [haui-ha, from haui "safe, protected" and the verbal affix -ha]
Line-by-line explanation:
1. The verb hoi-ha appears in this line in the imperative (command) form, taking the objects o-i "to-us" and hiki "deception", with an implied subject "you" (Mata Nui). Literal gloss: "to-us deception protect".
2. The verb ha-ha is inflected for future tense with the suffix -ko, thus: haha-ko > hahko "will protect/save/cleanse". The subject is ou "you". The noun hiki also appears here with the affix i- "from, against" (i-hiki "against deception"). Literal gloss: "you against-deception protect-will".
3. The verb haui-ha also appears in the imperative here, with objects o-i and hiki, identical to line 1. Literal gloss: "to-us deception make-safe"
4. This line contains the elements ou "you", i-hiki "against deception" (same as line 3), and hahi "protector". There is no overt verb, but it is understood to be "be", thus the literal gloss: "you [are] against-deception protector".


Vitamin String Quartet

Posted by Tolkien , in Music, Life Jan 08 2012 · 355 views
Mmm...wow. They've put out some really great stuff. I don't usually listen to much..uh..."current" or "popular" music. (See? I don't even pay attention to the genres >< ). But I've gotta say, being able to listen to just the music, reproduced in a psuedo-classical manner...I am definitely enjoying this. Check it out.


Chapter I

Posted Image


"Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a blog-hole, and that means comfort."


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LEGO/Bionicle enthusiast

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