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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Steam Summer Sale/Minecraft

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Half-Life, Gaming, Computers, Internet, Minecraft, Steam Jul 12 2013 · 917 views

Alternative Title: Wow I'm Still Doing The Alt Titles

So, the Steam Summer sale is very cool. Main thing I'm annoyed about right now is not waiting for that Sonic bundle, but I think I've gone on about that long enough now, so I'm just gonna drop it. =P

Also, I never really talked about it much, but I think the Trading Card system is rather interesting. It could be better, with a more standardized booster pack drop system, but it's not that bad, and actually gives a use for the badges. =) The way they're handling the summer sale's badge is interesting, though. Not likely to get more than one level on the badge, but I'll have one for sure, provided I don't mess up and forget to vote at one point. =P

Next, Minecraft; it's new update is cool! Except for the fact that one server's waiting on a reset, the other on bukkit to update like two months from now, and, uh, I guess that's all the servers I go on. =P I hate zombies now. I expect to be hating Spiders or Creepers more in 1.7, judging by the recent updates. =P

Also, I was briefly captured by the Dread Pirate 'skfer' and he destroyed my lack of HL2 Episodes 1 and 2. He was a Dalek Pirate in an interesting turn of events, it seems.


We Still Don't Go To Ravenholm - Part 3

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Half-Life, Internet, Ravenholm, Steam Aug 11 2012 · 707 views
We, Dont, Go, To, Ravenholm
Alternative Titles: Now On Hard Mode!


So, I decided to play Ravenholm on hard mode. Not as bad as I thought, but still a bad idea, because of barrels.

Death 1: Killed by accidentally picking up and firing lit explosive barrel. Zombies denied kill.
Note 1: I just accidentally the game.
Death 2: Killed by explosive barrel being lit and exploding near me. Zombie assist.
Note 2: I accidentally the game again.
Death 3: Killed by explosive barrel, trying to kill poison headcrabs
Note 3: ... Is it just me, or do those barrels just not like me? Didn't break the game this time, though. =P
Death 4: Yet another explosive barrel, by accidentally falling to the ground and attempting to launch the barrel.
Note 4: Yes, another barrel death.
Death 5: One more barrel death. Except this time, I was still on the ledge. Dunno how I died.
Note 5: Have no clue how this happened. 0_o

So, yeah, my new nemesis isn't the fast zombies, or the poison headcrabs... It's the explosive barrels. =P


We Still Don't Go To Ravenholm - Part 2

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Gaming, Half-Life, Ravenholm, Steam Aug 10 2012 · 752 views
We, Dont, Go, To, Ravenholm
Alternative Titles: Because If I Delay This For Another Little While Then The Demo Will Be Over.


So, yeah, continuing on. I accidentally failed, and fell to the ground, right in the midst of a moderator of headcrabs, zombies, and all that good stuff. With my saw blade up on the ledge I had fallen from.(I was trying to grab an explosive barrel, give me a break. >>')

After 50 dodges form zombies later, I managed to finally kill them all, and two minutes later, since I'm blind and can't see a ladder on a wall(Hmm, that sounds oddly familiar...), I move on. Moving on, killing zombies with bricks and another trusty Saw blade...

And then the Quick Zombie shows up. I see them jumping around. I ready myself, since I took a zombie to the face the last time I played. And yet again it startled me! ... Of course, since it's on the computer, and I'm playing with a mouse and keyboard, my reflexes kicked in, and it took a Saw Blade to the face because it saw me(Get it? Saw Blade? Saw, Blade? ... Okay, this is a tough crowd, I get it.), and died a painful death. Or painless, one or the other. I shot it with the blade again, just to make sure, of course. =P

Now, the only odd thing about this, is that it's showing the 'download has paused' for the demo, yet I've been playing it all along, and checking the DL manager in Steam shows it's downloaded all of the data. 0_o weird glitch, it'll likely go away when I restart Steam.


We Still Don't Go To Ravenholm

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Ravenholm, BZP, Computers, Gaming, Half-Life, Internet, Steam Aug 10 2012 · 662 views
We, Dont, Go, To, Ravenholm
Alternative Titles: Well At Least I Know My Comp's Better Than Cholie's Old Computer.


