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Swords, Dragons, and Dr. Pepper



Posted by Watashi Wa , in Gaming Apr 22 2013 · 283 views

On Saturday, a handful of my friends came over to my apartment. One of them brought along newly released Injustice: Gods Among Us. We began playing the story and much to our surprise were immediately intrigued by the depth of the story a (for fighting game, at least). Seeing your favorite super heroes become super villains isn't necessarily the most unique idea, but the story is blockbuster-y enough to warrant the 4 to 5 hours straight it took to finish the story line. On more than one occasion we had to verbally refresh ourselves on where the story had taken us and where exactly we were taken across the universe.

Even after beating the game in one sitting Saturday night, I went to Best Buy today to buy the game for myself on Sunday. I'm the first to admit that I'm not the best at fighting games by any means, but Injustice does a fantastic job of introducing unfamiliar fighters to the genre while still layering in the mechanics that would make any enthusiast grin. Picking from a handful of the biggest DC heroes and villains certainly adds a layer of appeal to me as well.

I've only spent about 2 or so hours practicing my skills outside of the singleplayer campaign. If you'd like to clash in a few practice rounds against me, feel free to send me an invite on Xbox Live. :)


Dark Souls

Posted by Watashi Wa , in Gaming Mar 20 2013 · 276 views
Xbox360, Dark Souls
I can't stop playing Dark Souls. Help meeeeeeeee


Still Alive

Posted by Watashi Wa , in Gaming, Life Sep 27 2012 · 469 views

Boy, has time flown over the past few weeks. Without meaning to, I recently slipped in to a bout of inactivity. I've managed to hop on the forums for a few minutes here and there, but I wasn't able to get much moderating done. Quite a bit has happened over that stretch of time, so here's a quick little update on what's been happening in my life.

Over Labor Day weekend, I visited Nate (Than the Moa) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I flew out early on a Thursday morning and arrived a few hours later than anticipated since my flight out of Atlanta was late getting in causing me to miss my connecting flight in Houston. When I landed, I caught up with Nate at the airport. Over the weekend, we managed to visit Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Nate graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, so it was neat seeing the place where he lived for four years. One of our favorite beers is brewed in Chippewa Falls, so we visited the Lienenkugel's brewery. I've never had a brewery tour, so it was cool to see a small-to-medium sized brewery house. We even got some free samples! Later in the weekend, we rented bikes and rode around Minneapolis. The scenery was absolutely stunning around some of the lakes and the weather was equally pleasurable. I couldn't have picked a greater time to visit. I enjoyed every minute (Friday morning was kind of rough, though...) of my visit and it was great catching up with one of my best friends in person rather than over Xbox Live.

Oh! We also visited the Mall of America, which is much larger than you can imagine. While there, Nate and I met up with Takuma Nuva (Dunkaroos at the time). Obviously, we met up at the LEGO store. From there, we walked around the mall for a while and chatted. Towards the end of our meet up, we decided to go to the aquarium on the lowest floor of the mall. I have some pretty decent pictures I took with my phone. Maybe I'll upload them some time...

Now, for a sudden change in tone. A few months ago, my family found out that one of my nieces (they are twins) has a benign tumor growing between her chest and heart. When I first heard the news, I was somewhat shocked. How could my sweet, precious niece who isn't even a year old have some sort of twisted sickness growing in her body? It felt wrong. It felt like a violation. My sister and brother-in-law took her to some of the best pediatric doctors in the country and received similar suggestions from both, a relief to our family. The precious girl needs surgery. The sooner the better. The operation was schedule to be about a week from now, but problems with anesthesia during a last-minute CT scan has postponed the surgery. It is difficult for me to come to terms with how this may affect my niece. Having to cut her body open feels like a major violation of her innocence to me. The sweet baby girl has been a trooper since before she was born and I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that she will fully recover from this surgery and live a perfectly normal and healthy life.

Still, prayers (if you believe that way) and positive thoughts are highly appreciated. This is the main reason I've been absent the previous two weeks or so. The twins' first birthday was a week ago. And now one of them will be undergoing surgery soon. I'll probably be caring for my nephew whenever I'm needed over the coming weeks, so activity on the forums may still be scarce.

