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The Future World of Yesterday


Happy Holidays!

Posted by Queen of Liars , Dec 25 2017 · 295 views

I wish a most happy holiday season upon you all.

I am having a great night trying out a slightly new look. Which can totally look festive and jolly for the occasion too.


Life Update

Posted by Queen of Liars , Feb 27 2017 · 512 views

Right, following up on the last entry, I guess I figured out the gender identity thing to some degree. Which means that I will now identify as female.

Again, I spoke about it in detail on my Tumblr, but ultimately I am now ready to be myself and this is the first step towards that. So that's nice, I guess.


Ghost in the Shell

Posted by Queen of Liars , Aug 28 2016 · 502 views

Time for an updated Ghost in the Shell collection post, now that I have all the new Arise stuff.

Posted Image

We have the DVDs:

Ghost in the Shell / Innocence / Ghost in the Shell 2.0 boxset
Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG boxset
Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG boxset
Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man
Stand Alone Complex - Individual Eleven
Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Borders 1 & 2
Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Borders 3 & 4
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

And the manga:

Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface
Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human Error Processor

Good stuff right there.


Computer Troubles

Posted by Queen of Liars , Dec 16 2015 · 477 views

Well, my laptop might be screwed, which would be rather unfortunate. And just as I started to get a bit more back into gaming too.

For those curious, basically I restarted it last night, and then it simply failed to boot up. It would get to the welcome screen, flash blue and restart again. If I try doing start up repair, it gets stuck on a black screen with a movable cursor and nothing else. After lots of Googling, didn't really find all that much. As you might be able to guess, start up repair isn't meant to do that.
I went inside the latop to try reseating the RAM and whatnot, and none of the components are obviously damaged, as in nothing's on fire, but that doesn't mean much. Based on the information I've gathered, the hard drive is my main suspect, but right now I've got neither another laptop sized hard drive, nor anywhere else to stick this hard drive into, so I can't confirm it. The next step is to try and get it working with a Windows repair/install disc, which I am in the process of downloading and burning, but somehow I'm not feeling too optimistic.

Fortunately I back up my stuff fairly regularly, though it has been a little while since the last time, so I would end up losing a bit of stuff in the worst case scenario. Nothing too important though. I'm more concerned with simply not having a computer for who knows how long if I can't fix it. Oh well, here's hoping, I guess.


Happy Halloween

Posted by Queen of Liars , Oct 31 2015 · 340 views

Oh look, an excuse to use my blog.

I do hope everyone's having a nice and appropriately themed Halloween though. It's always a fun time.

I'm enjoying a Halloween playlist, but I've been busy lately so it's a bit more hastily put together than usual. Still, it'll do the job. Might follow it up with some appropriate gaming and/or movie watching later tonight.



Posted by Queen of Liars , Dec 28 2014 · 532 views

Hey, something that actually merits a blog entry. Gonna have a bit of a spontaneous trip to Paris for New Year, because why not I guess.

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning, and staying for about five days. It'll be really nice to get away from everything for a short while before my January exams start. Really not looking forward to those, I'll admit.

Not sure what the internet situation will be like, but hopefully I'll get some access. I'd like not to be too late with my albums of the year list, as this time I've actually gone through my entire backlog already.

It'd be nice to catch the remainder of the Steam sale too, even though it's been really underwhelming so far. Picked up The Wolf Among Us and Transistor (+ soundtrack), and that's it.
I'm actually really disappointed that Invisible, Inc didn't win the last community vote. It's one of the games that I'm the most excited for, and while it is still in early access, it's by one of the few developers who actually do early access right. That it didn't even lose to a noteworthy game just rubs salt in the wound.


Ghost in the Shell

Posted by Queen of Liars , Oct 26 2014 · 569 views

Recently acquired a copy of the second volume of the Ghost in the Shell manga, so now I have this little collection:

Posted Image

DVDs: Ghost in the Shell and Innocence boxset (plus the Ghost in the Shell 2.0 remaster of the original movie); Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG boxset; Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG boxset; Stand Alone Complex: The Laughing Man; Stand Alone Complex: Individual Eleven; Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society
Manga: Ghost in the Shell; Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface; Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human Error Processor

Which - apart from the soundtracks - is pretty much everything that I think is worth owning. There's also a Stand Alone Complex manga, but from what I understand it's basically the equivalent of a novelisation of the anime series rather than something unique, so I'm not really interested in it.

Now I'm just waiting for Ghost in the Shell: Arise to get DVD releases over here. The first two parts will be released on the 24th of November, but I don't believe parts 3 and 4 have a release date yet.


My Top 15 Albums of 2013, Part 2

Posted by Queen of Liars , Jan 10 2014 · 470 views

10 - Ænigma by In Vain
Posted Image
A brilliant piece of progressive death metal. Atmospheric and captivating, the album features consistently great instrumentation and songwriting.
9 - Push The Sky Away by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Posted Image
A beautiful art rock/chamber pop album with a sense of danger. It feels like a relaxing listen, but at the same time it always feels tense thanks to some excellent choices in terms of the songs' tempo.
Beyond the great lyrics and really cool vocal style, there's a lot of subtleties here, such as sparse string arrangements, which add a lot of texture to the album.
8 - Nice Hooves by Nice Hooves
Posted Image
An excellent debut, the heavy hardcore punk of Nice Hooves is filled with blistering riffs and crushing vocals that you can't help but nod your head along to.
Big thanks to Ryuujin for letting me know about this. It's free on the band's bandcamp page, so go check it out.
7 - Meir by Kvelertak
Posted Image
Kvelertak are back with their second album of hardcore punk/black metal/rock 'n' roll (or black 'n' roll as some would call it) goodness, and I still can't get enough.
Fast paced and energetic, with great riffs and songwriting everywhere, Meir is not quite like anything else you've heard before.
6 - Des Winters finsterer Gesell by Angizia
Posted Image
Angizia bring forth a very unique offering of a combination between avant-garde metal and dark cabaret, and they nail it.
They incorporate the traditional metal instruments with violin and piano to produce some incredible compositions.
Atmospheric and mysterious, this album is a journey that constantly twists and turns in new directions.


Would you look at the date

Posted by Queen of Liars , Jan 01 2014 · 379 views

Happy new year. I hope 2014 goes well for everyone.
2013 was a pretty mixed bag for me. The first half of it was probably the best time of my life, and the second half... kinda went in the other direction.
And you know, I'd like to be optimistic about 2014, but I have two university assignments that are due on the 6th followed by exams on the 7th and 8th that I'm honestly not feeling very good about, so I'm starting this year pretty stressed out. Hopefully once that's done I can get back on track though. Hopefully being they key word there.
Anyhow, I'll probably do a top 10 albums of 2013 over the next couple of days if I get around to it.
In the meantime, here's one of two songs I love from a rather disappointing album that won't even make it to honourable mentions (I like the title track a lot more, but it has a certain word in it so you get this instead):



Posted by Queen of Liars , Nov 11 2013 · 470 views

Well, I'm officially 20 years old as of about an hour ago.
20 is a nice number and all, but obviously it just goes downhill after 18 because this song doesn't fit anymore:


Posted Image


Posted Image

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