So, yeah, remember last year, when I was playing through Half-Life 2, and I put up those Ravenholm entries? They're baaaaaaack. Thanks to me trying out HL2's demo(So that I know what it's like on my computer, given I was playing it on the Xbox last time), I am now back in Ravenholm. The sawblades are just as awesome as I remember. The headcrab zombies scare me more than I remember. And there are mysterious flies I don't recall hearing. Must be the earphones. =P

I may make this into a series like the Blenders, the Master Sword(Which I still need to photograph, now that it's brought up...), the Steam entries recently, and Minecraft. We'll see how well I handle Ravenholm. =P

(Also, the tags fit perfectly. =D)



Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Half-Life Dec 12 2011 · 295 views

Other Titles: No Checkpoint I'm Disappointed

So, uh, yeah. Just reached the Lighthouse place, and, uh, I got into a battle with the Combine. Aside from them using me for target practice, I haven't been doing that bad. Aside from when I got to the lighthouse rocket fight. Whose bright idea was it to not even put a checkpoint save there? >_^ I blew myself up, naturally. =P


Highway 17

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Half-Life Dec 12 2011 · 264 views

Other Titles: Giant Magnet Of Doom!, I Hate Antlions

So. To continue my Half Life 2 spree, I've made my way to Highway 17. All's been fine so far, aside from dying to Antlions. The Rocket Launcher fight was pretty cool. Then I make my way to the bridge. AWESOME UBER MAGNET OF DEATH!! I believe this is one of the first times I've been able to drop a CRATE on an enemy! Yes, you heard that right, you can drop one of those shipping crates onto a Combine soldier. Flattening isn't the word there. =P(You can also smash the crate into the soldier, but that's not as fun. =P)

So, yeah, I make my way through the place, bulldozing my way. I realize I do need to bring the vehicle up, so I go and do stuff to get it there. However, and take note of this, how the heck can an Antlion get from the sand covered ground to the base of the magnet crane!? 0_o I had to fight off three of them, three, at the base of the crane. That was just really weird. 0_o And really startled me, because while I expected them on the ground, they shouldn't have gotten onto the crane...


We Don't Go To Ravenholm

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Half-Life Dec 12 2011 · 385 views

Other Titles: Fast Headcrab Zombies Are Fast

So, yeah, been moving through Ravenholm at a very fast speed. About as fast as those agile headcrab zombies move, which is, to say, very fast. I mean, I was hearing about how they were fast, but I honestly didn't expect them to be that fast, a pleasant surprise.

My first reactions when I saw the first one. "Oh, look at that, that must be one of those quick zombies from the way it's jumping. *Readies brick*"

Next moment?


I died in the weird section with that whirling blade. A lot. Was stuck there for a while until I realized that a part of that balcony? Yeah, that was a switch. You pull that to make things happen. Yeah.

On the bright side, when I got to the graveyard, I blew myself up like 5 times trying to fling an explosive barrel... It's red and has an explosive symbol on the side for a reason, people. Those things hurt when they blow up.



Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Half-Life Dec 11 2011 · 532 views

Other Titles: Headcrab Zombies And Health Restoring Enemies Oh My

So, yeah, just got there. Surprised by how different it is from the rest of the game, and now I have a new appreciation for stuff like Resident Evil. =P

Funny how one of the enemies actually acts as a health restorer, however. xD Granted, it nearly kills you, but...

I must say, Ravenholm's pretty cool, and I now understand why it's best played at night. =P


Water Hazard Part "2"

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Half-Life Dec 11 2011 · 309 views

Other Titles: I'm Getting Shot At By A Second Helicopter

So, I got through two parts of that complex I've had to go through to open the gates. Now I'm getting attacked by a helicopter shooting at me(The second, I believe I shot down the first. =P), and also dropping bombs. Which doesn't help me making a jump, as it knocks me off track. That isn't the worst part, though, the part directly after... The copter keeps shooting at me, and somehow hitting me each time. 0_o Which is weird, because I've been doing a fairly good job of avoiding it 'til now. =P


Water Hazard

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Half-Life Dec 11 2011 · 424 views

Other Titles: I'm On A Boat, Those Head Crabs Can't Catch Me!

I told you guys more Half Life 2 stuff would be here soon. =P

So, I made it to Water Hazard. And I have no clue where I'm going. =) Well, actually, apparently I'm heading to the scene of the crime from last game, which is very interesting. But yeah, I'm finally out of Route Kanal, which is good. Head Crabs were but a distraction. :rolleyes:

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