Lastly, if you didn't know or needed reminding...Borderlands 2 is an amazing game and I am completely addicted.


Halo: Reach Achievement Weekend

Posted by Watashi Wa , in Gaming Aug 15 2012 · 543 views
Halo, Xbox360, BZPower and 1 more...
I'm an achievement hunter. I like earning fake internet points in my video games. I mostly like adding games to my "100% Complete List" on my dashboard.

So, this weekend, I'd like to earn a few achievements that have been escaping me for a while now. I'd like to start off with Halo: Reach. Great game, tons of fun, a bunch of people have it. Would you like to join me?

You can add my gamertag: mrmobado.

I'll be online anytime between this Friday, 8/17 to Sunday, 8/19.

All of the achievements I need in this game are DLC specific. If you'd like to play with myself and whoever else joins (Kaleesh, Sonu), please have the Defiant Map Pack specifically. The other packs are fun and you should totally buy them too.

If you'd like to play, just comment on this entry and let me know. The more people the better. I'd at least like to have a full team so I can unlock that dern 1-Flag achievement.

You can totally earn some achievements too! I won't be a dictator over the party. If you want some achievements, we can help you out too.

Oh, and if you have Borderlands, I'd like to play that this weekend to. And kill Crawmerax. So be ready for a bad time.

Hey, just fyi, being the first person to comment in your own blog entry counts as a double post.-Nukaya

Well, now I know! Anywho, what I commented was this: Please note that this game is M-rated and your parents have to be totally cool with you playing this game.


E3, Initial Thoughts

Posted by Watashi Wa , in Gaming Jun 05 2012 · 293 views
Games, Halo, E3
A few big name companies had pre-E3 press conferences today. I watched Microsoft's presentation and parts of Ubisoft's.

Halo 4 looks genuinely amazing. The new enemies, environments, weapons, gameplay and multiplayer videos I've seen have completely reassured me that 343 knows what they're doing with the franchise. That live-action trailer was pretty intense. The rest of Microsoft's presser was interesting up until they brought out Usher to announce Dance Central 3. His performance simply went on for too long. Other than that, we got glimpses of what Windows 8 and SmartGlass will bring to the table. Xbox Music is just a rebranding of Zune Marketplace. We're getting more Gears of War (good thing), Tomb Raider looked hot; Splinter Cell and, God forbid, Black Ops 2 looks mildly entertaining. Forza Horizon looks like a fun new take on the series. And we're getting some more exclusive arcade titles coming out next year. Anyone who says Microsoft didn't show off any games clearly isn't looking hard enough.

Assassin's Creed 3 sold me at PAX East and now they've released the naval gameplay videos and YESOHMYGOD.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is basically a new Burnouth (good thing).

Rayman Legends looks great.

Star Wars 1313 caught my attention (mostly with those ridiculous graphics). I'm beginning to wonder if some of these games are being developed for 360 AND the next Xbox so that customers have more options.

Watch_Dogs, a brand new IP from Ubisoft, has piqued my interests. It seems to have an action-thriller edge too it, which is right up my alley.

The Last of Us, as expected, features stunning visuals from the Uncharted creators. The gameplay didn't blow me out of the water, but I'll probably keep an eye on it. Not that I even have a Playstation 3....

Not to mention, the Summer of Arcade titles for XBLA all look pretty excellent. Dust: An Elysian Tale is finally hitting the market after 3 years. Deadlight looks interesting. Wrecketeer could be fun to play with my nephew.

Nearly every comment I read about Microsoft's press conference is all "omg kinect everywhere!" What's interesting is how little Microsoft actually talked about Kinect other than the small enhancements from a few games and apps. You can whisper to hostiles in Splinter Cell. You can call plays in Madden. You can voice control the new NBA and NFL apps. Big deal? These integrations are unobtrusive. Everyone's got their undies up in a bunch because Microsoft hasn't announced any new AAA IPs. That will come next year, when we get to see the new Xbox.

It's going to be great come tomorrow when all the people that were accusing Microsoft of "more of the same games" get super stoked for a new Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Starfox. But hey, at least they'll be in HD now! :D

Now I'm just super excited for PAX East again...